Amid 'Nappy' Tweet Backlash, French Montana Made a Drastic Move on Instagram

Earlier today (April 6) French Montana found himself under fire for a tweet that set the internet ablaze, and definitely not in a good way.

While the tweet in question was a disrespectful clapback to a fan and has since been "explained" — as well as an apology issued — the internet is not quite ready to forgive and forget.

Taking to social media, French Montana reactivated his previously deleted Instagram account, re-emerging on the platform to share an honest update with his fans.

After wiping his posting history clean, perhaps metaphorically to get a fresh start, he shared two promotional images, as well as revealed a bit of a personal story about where he came from.

However, despite his former apology, fans are still digging in at the rapper in the comments section on Instagram, with many keeping a razor-sharp focus on the disgusting nature of his discriminatory and distasteful tweet he previously made.

One can only hope he learned this lesson the hard way and will refrain from using such poor judgment when interacting with his fans in the future.

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French Montana's Long History of Putting His Foot in His Mouth

Late Wednesday night, French Montana responded to a bit of gentle online teasing with as much racially and sexually-charged language as you could fit in 140 characters. The rapper called his antagonist... well, you should see it for yourself.

What followed was entirely predictable: people were (rightfully) outraged, French initially defended himself with specious arguments about his family history, and then he apologized, saying on the Breakfast Club that "I ain't know 'nappy' was a racist word."

If you've followed French Montana's career up to this point, you know there were plenty of other times he said something he probably shouldn't have. Below, our list of the (other) most notable times French put his foot in his mouth.

"I think everybody should say 'nigga.'"

During an interview on Vlad TV, French was asked his thoughts on the n-word. The Moroccan rapper replied, "I think everybody should say 'nigga.' There's a lot of bitch-ass niggas, bitch-ass bitches... people want to get too mathematical with shit."

"I don't even know how to use an email."

During a sit-down with Angie Martinez, French revealed a very, um, interesting reason why he chose not to sign with Kanye West.

"Kanye doesn’t have a phone. If you need to get in contact with Kanye, you have to email him," he said. "You can’t tell me how to do that. I don’t know how to use an email, so I guess me and you is never gonna talk, and I’ma put my career in your hands?"

"All the lyrical rappers is broke."

While talking to Angie again two years later (you'd think everyone involved would have learned their lesson), French let fly another gem.

"I wish Martin could see this right now. He would tear her ass up."

French posted a photo on Instagram of actress Tichina Arnold, who played Pam on Martin. He captioned it with the line you see above. Arnold was not amused, tearing into him with a long response. French was chastened in response, saying, "I am not disrespecting you. Stay blessed."

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