April 10 is National Sibling Day!

It’s National Siblings Day!

April 10 is the day to show some extra love to your brother or sister.

According to NationalDayCalendar.com, National Siblings Day was created by Claudia Evart in 1995 in honor of her two siblings who died early in life in separate accidents. She chose April 10 in honor of her late sister’s birthday.

National Siblings Day: Give your brother or sister a shout-out

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Give your brother(s) and sister(s) a shout-out today. Monday, April 10, is National Siblings Day 2017.

Anyone who is lucky enough to have siblings knows that sometimes they can be annoying and a pain to be around, but this should not stop you from celebrating what will possibly be the longest relationship in your life.

The event was founded by New Yorker Claudia Evart, who created the charity Siblings Day foundation.

She set up the organization after losing both of her siblings in early life and April 10 was the birthday of her late sister Lisette.

In 1998, President Bill Clinton and governors of 39 states in the U.S. officially recognized April 10 as Siblings Day.

It follows in the spirit of Mother's Day and Father's Day and aims to celebrate family values.

It is estimated that 80 per cent of the U.S. population has a sibling and is able to take part in marking the day.

Happy National Siblings Day! [PHOTOS]

April 10th is National Siblings Day here in the U.S., so it’s time to celebrate how much you love to hate/hate to love your brothers and/or sisters!

Growing up it was just me and my little brother, and, as you may know, little brothers can be a giant pain in the butt. Now that we’re older (and separated by 500+ miles of distance), we get along pretty darn well. This year is an extra-special year, because my brother got married last December, so I also get to celebrate Jackie, my new sister-in-law! I always wanted a sister, and now at age 25, I finally have one.

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