7 3D Amazing Tattoos

7 Amazing Tattoos That Appear To Move

1. This flying Phoenix tattoo looks like it’s really moving

Getty Images
The Andre Art tattoo studio in Austria designed the phoenix bird tattoo, which appears to fly every time the girl in the video moves her back.

The footage was taken using the slow-mo feature of an iPhone.

A woman had a bird tattooed across her back that looks like it takes flight when she shrugs her shoulders. The flying Phoenix tattoo was created by artist André Zechmann, who posted a video that has received over 31 million views and counting. The footage was taken using the slow-mo feature of an iPhone. Obviously, several commenters were quick to say that the video is fake.

2. Raptor

Getty Images
Awesome moving raptor, by Koren Smoke at AV Ink.

3. Phil Berge's motion tattoos

Phil Berge is a tattoo artist in Quebec City's Tattoo Shack who brings ink to life! His designs are thoughtfully planned and the results are incredible. He uses different clients to create the final effects.

4. Elastic bed

Getty Images
Not as detailed as the previous tattoos, but fun, clever and cute just the same. Take a look.

5. Famed “Horse In Motion” Photography Inspires an 11-Person Tattoo Animation

What does a famed 17th century photographer have in common with a designer from North Carolina? They’re both pioneers in their respective fields. Noted photographer, Eadweard Muybridge, created the precursor to the modern day motion picture in 1872 with his sequence of still images entitled “The Horse In Motion.”

Muybridge was hired by university founder, Leland Stanford, to determine if there is a moment in a horse’s stride when all four feet leave the ground. Using one of Stanford’s horses, “Sallie Gardner,” the photographer set up a complex system of 50 cameras, each with its own trip wire and specially designed rapid-fire shutter. The experiment resulted in a horse becoming the first animal to be captured in a moving picture (Wild Film History, 2014).

More than 100 years later, North Carolina-based designer, Evan Hawkins, used “Horse In Motion” as the inspiration for a stop motion tattoo animation that involved having eleven different people tattooed with eleven different frames of a horse in mid gallop.

“I came up with the idea while talking to some friends about another tattoo project, where a woman wrote a short story and had every word tattooed on people,” Hawkins says. “I thought I could take that idea a step further and create an actual animation out of tattoos. I decided to use Eadweard Muybridge’s original photography “The Horse In Motion” because it was the birth of motion film, and this project is also the first of its kind.”

As the idea’s creator, Hawkins would get the first tattoo, but he still needed ten other willing participants. Thanks to some help from social media, the remaining spots were quickly filled.

“I only needed ten other people, but I posted an invite to 18 of my friends hoping that I could get ten of them to join me,” he says. “Within six hours, all ten tattoos had been spoken for.”

On November 20, 2011, ten of the eleven participants were tattooed by Matt Hoyme at Liberty Tattoo in Winston Salem, North Carolina. The eleventh had his tattoo done in Austin, Texas. Participants included Evan H., Kait N., Jay D., Jason B., Laura L., Liz S., Andrew F., Eric S., Sarah B., Taylor W., and Caleb W.

When all of the tattoos were complete, Hawkins photographed each participant and created a stop motion animation that brings “The Horse In Motion” to life. What to see how it turned out? Click here to watch the animation.

“I have been blown away by the response to this piece,” Hawkins says. “I hope to gain enough attention and interest from this project to create a much longer tattoo animation involving thousands of people and thousands of tattoos around the world! I hope to start fundraising and applying for grants ASAP!”

6. QR Code-Enabled Animated Tattoo

In June, 2011, Paris-based tattoo artist Karl Marc incorporated a QR code into a client’s tattoo, which when scanned revealed an animated version of the rose within the tattoo. Needles and Sins reports that the client, Marco, can change where the QR code points so he can swap new animations in whenever he pleases, and he already has a second animation ready to go.

The session was streamed live on Facebook as part of a promotion with Ballantine’s, allowing viewers to comment live and talk with Karl as he worked.

(Hat tip to Guy Burns.)

7. Shark


This shark tattoo creates a cool effect.

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