12 Posts Oddest Cake

12 Hilariously Bad Cake Inscriptions

Nothing says I love you like a proposal cake. Getty Images

This is just cruel! Getty Images

Lemon sponge, slightly bitter. Getty Images

Said my three year old. Getty Images

It's definitely you. Getty Images

Long story short: Student tests positive for drugs, mom goes mad, school got it wrong, cake is baked. Getty Images

Personality isn't everything, sweetie! Getty Images

A period cake, how sweet. Getty Images

Clearly they'll miss her, she was bringing a "lot" to the table. Getty Images

What is one to do with privileged information when he cannot speak up? Nope, not Wikileaks—that is for amateurs. Spill the beans on the cake. Then eat at your own risk. Getty Images

Getty Images

At least the ex is already providing comfort food. Getty Images

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