Watch: Star Wars Celebration Day 1 wrap up

Warning, if you have a major fear of missing out, you may have a hard time watching our video wrap up from Day 1 of this year's Star Wars Celebration Orlando. Because you definitely missed out on a jam-packed day of intergalactic fun. (Of course, if you don't watch our video, then you'll be missing out on that too.)

Obviously, we understand that everyone can't make it to Orlando for the four-day convention celebrating all things Star Wars, which is why we have so many fine folks down on the convention floor, bringing you all the day's happenings. Like Geek Girl Diva, who was on hand for the 40 Years of Stars Wars panel, featuring a tear-jerking tribute to Carrie Fisher, and John Williams conducting the orchestra. Or Dany Roth, who saw a ton of vintage toys and out-of-this-galaxy cosplayers, including a sequined stormtrooper. And Lucas Siegel couldn't be more excited to share secrets from the Dave Filoni and Pablo Hidalgo animation panel, including one about an unfinished Boba Fett scene, which never aired on their cancelled show, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. And finally, Aaron Sagers was all about Hasbro today, who unvieled a new clone trooper Star Wars Black Figure, among other collectibles.

Star Wars Celebration's Touching Tribute to Carrie Fisher and Cry All the Tears

Today, Star Wars Celebration kicked off in Orlando—but one very special member of the Star Wars cast, the dearly missed Carrie Fisher, could not be there to stand alongside her fellow actors. Instead, we have this beautiful tribute to a mother, a princess, a general, and a hero beloved by all.

Played at the end of this year’s 40th anniversary panel, the tribute, accompanied by messages from George Lucas, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, and Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd, concluded with a heartwrenching live performance of “Leia’s Theme,” conducted by John Williams.

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