Paulina Gretzky: Facts to Know about Dustin Johnson’s Girlfriend

Professional golfer, Dustin Johnson attempted to play at The Masters on Thursday following a back injury he suffered after he fell in his rental home on Wednesday. Johnson, 32, is the No. 1 ranked player in the world and a pre-tournament favorite after he won his previous three starts on the PGA Tour. Did you also know that Dustin Johnson’s girlfriend is Paulina Gretzky? If you want to know more about Johnson and his famous long-time girlfriend-turned- fiancée, then look no further than our Paulina Gretzky wiki!

Paulina Gretzky Age and Early Life

Paulina Gretzky was born Paulina Mary Jean Gretzky on December 19, 1988 in Los Angeles, California to Canadian hockey legend, Wayne Gretzky and American actress, Janet Jones. She has three brothers: Ty, Trevor, and Tristan and has a younger sister named Emma. She decided not to go to college in order to pursue a career in entertainment and landed a cover of Flare magazine in 2005.
Paulina Gretzky Tattoo 99

If you’ve ever looked up hot pics of the 28-year-old NHL heiress, then you may have noticed her tattoo “99,” which represents her father’s jersey number. What better way to commemorate her father’s iconic hockey status than by inking it on her skin for life!

Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson

Paulina Gretzky’s husband-to-be is Dustin Johnson and the two are currently engaged. They have one child together: Son Tatum Gretzky Johnson, born on January 19, 2014. Paulina Gretzky is also pregnant with her second child, and took to Instagram to post the news.

Directly following the Instagram post announcing the new addition to their growing family, Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson decided to reveal to fans whether it’s a girl or a boy, with the most fitting baby gender reveal ever! She posted a video of Johnson on the beach hitting a golf ball that left a cloud of blue dust once he smashed it into the ocean. Four!! It’s a boy and the two couldn’t be more excited! There’s no news on when the two will be married, but they definitely seem to be finding their groove as a happy family!

Paulina Gretzky’s Net Worth

Paulina’s net worth is reported to be $5.0 million, most of which stems from her acting and singing career. She’s more of a socialite than an actress and hasn’t had the most steady career in the entertainment business. She was said to be naturally athletic like her father, but opted to try her hand in entertainment, following in her mother’s footsteps. Aside from her own money, Paulina is still an heiress to her father’s net worth, a fortune of $200.0 million! (It definitely pays to be the daughter of “The Great One”). And once she and Dustin are married, she will also have a claim to half of his $20.0 million net worth!

Dustin Johnson’s Back Injury

Dustin’s agent, David Winkle, described his client’s attitude as “cautiously optimistic” and went further into discussing Dustin’s previous injury in a statement.
“He landed very hard on his lower back and is now resting, although quite uncomfortable,” Winkle said Wednesday.
Winkle also said Johnson was advised not to move too much, to ice his injury, and to begin taking his inflammatory medication, in hopes of helping him recover by reducing the swelling. At least he’s got his beautiful leading lady by his side to nurse him back to health!

Paulina Gretzky’s Instagram

If you ever want to know how a socialite lives, just take a look at her Instagram pics! From bikinis by the pool to hanging out with her family, Paulina is living a life that might make you want to rethink your priorities. Did we mention she always seems to be on a boat lapping up the life of luxury? #lifegoals.


Masters WAGs: Paulina Gretzky, Pollyanna Woodward among wives and girlfriends of the 2017 Masters Golf Tournament

As professional golfers take to Augusta for another year of Masters play, wives and girlfriends (WAGs) new and old will be cheering on their men along the green.

Dustin Johnson is favored to win this year's Masters Tournament, according to Vegas odds, but the golf pro suffered a back injury on Wednesday when he fell down a flight of stairs -- just one day before the tournament. If Johnson does end up playing in the tournament, he'll likely have partner Paulina Gretzky on the course accompanying him. Gretzky -- daughter of NHL Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky -- and Johnson had their first son, Tatum Gretzky Johnson, in 2015. The famous couple recently announced they are expecting a second child.

Gretzky won't be the only WAG to keep an eye out for, though. Jordan Speith and Rory McIlroy -- who are just behind Johnson as Vegas favorites to win this year's Masters -- will likely also have their respective girlfriend and fiancée in tow. After a public breakup with tennis star Caroline Wozniacki, McIlroy is engaged to Erica Stoll, and the couple is expected to wed in the weeks following the 2017 Masters. Speith's longtime girlfriend Annie Verret will also likely be spottable on the Augusta grounds.


Dustin Johnson disappeared from the PGA Tour in the summer of 2014 amid sordid rumors. The only thing we knew for sure was that Johnson's next step was to become neighbors with his future father-in-law, Wayne Gretzky. It was the juncture of Johnson's ascension from very good golfer to where he is now: far and away No. 1 in the world.

Johnson heads to the Masters this week with dominating victories in his past three tournaments, turning a six-man scramble for golf's top spot into a table for one. Sure, he's been winning ever since he arrived on Tour in 2008, but not like this. And he was always best known for agonizingly gagging away big tournaments. Seven of Johnson's 15 career titles, including his first major, have come in the past two years, since he returned from what at the time was called a "leave of absence."

