10 Craziest Piñatas

1. Horror Movie Piñatas

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Piñatas can come in any form, I guess, so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to have horror movie characters made up to be beaten to shreds. Still, I don't see the piñatas by Etsy seller  at Sam Kaleal at Hang Me Official being used at children's parties. For one thing, they are too creepy for little kids, and for another thing, they are pretty near works of art that you wouldn't want destroyed. But you might want to have one for your own reasons. 

2. Donald Trump Piñatas Are a Hit In Mexico

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Mexicans have found a way to hit back at Donald Trump. Literally.

Reuters reports that piñatas bearing Trump's likeness, including "a flange of blonde hair and a big mouth," have hit store shelves in Mexico and are proving popular among customers eager to protest the billionaire's recent remarks against immigrants.

Trump, who is a Republican candidate for president, drew criticism after declaring in his campaign announcement speech that Mexican migrants were bringing "drugs, crime, and rapists" to the United States. He later called his comments "100 percent correct," but insisted he was a strong supporter of Mexicans. "How can I not love people who give me many millions of dollars for apartments?” Trump said, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The Donald's comments prompted piñata maker Dalton Remirez to design an extremely bashable piñata bearing Trump's visage. The candy-filled sculpture retails for about $40, and Ramirez says it has been flying off shelves. "This piñata especially is the one everyone wants to break," the artist told Reuters.

3.Mexican company makes Kim Kardashian 'Break The Internet' piñata

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She might not have broken the Internet, but you can break Kim Kardashian for candy if you hop over to Mexico.

Piñateria Ramirez in Reynosa, Tamaulipas — right across the U.S.-Mexico border from Hidalgo — has made a piñata of Kardashian's infamous "Break The Internet" pose from Paper magazine's November cover.

Photos on Facebook and Twitter show the piñata prior to presumably getting destroyed by a bunch of children still angrily confused about Kardashian 's fame.

The original photo appeared online in November, inspiring widespread mockery and plenty of memes.

4. World's Largest Pinata

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The world's largest pinata was recently constructed in Philadelphia, breaking a Guiness World's Record. It was 94 feet long, 24 feet wide, 60 feet high, and was stuffed with 8,000 pounds of candy. A wrecking ball was used to crack it open.

5. Pinata Donkey Rug

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What happens to a piñata after it gets smashed? This donkey rug gives you a pretty good idea. This weird, but lovable, decorative item is sure to brighten your heart and spruce up your home. The colorful handmade floor covering is crafted from felt, cotton, and fiberfill and measures approximately three feet long and can fit in virtually any room.

6. Baby Seal Pinata

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What kind of twisted mind came up with a baby harp seal as a pinata for kids to whack with a stick? It's OK to laugh, since it is only paper, filled with blood-red candies ready to spill out when the clubbing is done.

7. Wedding Cake Piñata

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A traditional wedding cake can fit in with any décor, but what about a wedding cake piñata? It will definitely grab your guest's attention!

8. Piñata Art Installation

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Life is a party and that's a good thing, unless you are the celebration's piñata! This crazy creation was exhibited at Pehrspace in Los Angeles in 2008.

9. Google Piñata

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In 2013, Google celebrated its 15th birthday with an interactive doodle based on a piñata. Someone went ahead and created a real one (above) for the celebration too.

10. Piñata Proctology

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This piñata was alarmed, to say the least.

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