'Dancing with the Stars': Erika Jayne says her policeman son 'is my biggest cheerleader' but will not sit in audience

Erika Jayne stars on two reality shows, but she's largely kept her policeman son out of the public eye.

The sexy blonde recently startled "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" fans by opening up about her fears about the safety of her only child Tommy Zizzo, 24.

Jayne raged on camera to co-star Eileen Davidson, "Your kid doesn’t put on a uniform every day and night and put his life out on the line for people he doesn’t know. Don’t ever talk about my f--king kid again. Shut the f--kup. You don’t know what I deal with every night."

On Monday night's "Dancing with the Stars," the celebrities shared personal stories about their lives and Jayne chose to focus on the year she moved from Atlanta to New York to pursue show business. Eventually, she moved to Los Angeles and hit it big as a singer and TV housewife.

When asked by FOX411 if she ever considered talking about her earlier life as a single mom raising Zizzo, Jayne said, "No, I didn't, because it's my choice to reveal certain parts of my life and keep others very private. That is something between my family and myself."

When asked if her son would come and watch her perform live as a "DWTS" audience members, she said, "No, he will not." When asked why not, Jayne said, cryptically, "That's between us."

But she added, "of course" he's been giving her feedback and "watches [DWTS] on TV and he lives with me at home.

"He's like my biggest cheerleader but he will not be attending [DWTS]."

Meanwhile, Jayne's lawyer husband Thomas Girardi is also "at home, cheering and happy for me."

When the reality star gets home after Girardi has seen her dance on TV, "He has the biggest smile and the biggest twinkle in his eye. He couldn't be any sweeter."

Jayne continued to flaunt her sexiness on Monday night's fourth week of "DWTS" competition, earning a score of 30 out of 40 with partner Gleb Savchenko for a cha cha tribute to Madonna's "Express Yourself."

Hers was one of the lowest scores of the night and Judge Len Goodman sighed that Jayne's dance was "same old, same old. You go down that sexy route." (She wound up in the bottom two with Mr. T, but "The A-Team star was the one eliminated on Monday).

Jayne was undeterred, telling FOX411, "I performed my ass off and will continue to do so next week. Whatever happens, happens. Let the chips fall where they may."

She said of her over-the-top sexy style, "Some people love it, some people don't, and that's their choice."


Why Erika Jayne Is Not Backing Down on Dancing With the Stars

Erika Jayne found herself in jeopardy on Dancing With the Stars, but she's not letting that shake her.

"Hey, we're back next week," she told E! News after her performance. Erika and professional partner Gleb Savchenko danced the cha cha to Madonna's "Express Yourself" for Most Memorable Year week. She selected 1989 when she moved to New York to make it in show business.

"I had a good a good time. I'm not going to lie. I had a great time, I enjoyed myself," "We all express ourselves. Don't you express yourself every day?"

The couple received a 30 out of 40 from the judges and it was Mr T. and Kym Herjavec who were sent home during week four of the competition.

"Listen, Mr. T is a very cool guy. Of course we went up to him and said we'll be missing him," she said.

Despite the bottom two placement, Erika and Gleb said they're back next week—so is the sexiness they get criticized for, they are dancing the rumba after all—and giving it their all.
"We're going to come out strong with a new dance," Gleb said. "We're going to work hard to deliver."

"We're not backing down," Erika said.

Erika Jayne Gave Us the Madonna Moment We've All Been Waiting for on Dancing with the Stars

Erika Jayne and Madonna are two of the biggest divas we know. So the fact that their awesomeness was combined into one performance during Monday night's Dancing with the Stars was basically a dream come true.

It was the "Most Memorable Year" night on DWTS, and 1989 is the year that Erika holds near and dear to her heart. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills songstress explained before her dance that she moved to New York City on October 1, 1989. "I was a middle class kid from Atlanta, Georgia. I had big dreams, and I wanted to make them happen," she said.

But that was easier said than done for Erika during her time in the Big Apple. "There were times that were good, and there were times that sucked," she shared. "You go out for audition, audition, audition, and you hear, 'No, no, no, no, no.' You're like, 'Is there something wrong?' You're like, 'Oh, God, I need a miracle, man.'"

After doing everything from commercials to modeling and even performing in two different girl groups, Erika's management advised her to move to Los Angeles. "She went for it. That was the turning point," Erika's mom, Renee Chahoy, remembered during the DWTS segment. "I knew she was gonna claw her way to the top whatever she had to do, because that's who she is."

Erika paid homage to 1989 by dancing the cha cha to a song by one of her idols released during that year, "Express Yourself" by Madonna. "I'm a big fan of Madonna's, always have been. I've always looked to her for inspiration," she gushed before her performance. "I'm dancing for anyone that wants to take that step out on their dreams and their life. I'm dancing for you."

Erika made yet another grand entrance onto the dance floor, wearing a hat and black jacket that was reminiscent of the Material Girl's zoot suit in the iconic music video for "Express Yourself." The RHOBH songstress then quickly tore it away to reveal a a signature Erika Jayne catsuit complete with a sparkly bra and fringe. Erika's creative director, Mikey Minden, was in the audience during her DWTS performance, and we're sure he approved. As far as the actual dance was concerned, Erika certainly expressed herself all over that dance floor with professional partner Gleb Savchenko, serving up the sexiest cha cha we ever did see.

Judges Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli praised Erika for unapologetically being her sexy self on that dance floor. Julianne Hough even said that she was "fierce and raw just like Madonna." But judge Len Goodman thought Erika had hit "a bit of a plateau." "It's a bit same old, same old. You know, you go down this sexy route, which OK, if you wanna do that, you do that," he said. "Gleb, you've got a terrific dancer here. I'd like to just see her come out and really dance and show me. You can do it, Erika, I promise you."

Carrie Ann also encouraged Erika to continue to dance outside of her comfort zone, and Julianne and Bruno advised her to work on her technique. "This is new, and you can see it, and that's great," Erika told co-host Erin Andrews after her dance. "And it is good to push past your comfort zone, and it is good to struggle a little bit. That's what this is all about."

But Erika isn't going to let Len, who has criticized her sultry dance moves before, or anyone else make her feel ashamed of her sexiness. "I am what I am," she told Erin. "I can't tone it down."

Erika received a score of 30 out of 40 points from the judges, which tied her for last place of the night with The Bachelor's Nick Viall. There was even more bad news for Erika on the way. She found herself in the bottom two with Mr. T. Thankfully, Erika made it through another elimination, and Mr. T was asked to hang up his dancing shoes.

Here's hoping that Erika's fierce performance this week helps her get back on top. We mean, it doesn't get much better than a bit of an Erika and Madonna collabo, does it?

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