11 Funny Truck Messages

11 More Funny Truck Messages

1. This Plumber’s Truck Decal Has Gone Viral For the Most Hilarious Reason

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Sometimes, you have to take risks and get a little creative in order to drum up business – and that’s just what one Canadian plumbing company did. Nick Huckson, owner of The Sault’s Plumber, shared a photo of their new plumber’s truck decal on the company’s Facebook page. In just a few hours, the image went viral. And we have to admit, it’s pretty hilarious.

If he was looking to garner more attention for his company, he certainly succeeded. Thanks to this hilarious photo, the Sault Sainte Marie, Ont. business is being talked about all over the world.

Nick Huckson comes from a long line of plumbers and started his new business just six weeks ago. He then tasked a local sign shop, Classic Signs Inc., to create the funny decal for him.

“When I put it on my truck, I wanted people to see the truck and remember my name. I wanted to stand out from the crowd,” Huckson explained to Today.

The logo you see on the bed of the truck is actually one that has been used by Huckson’s family since the 1960s. His grandfather was the first one to run the business and apparently got a good laugh out of the truck’s decal. “He loves it,” Huckson told Today of his grandfather’s reaction. “He was giggling like a little schoolgirl first time he saw it.”

We also have to point out the equally witty slogan on the truck. It reads: “We’re fast, not half fast.” Good luck, Nick! Something tells us you won’t need it, though.

2. Sorry Kanye

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3. Everybody says they are the best

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4. Services Offered

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5. If you want to make sure everything is working properly, this trucker will be more than happy to help.

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6. If only we could find some corrosion resistant materials for our trucks.

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7. Hilarious Truck Signs Spotted On the Road

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Truth in over-the-road advertising.

8. Funny Truck Signs

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Painless practical jokes on the other hand, why not?

9. So you better keep out

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So...where does he keep his wallet?

10. A Picture Worth A Thousand Words – Fuel Tanker Truck Warning Notice In Arabic!

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A new fuel tanker truck arrives on location somewhere in the Middle East.

The company manager in charge tells the fleet supervisor to ensure that the tanker truck is clearly labeled:
“Diesel Fuel” in Arabic and “No Smoking” in Arabic.

This is what he got …

11. Is there anything better?

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Some accidents CAN be delightful!

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