12 Strangest Products Sold by KISS

12 Of The Dumbest Officially Licensed KISS Products

1. Casket

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This casket, or "kasket," ensures that diehard KISS fans can be with his (or her) favorite band long after death—because rock 'n' rolling all night and partying every day just isn't enough for some people.

2. KISS Now Sell *Official* Air Guitar Strings, Seriously

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KISS are no strangers to merchandise that pushes the line of good taste, from overpriced masks to wine, to caskets and urns to disturbing looking condoms, KISS proves there is no product too crappy to have their logo on it.

Of course, the joke is you don't need strings to air guitar, so any KISS fan or friend/family member of a KISS fan looking for a gag gift would literally be buying an empty plastic bag with a small cardboard print that says KISS Air Guitar Strings.

The price? A measly $3.99 – I guess it could be worse. If this was $20 that would be really insane. But I guess $4 is the price point they felt where people wouldn't mind burning their cash on a bad joke.

You know these things are gonna sell too!

3. Kiss Fleece Cozy Snuggie

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Kiss Fleece Cozy Snuggie. 100% polyester fleece that is, light weight, comfortable and will keep you warm. Styled like a Robe with loose fitting sleeves that allow you to work on your laptop, manage the remote, talk on the phone, grab a snack, or even cheer for your favorite team either at home or in the stadium. Plush, super soft that at first touch will melt you into a warm cozy state of maximum comfort. Machine washable and with the open back styling, one size fits most. Great for dorm rooms, sporting events, or even use it as a Halloween costume. Enjoy the comfy, warm feeling of being completely surrounded in a throw, but having the freedom to still use your hands! One size fits all.

4. Ridiculous Celebrity Condoms From Daft Punk To Mischa Barton, All To Help You ‘Get Lucky’

Daft Punk is soon releasing a “Get Lucky” condom with Durex, but the musicians certainly aren’t the first celebrities to have their own rubbers. Check out these other celebrity brand condoms and select which ones you’d prefer.

5. Kiss - Future Roadie Baby One Piece

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  • 100% Cotton
  • Officially Licensed Merchandise
  • Music, Sports & Entertainment Merchandise
  • Quality Products
  • Detailed Graphic Artwork Design

6. Kiss Music Band Full Face Ski Mask Beanie Hat Cap - Black OSFA Chriss Face Catman LogoMens Black Ski Mask Twiztid Insane Clown Posse Icp Face Knit Beanie Hat Skull Cap Bonnet Masque

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It's easy enough to paint your face with KISS makeup, but when it's cold out, sometimes you need to cover up. Fortunately, this ski mask lets you rock that classic Catman look, while staying warm.

7. Kiss Him By Kiss For Men, Cologne Spray, 3.4-Ounce Bottle

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  • Kiss him by kiss cologne spray 3
  • 4 oz
  • Packaging for this product may vary from that shown in the image above
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

8. Him by Kiss Deodorant Stick for Men, 3 Ounce

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Of course, cologne alone won't make you smell like a post-concert Paul Stanley. For that, you'll need officially licensed KISS deodorant to make sure you have that perfect level of pit funk.

9. Kiss - Rock N Roll Air Freshner

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  • Officially Licensed Merchandise
  • Brand New Quality Product
  • Music, Sports & Entertainment Item

10. Kiss Kiss - Gene Simmons Lidded Cookie Jar

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  • Music, sports & entertainment merchandise
  • Quality products
  • Detailed graphic artwork design

11. 2011 Kiss Potato Heads Set

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  • Each set includes The Demon, The Spaceman, The Starchild and The Catman with newly decorated costumes, hairstyles, instruments and more
  • Each Set also includes 1 of 3 special collector mini-posters
  • Each poster is a classic KISS album cover with Mr. Potato Head replacing the KISS members
  • Individual Set Box Dimensions - 16.25" X 8.25" X 8"

12. Kiss Checkers

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KISS is regarded as one of the most influential rock and roll bands of all-time. Their career milestones are staggering. KISS holds honors as one of America's top gold record champions, recording 36 albums over 32 years selling over 75 million albums worldwide. Over thirty years of record-breaking tours around the globe include high-profile appearances at Super Bowl XXXIII, the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and most recently, the 2005 Rockin' The Corps concert dedicated to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The KISS legacy continues to grow, generation after generation, transcending age, race and creed. The unparalleled devotion and loyalty of the KISS Army to the Hottest Band in the World is a striking testament to the band's unbreakable bond with its fans.
Now the classic game of checkers is flavored by KISS for new excitement with a KISS-ty twist for wicked amusement.

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