14 Natural Herbal Drugs Uric Acid

14 Natural Herbal Drugs Uric Acid (Plant, Vegetable & Fruit) and Traditional Powerful highly efficacious for treating gout – Gout is a disease that often infect humans when age is not young anymore. This disease will strike to the joints, especially joints toes, heels, elbows, knees and fingers and wrists. Gout pain usually strikes when we enter old age. Bone fragility can also be the initial cause of gout.

Gout disease it has become a disease that is familiar to the people of Indonesia. For too many people in Indonesia make any medical personnel hardly to be able to prevent the growth of this disease. Therefore, for you both hard to know or who have not contracted to  know anything about this disease. So, you can prevent and treat this disease Uric Acid. Here we provide an explanation of all of the uric acid disease.

What happened actually?

Gout disease occurs as a result of consuming excessive purine substance. Purine substance is what will be processed by the body into uric acid. Every person must have a purine substances in his body. However, there are mostly normal quantity of substance there also have excessive quantity of substance. If the substance of our uric acid levels exceed the limit, then there is the kidneys can not secrete these substances. Consequently uric acid crystals accumulate in the joints. Therefore, the joints we will feel pain and swelling.

Pattern of indiscriminate and excessive eating can also lead a person is suffering from gout. Actually very simple so that one can avoid the threat of this disease. The trick is to maintain health, eating habits as early as possible. Because uric acid just will not attack someone directly, uric acid is a type of disease affecting slowly until someone know that his joints ached and realized if he was suffering from gout.

When a person develops the joints, it will be very difficult at all to be able to perform everyday activities. Live, work would be felt not optimal because the person can not do the movement maximal. It would be more troublesome again when we can not do anything in this world. So, let’s begin to live a healthy life by maintaining diet and regular life. Better to prevent than now before it is too late. Because health care is very expensive price, maybe this time we can not feel, but when we are already too late and already infected with a disease such as gout then we will realize how expensive a health.

Symptoms occurrence of Gout

Life should always be careful, because prudence was the one who could help us to always be alert and take action before it is too late. For that, if it did not want to contract the disease gout, should know what are the symptoms of disease if we start this uric acid. If you are already aware that the following symptoms have started to attack the good attitude is you have to be quick to take action before things get worse healing.

Here are some of the symptoms of people infected with gout:

1. Start arising pain, aching, tingling until the swelling which will then be followed by inflammation of the joints pinned us. And usually will appear red in the body parts.

2. These symptoms will recur every day / week diare / parts of the same.

3. When you wake up, symptoms of pain and pain in the joints will be increasingly felt the pain.

Causes Gout:

There are several reasons why gout disease can strike anyone. Here I divide it into two parts, namely the cause of primary and secondary causes. Here are some of the causes are:

Primary Causes
The primary causal factor is a factor in internal or derived from the person’s body itself. Examples of factors that are not stable so the hormone metabolism disturbed patients. Factor kidney someone is also a major cause of gout disease it can be contagious. Because the kidneys can remove toxins that enter the body of a person. If these toxins are not removed by the kidneys, the hall is happening is that the toxins will accumulate in the blood of the person.

Other causes are overweight or often referred to as obese. When a person is overweight then the body would be disproportionate in maintaining its metabolism so it will be more easily infected by diseases including gout. For that, we still keep your weight in order to remain proportionate and ideal.

In addition to these two problems, there are again some of the primary causes of the rise of uric acid such as triglyceride levels, blood diseases to excessive alcohol into the body. Indeed, quite a lot of causes of this influx of gout.

Secondary Causes
Secondary factors are factors that come from outside the body, mean is this factor could arise due to act of one’s own instead of genes, heredity, hormones and others. One is the harm in one’s diet. Irregular eating patterns become the main cause why the uric acid levels can rise so high. So, almost everyone could just as easily affected by gout if irregular eating patterns. The second factor is too much a person consumes foods that contain purines. Purine substance that will raise uric acid levels in the blood of a person.

In addition to irregular eating patterns, someone could still threatened gout choose the wrong foods. There are some foods that if consumed too much will be able to invite gout. Here are the Causes of Uric Acid Food:

Arrival of food causes diseases Uric Acid

Foods containing purine substances are the main foods that should be avoided if you do not want to contracting gout. If you continue to consume, the more at risk for gout and if you already suffer from gout, some of these foods can aggravate your illness. Here is a list of some foods that should be avoided as well as being the cause of the arrival of uric acid:

1. Offal
Gout patients should avoid food offal, offal is food processed from the bowels of animals such as chicken liver, brain, colon and others. In Indonesia itself into a country that consumes a lot of animal offal. Unlike in developed countries, which are more accustomed menijadikan offal as fodder.

2. Seafood
Seafood or seafood processed foods became scourge for gout sufferers. Seafood will aggravate the pain in the joints. As for some examples of seafood include: squid, clams, crabs, shrimp until some marine fish. Although seafood has a delicious taste, you have to start reducing these foods if you’ve found the symptoms of gout.

3. Fillet (Shredded) or processed meat
Shredded beef jerky or contains many high purine levels. Obviously these foods will more raise your uric acid levels.

4. Canned food
Packaged food such as canned sausages, corned beef, sardines and other purine-containing substances with high levels.

5. Meat quadruped
There are several types of four-legged animals that contain high levels of purine, such as cows, goats, horses, sheep and others.

6. Meat Poultry
Chicken into poultry containing purine substances at high levels. other than that there are some animals birds such as ducks, wild duck and her friend.

7. Nuts
Peanuts, Melinjo, Emping are foods that should be avoided for patients with gout.

8. Vegetables
Cassava leaves, kale, Bunci, spinach and cauliflower also contain purines.

10. Fruits
Not all fruit is good, conthnya is durian, young coconut until the pineapple contains a lot of purine substances are not suitable for gout sufferers.

