Carmelo and La La Anthony Split After 6 Years of Marriage: Report

NBA star Carmelo Anthony and former MTV VJ La La Anthony have reportedly separated.

La La moved out of the family home last week, and is currently living in her own place in New York City, according to TMZ. According to the report, the two have had "ups and downs" in the past, but Carmelo's current season with the New York Knicks has been "extremely stressful" on the marriage for the past few months. However, the pair is reportedly amicable and not talking divorce yet -- just separation.

Carmelo, 32, and La La, 37, have one child together, 10-year-old Kiyan. The two married in July 2010, but had been engaged since Christmas Day 2004.

Last month, La La posted a sweet photo of Carmelo and Kiyan snuggling on the couch.

Meanwhile, Carmelo wished La La a happy Valentine's Day in February.

Last October, La La was one of the first to visit her good friend, Kim Kardashian, in New York City after Kim's terrifying armed robbery in Paris, France.

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New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony and his wife, La La, have separated, TMZ reported Monday.

TMZ spoke to sources who said Carmelo and La La's relationship remains "amicable" but that the two are living separately in New York City.

The Knicks' disastrous season may have had an impact on the breakup. New York went 31-51, missing the NBA playoffs by 10 games.

Anthony's future with the team was also a constant source of speculation, and team president Phil Jackson went so far as to say the 10-time All-Star may benefit from a change of scenery.

TMZ wrote, "The current NBA season has been extremely stressful on the marriage for several months."

The Anthonys got engaged in 2004 and married in July 2010. They have one child together, Kiyan, who was born in March 2007.

Report: Carmelo Anthony, wife La La have separated, stress of past season a factor

This is not a happy story, and not entirely a basketball story. The breakup of any marriage, especially when children are involved, is serious, personal, and the parties involved deserve some space to work through it. However, there are basketball overtones, so here we are.

Carmelo Anthony and his wife La La have separated, according to TMZ.

Sources close to the couple tell us the actress and NBA superstar are now living separately. La La moved out of the family home last week and has her own place in NYC now.

We’re told the couple’s had ups and downs in the past, but the current NBA season has been extremely stressful on the marriage for several months. Carmelo’s been plagued by trade talks … with the Knicks looking to move him to another team.

Our sources say the split is still amicable. They were together just this past weekend at their 10-year-old son Kiyan’s basketball game.

Hopefully ‘Melo and La La can work out something that is best for them and everyone involved.

But there are two basketball topics we will note here:

First, the stress of this season — the losing, the trade rumors, Phil Jackson and ‘Melo’s rather public disagreements — undoubtedly led to a toll on Anthony personally. We’ve all had the stress from one aspect of our lives bleed over to another, and that can be something hard for those around us to understand.

Second, part of Anthony’s desire to stay with the Knicks was to be close to his family and wife, who is an actress and performer (which is a good reason to be in New York). Does this change things? Anthony is not going to just waive his no-trade clause so Jackson can trade him to Orlando or Phoenix for a package of picks/young players. However, he might be more open to a deal now not tied to New York. Or, maybe he doesn’t want to be far from his children now. There are no easy answers here, on any level.

For the sake of their family, I hope Anthony and La La can make this work.

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