5 Benefits of A Fruit Breakfast

1. Between the hours of 7 and 11 am the body is doing the heaviest detoxification, so eating fruits (especially during this time) ensures healing energy is used for detoxification rather wasted on digesting heavy fatty foods.
2. Fruit for breakfast is the perfect way to “break the overnight fast” as it gently wakes the digestive system & metabolism up from a semi-slumber, all without the harsh adrenal of a coffee or fatty meal.
3. Fruit for breakfast promotes nice fluffy floaters or in other words – large satisfying bowel movements! The fruit fiber cleans the colon like a broom, leaving you feeling light, refreshed and ready to go.
4. If you eat enough fruit for breakfast you will not require a coffee as the natural fruit sugars keep the brain sharp and energiser.
5. People who eat fruit only for breakfast have been shown to be leaner, healthier and more productive during their day.

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