7 Benefits Meat Frog To Health

In this occasion I want to discuss about the benefits of frog meat for health. But before that What struck you when you hear the word frog? Well, for most adults, amphibians this one often makes them feel uncomfortable with a variety of reasons, right? For example disgust.

1. Source of Animal Protein

Frog meat is good for health because frog meat is a source of animal protein that is high enough nutritional content. Even the frog meat is also believed to cure various diseases.

2. Treat Impotence in Men

Frog meat is presented in the form of juice, it really has the efficacy to treat impotence in men. In Peru, the juice is called Viagra as it is very suitable for people with impotence. Peruvian people even believe that the frog juice can increase stamina.

3. Overcoming Damage Heart

Turns frog meat also has the potential to treat wounds caused by damage to cardiac disease. For that, who wants to eat frog meat can be processed into cut into small pieces and mixed with thinly sliced banana, garlic, and pepper soft ground. The ingredients are boiled in water, then add salt and two teaspoons of honey benefits. The most important thing in the boil, no more than 20 minutes because this frog meat juices can be lost.

4. Prevent Asthma

In addition to treating impotence, it turns toad juice derived from frog meat is also able to prevent other diseases such as asthma. Frog juice at Peru’s famous, usually known by the name Extracto de rana and highly in demand in the local markets of Lima.

5. Overcoming Stroke Damage

Prof Shaw revealed that frog meat has the potential to treat a variety of diseases and other conditions that require blood vessels to repair quickly, such as healing the damage caused by stroke.

6. Good For Diabetes Patients

Similarly, patients with heart disease, diabetes can be mengkonsumdi frog meat to recover the disease. Therefore, there is also research that states that frog meat can heal the wounds suffered by diabetics.

7. Coping with Cancer

Prof Chris Shaw from England managed to identify two proteins produced by frog meat, able to cope with cancer. Two waxy monkey frog protein can inhibit the growth of blood vessels and kill cancerous tumors. In addition, there is also a doctor of herbal medicine in Jakarta mucus produced using frog meat as a material alternative treatments for cancer. With the infusion media, it also is chemotherapeutic treatment that is not hot like traditional chemotherapy.

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