Is NFL in Kelsey Plum’s future?

Number one scorer in women’s college basketball history, number one pick in the 2017 WNBA Draft...possible NFL quarterback?

The sky’s the limit for Kelsey Plum, who continues to make headlines in the months leading up to the tipoff of the WNBA season.

Plum, who was drafted by the San Antonio Stars two weeks ago, was among multiple members of the Stars who threw out shirts during halftime of the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies - San Antonio Spurs playoff game Tuesday night.

What’s impressive is that Plum didn’t need a cannon to launch a shirt to a lucky fan that had to be at least on the second level. Take a look at the videos here to see just how impressive these throws were:


Top WNBA draft pick Kelsey Plum showed off her QB arm during a Spurs game

Kelsey Plum, recently drafted by the WNBA’s San Antonio Stars, helped the Spurs out in their T-shirt toss Tuesday in playoff Game 5.


This is a super fun way to involve the other San Antonio team in the playoffs.

Plus, now the Spurs don’t need a T-shirt cannon — they’ve got Kelsey Plum’s cannon of an arm!

Plum was drafted first in this year’s WNBA draft out of the University of Washington. She had a record-breaking NCAA season, scoring the most points in a single season and career in all of women’s NCAA history. She also averaged 32 points a game with the Huskies.

With an incredible T-shirt toss (or really hard T-shirt throw) like that, Plum could have done well passing a football, too!

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