'Heroes of the Storm' adds everyone's favorite 'Overwatch' hero

Last month, Blizzard announced it would revamp its MOBA game, Heroes of the Storm, in a huge patch released in April. Its 2.0 update, which is live in North America, promised to upgrade its player progression system and added random-reward loot boxes, a staple of the free-to-play model. But the studio had a few other surprises to drop today, including adding a new hero to the nexus, Overwatch's teen mecha-piloting pop star, D.Va.

D.Va will be the fifth character from Blizzard's hero shooter to make the jump to Heroes of the Storm, after Tracer, Zarya, Lucio and the just-announced Genji. The 2.0 update also adds the Overwatch location Hanamura as a Heroes map, which adds a few new gameplay mechanics to the mix. Now the MOBA's players can live the agony of being the only one pushing the payload.

As we've known since they announced it a month ago, the 2.0 update's switch to a loot box system brings a slew of new expression options, like emojis, banners and sprays. Detractors lamented that these would clog loot box drops and make it even harder to get more desirable rewards like new characters and skins. Like its sister game Hearthstone -- and many other free-to-play games -- Heroes has its own in-game currency and rewards to stem that sting. Plus, they've introduced another Nexus Challenge play-to-earn reward series that will run over the next four weeks, so queue into games on Heroes with a friend to get bonus goodies for it and Overwatch.

Finally, Blizzard recently introduced a new charity challenge for its Heroes streamers: Tryhard -- For Good! Fans can cheer their favorite top players while they climb the ladder of Hero League. The higher they go, the more Blizzard will donate to the Make A Wish Foundation and JA Worldwide.


Heroes of the Storm: Quest Dates and How to Earn Overwatch Rewards for Nexus Challenge 2.0

The return of the Nexus Challenge in Heroes of the Storm kicked off yesterday with a bevy of goodies to enjoy. But for Overwatch players coming over, it might not be immediately obvious how to complete the quests, so we've put together a quick guide to all the rewards and quests for getting them.

You'll most likely want to get a group of like-minded players together and tackle the quests, since you're all going to be after the same thing. Grouping up with friends is the easiest way to handle this, but you have to make sure to bring at least one along if you want the rewards.

Note that you have to do all of these quests in order, and they will all be available from the dates they each open til the end of the Nexus Challenge on May 22, 2017. If you're a console player, be sure you've got your account linked up through Battle.net, or you won't get your Overwatch rewards.

Quest 1: Oni Genji, April 25

The first quest opened yesterday and is the first step in the Nexus Challenge. You'll have to play five games of Versus AI, Quick Match, Unranked, or Ranked with friends.


Heroes of the Storm: Oni Genji Spray, Icon, Banner, and Orochi Cycle Mount

Overwatch: Oni Genji Skin, Portrait, and Spray

Quest 2: Police D.Va, May 2

The second quest features the skin everyone's after - the new Officer D.Va skin. Appropriately, the quests also begin to scale in difficulty starting with the second, as Versus AI matches no longer count towards the quest. You have to play with a friend in Quick Match, Unranked or Ranked.


Overwatch: Officer D.Va Skin

Heroes of the Storm: Busan Police Hovercycle Mount

Quest 3: Officer D.Va Accessories, May 9

You'll again need to complete five Quick Match, Unranked or Ranked matches with a friend and you'll be rewarded with Officer D.Va accessories in both HotS and Overwatch.


Overwatch: Officer D.Va Spray and Portrait

Heroes of the Storm: Overwatch Nexagon Mount, Officer D.Va Banner, Portrait, and Spray

Quest 4: Loot boxes, May 16

The last quest again sees you playing 5 matches in Quick Play, Unranked Draft or Ranked and you're finally finished.

  • 10 Overwatch Loot Boxes
  • 10 Heroes of the Storm Loot Chests, 1 rare chest

You can access the Nexus Challenge by heading over to the Blizzard Launcher and clicking on the Heroes of the Storm icon.  But if you can't access Heroes at all because you don't have a PC, don't fret - Oni Genji and Officer D.Va will eventually be added to the standard Overwatch loot boxes.

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