Is Ronnie Savitar On 'The Flash'? Caitlin Knows Who's Under The Mask

One member of Team Flash finds out who Savitar is on The Flash, but it might not do the team any good. In "The Once and Future Flash," Caitlin, having almost completely transformed into Killer Frost, runs away from STAR Labs and heads straight for Savitar. Savitar welcomes Killer Frost with open arms and tells her he wants to do something for her: make sure Caitlin Snow never comes back. When Caitlin replies that she needs a reason to trust him, Savitar reveals the man under the armor. Seeing who he is, Caitlin agrees to do his bidding, and that's when the episode ends. Caitlin's eagerness to join Savitar after learning his identity has a lot of fans wondering, is Ronnie Savitar on The Flash?

Based solely on Killer Frost/Caitlin's interaction with Savitar at the end of the episode, two things are evident: 1) Savitar is, indeed, a man inside an impressive suit of armor, and 2) Caitlin trusts Savitar implicitly. Looking back at the past few years, there have only been a few characters Caitlin has trusted completely, and on the top of that list is Ronnie Raymond. Ronnie was Caitlin's true love, and his mysterious death at the beginning of Season 2 definitely leaves the door open for a potential return. Furthermore, as seen in Earth-2, Killer Frost had her own version of Ronnie that she loved, meaning she'd trust Ronnie as both Caitlin and Killer Frost.

I know what you're thinking: what about Cisco or Barry? Well, thanks to Barry's trip to the future in this episode, it looks like we can rule out Cisco, and mark Barry as "unlikely." Both men are present and broody in Barry's trip to the future, which was apparently a time when Savitar was locked up, meaning it can't be either of them. (Granted, we don't really know much about Savitar or how his powers work, so, we'll put Barry's fate as tbd.)

On the off chance that Savitar isn't Ronnie, it also seems likely that he would be the original, Season 1 Dr. Wells, as in Eobard Thawne. As the God of Speed, it seems unlikely that a little thing like death would keep Wells/Thawne/Reverse Flash down for long. It's possible he's just been living in the Speed Force, gaining strength, waiting for the right time to strike and ruin Barry's life as he always intended. The evidence here is a bit thinner: Savitar calls Caitlin "my child" and we all know Wells was very paternal towards both Cisco and Caitlin.

Hopefully, Savitar's true identity will be revealed sooner rather than later.

Diyah Pera/The CW

Is The Flash's Savitar Actually Ronnie Raymond?

In tonight's episode of The Flash, a trip to the future taught Barry that one of the reasons Savitar was able to do so much damage to Team Flash, and to kill Iris: he had help from Killer Frost, the "evil" version of Caitlin Snow, who had been wooed over to his side with a promise of stability...even if it came at the cost her humanity.

In the closing moments, then, just before the teaser trailer that promised Savitar's true identity would be revealed next week, he revealed himself to Killer Frost -- and what happened next immediately raised our suspicions that Savitar might actually be the returned form of Ronnie Raymond, Caitlin Snow's husband, who died at the end of The Flash season 1.

Ronnie was one half of Firestorm, a hero who fought alongside The Flash to close the singularity that nearly consumed Central City after the first time Barry time-traveled. When Firestorm exploded near the singularity, he managed to close the black hole, but when Firestorm split, Barry only managed to find and save one of the two men who composed Firestorm's matrix: Professor Martin Stein. Ronnie was lost, just hours after his marriage to Caitlin.

So what has us thinking that the mystery baddie is actually Robbie Amell's character? Well...

When Caitlin finally found Savitar in the forest, the latter revealed that in exchange for help, he’d be sure that Killer Frost’s alter-ego Caitlin Snow never re-emerges. When Killer Frost asks Savitar why she should trust him, Savitar knelt down and began to take off his suit.

As the man inside the suit emerged, a sense of seriousness came across Killer Frost’s face and she utters a simple line, “What do you need me to do?”

That look of surprise and her immediate leap to loyalty seems like the kind of thing that would be nearly impossible to inspire, especially in Killer Frost who, unlike Caitlin, hasn't yet been demonstrated to form personal bonds.


Even while working for Zoom, a godlike villain who held Earth-2 under his thumb, Killer Frost was willing to throw all of that away and throw in with The Flash because she was so heartbroken and directionless.

Since the very beginning, Ronnie has been Caitlin's North Star, on this Earth or any other, so certainly finding him alive would be something that might cause her some character regression.

That's actually been a fairly credible argument, and one that's been hard to shake as we've tried to come up with alternative theories that don't involve an alternate Barry being the big bad.

But now we've got something the kind of makes sense, courtesy a season 2 episode of The Flash.

Y'know: the one where they introduced Jax, the guy who bonded with Professor Stein to form Firestorm after Ronnie's death at the end of season 1. That's when everyone initially speculated we might see Deathstorm, since Professor Stein was spontaneously erupting with blue flame because his physical form was unstable due to being separated from Ronnie.

In the comics, of course, Deathstorm originated as a Black Lantern during the Blackest Night event, and back then the undead Firestorm threw off blue flame. Later, during Forever Evil, another version of Deathstorm would be introduced which was simply an alternate-Earth version of the character, and that character had a gruesome visage but his powers exhibited much like Firestorm's.

When Stein was separated from Ronnie following his death, The Flash saw him get powers that looked like Deathstorm I, for lack of a better term, while the Earth-2 Ronnie, who went by Deathstorm, actually was just an alternate Ronnie, like Deathstorm II.

...but if "our" Ronnie, one separated from Stein, came back and somehow found a way to contain himself in the Savitar armor? What would that look like? Hmm...!

"I'm excited for her to not be with someone this year," Panabaker said, adding, "It's not realistic but I'd love Robbie playing Ronnie to come back. That's my dream: they're fire and ice; they're meant to be together."

If Ronnie is Savitar, though, then introducing a former minion of Savitar to inadvertently steal Caitlin's heart and ultimately help her find her way back to humanity would be a particularly ironic way to develop her story -- and it would give the romance that Panabaker suggested maybe her character doesn't need a reason to have existed.

Anybody remember HR Wells’s face-changing tech from earlier episodes of The Flash season 3? He was using it to hide himself so that people didn’t arrest him for looking like Harrison?

...What if that’s why Caitlin seemingly isn’t at the funeral that set spies caught being shot for the finale? What if her redemption is that she pretends to be Iris, essentially forcing Savitar to kill her?

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