Yup, Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is the pitcher Pat Mahomes’ son

If you’re a fan of journeymen Major League Baseball relief pitchers from the mid-1990s and early 2000s, this is your kind of NFL draft.

Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes went 10th overall to the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday night. Mahomes is a former 37th-round pick of the Detroit Tigers in 2014 and, more significantly, the son of 11-year MLB reliever Pat Mahomes. This is a family that’s proven adept at throwing balls in competitive environments.

The elder Mahomes has a glorious Baseball Reference page. He tossed 709 major league innings between 1992 and 2003, pitching for the Twins, Mets, Red Sox, Rangers, Cubs, and Pirates. He had a cup of coffee in the Montreal Expos’ organization in 2004, which is why he’s in an Expos uniform in the headshot topping this article.

Mahomes was never a star. A sixth-round pick by the Twins in 1988, he went on to post a career Wins Above Replacement total of 0.1. His earned run average was 5.47. He had five saves across his 308 appearance, and he made 63 starts. He was versatile if nothing else, the sort of innings-eater who’s stocked pitching staffs for an eternity.

There are thousands of pitchers like Mahomes scattered throughout baseball history, but it’s impressive that he hung around major league staffs for as long as he did. That’s not easy. He had one really strong year in his career: 1999, when he came out of the Mets’ bullpen 39 times and notched a 3.68 earned run average that was 21 percent better than the league average.

He also pitched for Yokohama in Japan in 1997 and 1998. His last big league appearance was on Aug. 26, 2003. He started for the Pirates that day against the Marlins and gave up two runs in five innings, striking out two and walking one. Mike Lincoln got the win in a 4-3 Pirates triumph, but Mahomes was solid. It was unremarkable but entirely professional, much like the rest of Mahomes’ career.

Enough about that, though. His son Patrick is now an NFL quarterback, as he makes the transition from air raid to the pros. No matter how brilliant his career is, Mahomes won’t be the first professional ball-thrower in his own family.

Patrick Mahomes (left) and Pat Mahomes, his father. Getty

Report: The 'very upset' Giants tried to trade up for Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is Kansas City-bound after the Chiefs engineered a trade with the Bills to take him at No. 10 overall, which means he'll likely spend the coming season learning from Alex Smith. But it turns out Mahomes was oh so close to being bound for northern New Jersey to spend the coming season learning from Eli Manning.

ESPN's Anita Marks reported Friday that the Giants tried to trade up for Mahomes, but ultimately failed in that endeavor. Now, the Giants are "very upset."

That would've been some trade. The Chiefs gave the Bills two first-round picks and a third-rounder to go from No. 27 to the 10th pick. So, the Giants likely would've been forced to part ways with something similar to that. In the end, the Giants stayed at No. 23 and picked tight end Evan Engram.

Tight end is a position of need for the Giants, but it's fascinating to wonder what would've happened if they had secured Mahomes. At 36, Manning is officially old by NFL quarterback standards, so it makes sense that the Giants were interested in acquiring their quarterback of the future, especially considering Mahomes likely needs a year or two to transition to the NFL. So no, Manning wouldn't have been supplanted this season, but it would've made for an interesting discussion next offseason. Instead, the Giants have Josh Johnson and Geno Smith as their backup quarterbacks.

Mahomes should be happy he went to Kansas City, because it'll be easier for him to beat out Smith. Smith's contract expires after the 2018 season, but he could still be cut after the coming season with his dead money at just $3.6 million, according to Spotrac.

Patrick Mahomes says he’s leaning towards wearing No. 4 right now

The Kansas City Chiefs drafted Patrick Mahomes who wore No. 5 at Texas Tech. Here in Kansas City No. 5 belongs to Cairo Santos.

So what number will Mahomes wear? He told Mitch Holthus on the Chiefs website that he’s leaning toward wearing No. 4.

“Right now I’m thinking probably 4 but I’m still looking into maybe 7 but right now I’m thinking 4,” Mahomes said.

No. 4 was Nick Foles’ number. That would be a good one. No. 7 was Matt Cassel and that’s a little recent so I’d stay away from 7.

Don’t go buying a No. 4 Mahomes II jersey just yet. We’ll wait for the Chiefs to confirm his jersey number as they might need a say in it.

Can anyone think of another gunslinger who wore No. 4? Anyone?

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