11. Fried
Gorenang high oil containing purine substances also provide for pengkonsumsinya.

Dangers of High Uric Acid

High uric acid levels in a person’s body will make him more difficult to move and do activities. As well as matters worse, with the content of uric acid in the body can invite the occurrence of renal failure. Because gout is beginning too many toxins that are not controlled by our body. For that, a good idea to check the levels of uric acid on a regular basis to keep watch myself not to be too late later.
Natural 14 traditional herbal medicine to treat Gout By Powerful

Traditional Natural Medicine Herbal remains a phenomenon and a special place for the Indonesian community. Because traditional medicines are hereditary inherited from ancestors. To that end, I have collected some herbal traditional medicine to treat gout very powerful.

1. How to treat gout naturally using black honey pahitMadu Black Bitter has the ability to clean the levels of uric acid in the body, especially in the kidneys. And can help the kidneys to clear a variety of toxins that have been lodged in the kidney and blood in the human body. Since ancient times, honey is also known as a medicine of all diseases. And very good for human health, even entire medical experts also admit to that.

2. How to treat gout naturally using water
Drink water with levels recommended indeed become one of the efforts that we are protected from various diseases. Levels of human drinking is 8-10 glasses per day to maintain health is maintained well. By drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day, the kidneys will process to filter out toxins including uric acid formation and throw it through the urine. Therefore, by drinking water regularly water 8-10 per day then we will be spared from various diseases, including gout.

3. How to cure gout naturally using vitamin C
Taking vitamins is good for us, especially vitamin C which is very nutritious for the body and our metabolism. Vitamin C may reduce the medical according uric acid levels are so high.

4. Drug uric acid with bay leaves
To be able to treat gout by using bay leaves. You can boil 15-20 bay leaves are mixed with 3 stalks lemongrass. Then the water is filtered and drink while warm. Salam leaf is believed to contain some substances that are good for penderit uric acid among other substances flavonoids and tannins substance.

5. How to treat gout naturally using alkaline foods
Just as the natural law, to neutralize an acid we need a base. Treat gout was like that. We could use the grain, vegetables and fruit -buahan containing alkali or alkaline properties have. Then we can consume every day to neutralize the acid in our body.

6. How to naturally cure gout using cherry fruit
Pain in gout patients was located in the affected joints. For that, we can use any medications containing potassium good for bones and joints. Examples dalah cherry fruit, cherry fruit juice are believed to contain many nutrients and potassium which is good for gout sufferers. Even the cherry fruit juices can also neutralize uric acid in the body of the patient.

7. gout medication use lemon
As with cherry, lemon believed to contain some substances that are good for gout sufferers. Lemon is believed to stimulate the body to produce calcium carbonate funginya to neutralize the acid in patients with gout. Of course with frequent consumption of lemon juice gout sufferers can berlahan-land neutralize the acid content in the body.

8. Drugs uric acid with ginger
Ginger is a traditional typical beverage that has existed since time immemorial. Ginger is believed to be a useful anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain due to inflammation around the joint. The inflammation caused by uric acid naturally already so high. by consuming ginger wejdang you can feel comfort because your pain gradually subsided. For those of you who can not make ginger. You simply menggeprek (grow) ginger to be flat / flat then put in boiling hot water. Then add a little sugar as a flavoring and sweetener. Then stir until becoming wedang very delicious to drink.

9. How to treat gout naturally using techniques abstain from food
To be able to completely avoid gout, or healing urat.selain acid treatment, therapy, and treatment by a doctor. there is one more effort so that you are completely healed and your healing process will be faster. Namely avoiding foods that contain purines. This is a step in healing the cover so that you can quickly accomplished.

10. Drug traditional natural uric acid with sambiloto
Bitter leaf is also an herbal medicine which is quite credible as a panacea and reliable. Sambiloto contain a variety of active substances are good for healing various peyakit. One of them is uric acid, in order to cure gout using bitter.

You have to make a potion that berkomposisi with sambilloto leaves 60 grams, 50 grams and 30 grams of turmeric bitter leaf that has been dried. Then after washing, a third boiled this material with as much as 3 cups of boiling water. Then drink this concoction three times a day, every morning noon and night.

11. How to treat Gout is herbal using Cloves
Clove is a spice often used for traditional medicine. One of them dalah gout medicine. To be able to use the cloves as gout medicine. You have to grind cloves and ginger. With the same dose. Then apply the herb hasi collision was assigned to the body that feels pain due to inflammation. To get the maximum results did spread to the sick body regularly.

12. How to treat gout naturally using roots of papaya hanging

5 pieces of papaya roots you have washed and then you cut into small pieces. After that, add the 3 tablespoons of ginger that has been pounded. This herb boiled in 4 cups of water. Until boiling, then you drink this concoction three times a day. With ½ cup servings at a time. To add flavor, you can add the palm sugar as a natural sweetener.

13. How to cure gout naturally use the rind of mangosteen
Mangosteen peel extract was barusaja introduced medically, but the skin of the mangosteen is already believed to be the gout medicine since the first. To be able to treat gout using mangosteen peel you should be thinly sliced. Then you have to leave them to dry. Once dry, put into the glass and brewed using boiling water is still hot. Then wait until change color as the. You strain. And drinking water every day.

14. gout drug use Consumption Vinegar Honey
Honey or vinegar is often called propolis is rarely used as medicine by the people of Indonesia. Even propolis products only serve as mlm business fields only. However, if you consume propolis medical advice. You can neutralize the acid in your body. In addition, propolis or honey vinegar can grind-out crystals are uric acid in the kidney and remove it as urine.

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