16 Traditional Medicine Burns

Suffered burns is something undesirable things that can happen suddenly. Often people suffered minor burns in the home, especially when cooking in the kitchen accidentally exposed to hot water or boiling oil. Indeed, the main essence in treating burns lies in taking swift and appropriate action shortly after contact. However, not many people know what action should be done and what drugs should be used to help them in preventing the intensity of burns and damage caused.
When one day it might happen to you or your baby, so keep calm and do not panic, because it is actually easier to find solutions to overcome them around you. Rapid response actions with the following traditional burn treatment will be very effective and helpful.

1. Cold water
It is highly recommended that the best treatment and first aid on burns is by flowing cold water (between 2 to 15 ° C) for 10 ~ 20 minutes. Cold water not only reduces inflammation and give the sensation of cold but also prevent burns from getting worse. The faster you bring burns in contact with cold water then it will be better.

2. Aloe Vera
Aloe vera has soothing properties and is excellent for healing burns. All you have to do is cut a few leaves of the aloe vera plant and then rub directly on the skin area burned. The use of aloe vera will not only help you to get rid of burns, but also gives a cool sensation that reduces pain and inflammation.

3. Honey
Honey can be utilized as an effective burn treatment. Honey is a natural antibiotic, which effectively sterilize the wound and help heal burns. The main benefits of applying honey can not only help to treat burns, but also provide instant relief to ease the pain of burns. In addition, it is also useful to prevent scarring of the skin after burns healed.

4. Potatoes
The existence of potatoes to treat burns may be quite foreign to most people, but in fact do that very effectively. Raw potatoes can help in the healing of skin burns because of its anti-irritant properties that can reduce pain and prevent blisters. Cut a few slices of raw potato and rub on burns slowly. Make sure that potatoes issuing the juice on the skin are burned. For best results, use traditional medicine burns right after the burn occurred.

5. Vinegar
A household goods are the most widely available and can be useful as a first aid for burns healing is vinegar. White vinegar contains acetic acid, a component of aspirin that can help relieve pain, itching, and inflammation of burns. Vinegar is a good antiseptic substances that can prevent infection and help to treat minor burns. Vinegar is also able to draw heat from the burns, helps to reduce pain naturally.

6. Tea Bags
Black tea contains tannic acid which can draw heat from burns to help relieve pain. How to treat burns with tea bags that simply dip the tea bag in hot water to remove the juice and then transferred to cold water and apply a tea bag on the burn.

7. White Eggs
You probably have not used before the egg white, egg white but actually is a popular drug for burns. To use white eggs, separate the egg white from the yolk and then wet the burned skin with egg white. After soaking the burnt skin with egg white for a few hours, you will no longer feel the pain of the burns.

8. Baking Soda / Soda Cake
Baking soda is an antibacterial agent and a healing agent that works well for minor cuts and burns. The use of baking soda will restore the pH balance of the skin, eliminating pain and a burning sensation very quickly. For applications, take baking soda to taste and mix with water to form a paste. Apply a paste of baking soda in burns and leave to dry. It is also an effective protection against germs and prevent them from entering the burned skin.

9. Wheat Flour
Wheat flour is one of the most effective home remedies that can help you to get rid of burns. This is mainly due to wheat flour helps to absorb moisture in burns. Flour when applied to burns also formed pasta after some time. Pasta from wheat flour wrap the wound and prevent the entry of air, thereby reducing inflammation and pain.

10. Lavender oil
A French chemist discovered the healing power of lavender oil in the early 1900s. When he accidentally burned his hand very badly in a laboratory accident and put it into a vat of lavender essential oil, oil relieve pain and even burns healed quickly.

11. Olive Oil
Olive oil is loaded with vitamins and essential fatty acids are involved in accelerating the healing of burns. Olive oil supplies important nutrients to the injured skin and inhibits harmful organisms from infecting the wound.

12. Oil + Lemon Juice
Coconut oil and lemon juice both can help treat minor burns when it has cooled. Coconut oil is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids such as lauric acid, myristic acid and caprylic acid are efficacious as anti-fungal, antioxidant and anti-bacterial benefits. Lemon juice has natural acids that can eliminate the burn scars. Mix coconut oil with a little lemon juice and apply on the area to facilitate the healing of burns.

13. Banana Skin
Lutein, a powerful antioxidant that is present in the skin of a banana will help reduce the swelling and inflammation caused by burning and also help heal the burned area and reduce the pain. Place the banana skin in the burned area and rub gently, leave it like that until the skin is blackened bananas. Repeat the process for faster healing.

14. Onions
Onions contain sulfur and quercetin which helps to reduce pain, heal burns and prevent blisters. Attach a piece of onion on the burned area to help eliminate redness and pain management.

15. Milk
The content of fat and protein in milk helps relieve burns and speed healing. Soak the burn into the milk for 15 minutes to accelerate healing.

16. Yogurt
Yogurt also be efficient in treating burns. Apply yogurt on burns and leave for about 15 minutes. Yogurt cools the skin and provide assistance to alleviate the pain in burns.

So had some simple home remedies that are very easy to treat burns without creating a panic, the ingredients are easily found at home but effective as a cure burns and reduce inflammation and pain caused. Hope it is useful.

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