Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Friends Go Absolutely Wild in Mexico

This isn't your average family vacation.

Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian are vacationing in Punta Mita with several of their close friends, including Brittany Gastineau, Malika Haqq, Larsa Pippin and Kim's assistant Stephanie Shepherd, and things are wild. Fans already got a glimpse of the women making a splash in their barely there bikinis, but late Monday night Kim gave fans a full rundown of what's really going down in Mexico.

"So I'm gonna give u guys a play by play of the trip so far...," Kim began. "@kourtneykardash threw up in her bed 4 times and slept in it."

What?! And that was just the beginning. "@sarahrhoward tweaked her neck twerking (I will snap chat videos soon)," Kim continued. ".@jenatkinhair spiked my Oreo shake to try to get me to not eat it because she's fat shaming me. Nicole Reda had a 10 min black out & tried to fight @steph_shep."

This trip might literally be Girls Gone Wild because Kim hadn't even scratched the surface. Gastineau seemingly ditched the group after she "skinny dipped solo and disappeared for the two days." Pippen was up to no good as well, trying to give her "a 'special' brownie," so she "threatened to sue her & the chef."
On a tweeting storm, Kim also shared video and pictures of the group's antics, which included posing with an inflatable penis. Eventually it seemed like Kourtney rallied after her night of vomiting, as Kim tweeted, "Oh and @kourtneykardash won't stop doing naked cart wheels."

But what was Kim doing, besides tweeting of course? "Oh and as for me you ask? ...I'm just sitting here on the beach with my flawless body," she shared. She even provided a sneak peek of what that looked like: her sipping on a milkshake in her bikini. Meanwhile, Joyce Bonelli was busy putting "nipple clamps" on Haqq.

By the time they get home, these women might need a vacation from their busy vacation!

Kim Kardashian shows off her famous booty in a nude-coloured bikini on a photo shoot in Thailand. Picture: Splash
This is what a school run looks like in Kardashian land. Picture: BackGridSource:Supplied
Kim and Kourtney Kardashian have fun in the sun while on vacation with friends at Casa Aramara in Mexico. Picture: SplashSource:Splash News Australia
Sister, sister: Kourtney and Kim Kardashian once again flaunted their beach bods in matching silver bikinis during their Mexican getaway
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Spot the difference: Kim, 36, rocked another tiny two-piece and looked sleek and tanned, compared to unedited photos of her on the same beach published a couple of days ago

Spot the difference: Kim, 36, rocked another tiny two-piece and looked sleek and tanned, compared to unedited photos of her on the same beach published a couple of days ago

Body confident: Kim may have been a little sensitive after she revealed pals had been fat-shaming her after the non-airbrushed images went global but still put on a show

Cheeky: Kim's derriere definitely appeared to be more toned than earlier in the week as she strode across the sand with her big sister

Cheeky: Kim's derriere definitely appeared to be more toned than earlier in the week as she strode across the sand with her big sister

Taking it easy: The two women took some time to relax in the sunshine and bag some rays on wooden loungers set up on the sand

Celebrity moms: Both reality stars left their children behind for some fun in the sun

Kids-free zone: The bathing beauties clearly relished some down time away from filming their E! reality series

Taking care of business: However, the two have been keeping their social media followers updated on their antics

Kim Kardashian and her prized posterior just made their most shocking move yet

JUST when you thought it was safe to go back on the internet, Kim Kardashian’s butt has turned up to break it again.

But this time Kim (and her prized posterior) has made her most shocking move yet ... by looking like a real woman.

You might have assumed there was no new lens through which we could view the world’s most famous behind. Kim K has posed with her bottom dripping with champagne, fully oiled or crammed into pink latex.

She has flung her bum onto a mound of earth for Jergen Teller and wrapped it in a furkini in the snow. She’s slathered her toosh in skin-tight wet-look leggings — and that’s just for the school run.

Yet this week Kim and her bum did their most controversial shoot.

The photos - which ran in the The Sun - show Kim K on holiday with her sisters in Mexico ‘papped’ with her un-airbrushed cellulite-ridden bum on show.

You can see the photos where Kim allowed herself to be snapped looking like a normal person HERE.

There she was padding around unselfconsciously in a thong with her glorious orange-peel skin out looking as imperfect as the rest of us. I saw these snaps and wanted to cheer.

You can’t underestimate how big a deal it is for bikini-idol Kim to admit her biggest ass-et is flawed. It was brave of her to reveal her peachy butt has the same dimpled texture most normal bums do.

After all, Kimmy’s perky butt is a large part of her appeal. Her bum is her brand.

At her Kimoji boutique she capitalises on it, selling such bum-orabilia as an “Ass Tray” featuring her thonged derrière and a butt-shaped pool float.

So it’s truly a statement for such a bootylicious idol to parade around letting it all hang out.

And let’s be clear — these snaps are no accident. Kim is not someone who leaves her image to chance.

This is a woman made famous by a sex tape with her own (best-selling) book of selfies. A woman who works tirelessly on her looks — a devotee of Vampire Facials who loves crash diets.

So the fact she has chosen to show off her cellulite says something important.

It says she’s said ‘f*** it’ to perfection.

I think this is a move that’s typically clever of Kim — as she’s always quick to understand a trend. She knows we’re getting sick of perfect celebs.

She’s seen the backlash against airbrushing, as she understood our frustration with size 0.
She knows embracing her flaws will endear her to us. And it has.

She knows that pictures of her dimpled bikini bum is the glorious dose of reality every woman wants.
We’re bored of stage-managed Instagram shots and airbrushed ads.

Perfect has become so ubiquitous, now we crave reality.

We want to see stretch marks and tummies ... and bums that look like they’ve got up from sitting on Lego blocks (which, given Kim is a mum of two, may be the real explanation for her skin).

We want to celebrate cellulite and embrace our flaws, or at least admit that’s what real life is.

In a way what’s most shocking about these pictures is what they tell us about ourselves.

They suggest we’re so used to seeing women’s hyper-real over-airbrushed bodies that we find normal outrageous. That feels sad. And Kim has done us a service in highlighting that.

Mind you, there is another possible explanation.

Given what a canny operator Kim is there’s always a chance this is just the prelude to when her new anti-cellulite cream drops.

This article originally appeared on The Sun.

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