WhatsApp was down for two hours and the internet wasn’t happy

It's been a bit of a rough day if you enjoy using the internet. Google Docs experienced a widespread phishing attack, sending the internet into panic. Now WhatsApp has been down for more than an hour, and users of the popular Facebook-owned messaging service have turned to Twitter to vent their frustrations and finish off the panic over the Google Docs attack.

Unfortunately, it looks like WhatsApp gave up providing useful status reports on when its messaging service is down a few years ago. WhatsApp has more than 1 billion users, and it's widely used across the world for group chats and as a replacement for SMS in a number of countries. "WhatsApp is down" reports have been constant worldwide for the past hour, and a WhatsApp spokesperson revealed to Reuters the company is aware of the outage and is working to fix it.

Update May 3rd, 7:10PM ET: After two hours of outages, service to WhatsApp has been restored. We have updated the headline.

WhatsApp DOWN - Messaging service NOT WORKING for thousands of users

WHATSAPP is down across the UK and other parts of the world including Europe and Brazil with thousands unable to access popular messaging service. There's currently no word on when things will get back to normal.

11.30 UPDATE: WhatsApp users are continuing to face connection issues tonight, with the popular app still not working for many people.

There is currently no ETA on when WhatsApp will be back online in the UK, however, the support team have provided a short update on the situation.

"WhatsApp is aware of the issue and working to fix it as soon as possible," a spokesperson told Engadget.

While information is still scarce, WhatsApp users around the globe are reporting that the popular messenging app does appear to be coming back online, although it's unclear just how long it will take for all servers to do the same.

10.40PM UPDATE: WhatsApp users across the UK are continuing to face issues tonight with thousands unable to access the app.

Reports are coming in from all areas of Britain and the problems also appear to hitting Europe as well.

The issues began at around 9pm and there's still no word on when things will be back online.

ORIGINAL STORY: WhatsApp is down tonight.

It appears the service went offline at around 9pm with thousands now unable to access the popular messaging service.

Down detector is showing thousands of outages across the UK and other parts of the world including Brazil and the US.

One user wrote on a forum: "Showing Connecting.... Looks like an issue with the service."

Whilst another said: "Whatsapp stopped working for me at 21:13 today."

It's currently unclear what is causing the issues or when things will be back online.

WhatsApp last experienced a major outage on New Year's Eve – with users around the globe reporting down-time.

A spokesperson for the app then said: "Some people have had trouble accessing WhatsApp for a short period today.

"We're working to restore service back to 100 per cent for everyone and we apologise for the inconvenience."

This outage comes as WhatsApp is working on a major update.

The Facebook-owned chat app is testing a new feature that would allow users to pin conversations at the top of the menu within the app.

Those who use WhatsApp as their primary messaging app will be aware the popular chat can get pretty crowded, pretty fast.

This can lead to important conversations being pushed down the list – and lost below the fold.

Thankfully, the ability to pin key conversations presents an elegant solution to the problem. And could save your thumb a lot of scrolling.

WhatsApp beta 2.17.162 and beta 2.17.163  both include the ability to pin three conversations to the top of the chat list.

WhatsApp Is Down Around the Globe and Nobody Knows Why

WhatsApp appears to be down around the world and that means that over a billion users are currently unable to use what is often their primary communication service.

At the moment, when users log into the app, the notification that it is trying to connect appears at the top of the screen and then... it just keeps connecting. According to the outage-tracking website Down Detector, the service that allows anyone to send text messages via wi-fi has been reported as down on every continent but Antarctica. Twitter is currently screaming. It seems that the outage has been going on for several hours.

Gizmodo reached out to the Facebook-owned company to see if they had an explanation or an update and this thin statement was the only reply:

We are currently experiencing a service outage. Our team is working to restore service as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience.
WhatsApp isn’t quite the phenomenon in the U.S. that it is around the world. But in developing countries and areas with expensive texting plans, the service is essential. It has also developed a large user base of people, like journalists and activists, who need a secure and convenient messaging service. It features end-to-end encryption that’s similar to Signal.

We’ll update this post as we learn more.

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