But in a stunning development on the eve of a tournament that could further distance him from his closest pursuers, Johnson may not even be able to play. The golfer fell down a flight of stairs at his Augusta, Ga., rental home on Wednesday and injured his back, his agent, David Winkle, said in an email to reporters. He added that Johnson was resting, albeit "quite uncomfortably, after landing "very hard" on his lower back and elbows. Winkle further said that Johnson has been advised to take anti-inflammatories. The one positive for Johnson is that he has the final tee time of the day, 2:03 ET on Thursday, give him the longest possible time to get ready. Winkle said Johnson "hopes" to play.

A Masters victory could've confirmed all the hard work Johnson has been doing, on the course and off, in large part thanks to the influence of Gretzky.

In Johnson's younger days, he reportedly lived a frat-boy lifestyle, with stories detailing how he could party all night and shoot 62 the next morning. The stories of Johnson's frat-boy lifestyle abounded for years, how he could party all night and shoot 62 the next morning. As the saying goes, he could roll out of bed and … That's how good an athlete he was and is. But to be at the top echelon in professional sports, it takes more. Tiger Woods had it. Michael Jordan had it. And, yes, Wayne Gretzky had it.

"If I scored 50 goals in a season, I wanted 70 the next year. If I got 70, I wanted 90. Never, ever settle," Gretzky recently told Golf magazine. "I've told Dustin he has to be more like Tiger. I don't mean he has to be Tiger -- you only get a few athletes like that a century. But part of what made Tiger Tiger was relentlessness. Dustin just won three tournaments and a major [in 2016]. That's a great year. Now go win five tournaments and two majors. I want him to see that only he can put limits on himself."

Gretzky challenged Johnson in other and more ominous ways. He's also a father, and he reportedly told Johnson after the 2014 leave to clean up his act or get lost. Johnson is the fiancé of Paulina Gretzky, daughter of Wayne Gretzky and actress Janet Jones. By then, the couple already had an infant son.

"Being a professional athlete is the greatest living in the world," Gretzky told Golfweek and probably told Johnson, too. "It's a privilege."

There were reports that Johnson was suspended for six months by the Tour for cocaine, and that it wasn't the first time. (The Tour never announces disciplinary action, much less why. Johnson has admitted to transgressions, including alcohol, though not drugs.)

When all this was coming down, the fun-loving Johnson had just turned 30. Time for a gut check.

So Dustin and Paulina rented a house at Sherwood Country Club in a Los Angeles suburb, where her parents lived and were members. Johnson hit the gym. He started seeing a "life coach." During this period of introspection, Johnson learned he didn't handle stress well. As he told Golf magazine, "My way of getting rid of it was drinking or partying. Yeah, that might work for that day or the next week, but eventually everything keeps piling up."

Most importantly, Johnson began to spend lots of time with Gretzky, regularly playing golf. Now, the hockey great is often in the gallery at tournaments. There's no reason to expect he won't be at Augusta this week.

Gretzky has had "a tremendous influence" on Johnson, Winkle said in a Golfweek article. There aren't many places for a world-class athlete to look when navigating the challenges of being a world-class athlete. Gretzky, even in retirement, remains a celebrity, and he could be the poster boy on how to handle sports fame. "He sets the bar," Winkle said. "Dustin gets a first-hand look at that."

Said Johnson, who recently announced he and Paulina are expecting a second child: "When an athlete of his stature ... thinks very highly of you, it definitely gives you a lot of confidence and gives you more belief."

"He's blessed with uncanny size and strength," Gretzky, still the great teammate, said in the Golfweek article, "and he's taken that size and strength and he's made himself even a better athlete by working on his agility, working on his power, working on his strength. Consequently, you've seen the results of a lot of work."

Johnson was always among the longest hitters. He now has an excellent short game (sixth in "strokes gained around the green," an advanced golf stat) and has improved his putting significantly (29th in strokes gained putting). As Gretzky said, "I want him to see that only he can put limits on himself."

Just 2 1/2 months ago, Johnson was third in a tight pack with Jason Day, Rory McIlroy, Hideki Matsuyama, Henrik Stenson and Jordan Spieth atop the world rankings, separated by a scant 1.4 ranking points. Johnson has since won the Genesis Open at Riviera and two elite World Golf Championship events. He's not only become No. 1 in the world, he's opened up a lead of more than four ranking points while the other five golfers are still within 1.3 of each other.

We've seen some incredible stretches of golf the past few years. McIlroy won four times in 14 starts (two majors, two WGCS), Spieth won 4-of-12 (two majors) and Day won 7-of-17 (major, WGC, The Players Championship). Every time, we compared them to Tiger. None of them were Tiger.

Now, Johnson has won six of his past 16 Tour events, including his long-awaited first major at the 2016 U.S. Open and three WGCs.

If he had won the Masters this week, as he was favored to do before his back injury rendered that scenario seemingly impossible, Johnson's No. 1 standing would've been so strong it would've bordered -- bordered - on Tiger-esque. Now we don't even know the severity of the injury or how the rest of Johnson's PGA Tour season will unfold.

Regardless, Johnson has handled a lot already in his career and even more in his personal life. There's no reason to believe his new-found dedication will wane. After all, this Masters opportunity may go by the wayside but it appears Wayne Gretzky will be around for the long haul.

And as Gretzky said, "Never, ever settle."

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