Sam Hunt surprises fiancé during song at ACM Awards

After Sam Hunt proposed to his girlfriend Hannah Lee Fowler a few months back, she probably thought she wouldn't be surprised again by the country star any time soon.

Well, Hunt had another surprise for his fiancé during Sunday night's ACM Awards. During his performance of his hit "Body Like a Backroad," Hunt hopped off the stage and made his way down the aisle to his empty seat next to Fowler. He sat down and sang the final stretch of the tune with his arm around Fowler.

"Body like a back road, drivin' with my eyes closed," he crooned. "I know every curve like the back of my hand."

According to viewers on social media, Hunt's move into the stands was either sweet, awkward, or a mixture of both.

Hunt named his album "Montevallo" after Fowler's Alabama hometown. Their engagement was announced this past January.


Watch Sam Hunt Totally Embarrass His Fiancée Hannah During His ACMs Performance

Love can be a little embarrassing sometimes.

Just ask Hannah Lee Fowler, country superstar Sam Hunt‘s fiancée. Hunt made his way off the Academy of Country Music Awards stage on Sunday and sat next to Fowler in the crowd as he sang his hit song “Body Like a Back Road.”

But his fiancée looked mortified by the sudden attention as she covered her face and laughed nervously while her beau sang next to her. Fowler even playfully pushed his face away when he went in for a sweet kiss at one point, smiling throughout the performance.

The couple got engaged in early January, PEOPLE exclusively confirmed. His debut album Montevallo is inspired by Fowler and is named after her hometown in Alabama. Though he’s remained tight-lipped about his relationship with Fowler, Hunt, 32, hasn’t shied away from sharing photos on social media of his future bride over the last few months.

“She inspired more than anything the lighthearted spirit behind the song,” Hunt told PEOPLE on the red carpet of the song he performed Sunday. “I wasn’t in an optimistic place before we got back together. After we got back together, I took a step back and didn’t take everything quite as seriously — in a good way — and put this song out.”

The singer has been raising eyebrows lately by wearing his wedding ring a little early — but they’re definitely not married yet. “I put it on to try it on and decided it felt too good and I didn’t want to take it off,” Hunt told CBS before the show. “It’s only a few weeks left before we do get married.”

Hunt also opened up about his upcoming wedding to the outlet, saying that “intimate and hometown were the two adjectives that [describe the wedding best].”

“Low-key, low maintenance,” he added. “We are both kind of introverted people for the most part, so we don’t like celebrating ourselves too much. If there ever is a time to do it, it is now, and it is more to celebrate the union of marriage than it is each other. I am excited about doing that.”

On “Drinkin’ Too Much,” one of his latest singles, the country crooner sang directly to Fowler and apologized for making their private life public.

“I’m sorry I named the album Montevallo / I’m sorry people know your name now and strangers hit you up on social media / I’m sorry you can’t listen to the radio / I know you want your privacy / You’ve got nothing to say to me / But I wish you’d let me pay off your student loans with these songs you gave to me,” he sings.

Near the end of the song, Hunt even calls Fowler out by name: “You changed your number and moved and this is the only way I can reach you / Hannah Lee, I’m on my way to you.”

Sam Hunt Sings 'Body Like a Back Road' to His Fiancée at the 2017 ACM Awards

Soon after the ACMs kicked off with a massive collaborative performance, Sam Hunt took to the stage to sing his latest hit, "Body Like a Back Road." For a fairly new song, the crowd sure knew every word.

Though Hunt ended up yanking out his in-ear monitor (which appeared to be falling out), he never missed a note. He proceeded to step down from the stage, walk into the audience and swoon the crap out of his fiancée Hannah Lee Fowler, sitting next to her while performing the song as she nervously laughed.

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