10 Second Chance For Animals Disabilities

10 Deformed Animals Given A Second Chance

1. Cat named Lobstah has one paw which is shaped like a CLAW thanks to unfortunate deformity

A cat born with a claw-shaped paw has gained a legion of fans online.

Two-year-old Lobstah, who lives with his owners in San Francisco, has a deformed paw shaped like the letter 'C'.
He was adopted by John and Leda Bigelow from an animal shelter after being found abandoned with a host of health issues.

Lobstah had to undergo life-saving surgery and was still in recovery when his new owners took him home.

John said: 'There was a likely chance that he was not going to have survived the surgery.

'It's kind of shocking, given what he's been through, how agile and strong [he is] and the distance he's able to leap.'

Lobstah has no sternum, which caused a problem with his intestines going into his chest. This has now been corrected by vets.

Despite a tough start in life, the moggy has managed to live a relatively normal life and has since become an internet star.

The friendly feline has racked up more than 15,000 followers on Instagram since his owners created him his own account.

It's not only his claw that's unique - his owners say he is 'oddly fond of greens', like spinach and green beans.

Leda added: 'He's a little clown, he's a comedian. I think he actually is funny, I don't know if he knows he's funny. He's always up to a little mischief.

'He's a very affectionate and amorous cat, he likes to kiss us on the nose.'

2. Purrfect! Adorable kitten named Flipper who was born with deformed legs has surgery to repair his limbs after finding a new home

Flipper the kitten has been given a new lease of life.

The black and white cat's last owner had threatened to 'dispose' of him because he was born without a radius and was unable to walk, but he was rescued by the RSPCA.

And after months of surgery to fix his legs, Flipper has found a new lease on life after new owners agreed to care for him.

Veterinarians found flipper was born without a radius, meaning he needed to have his limbs splintered to help straighten the bones.

Flipper was adopted by a pair of Canberra locals set to give him the 'loving and supportive home he deserves', according to a post on the RSPCA Facebook page.

The cat is still in the healing process, which entails needing to wear his legs in a cast five days a week until he is fully grown.

The story has melted hearts on social media, with many congratulating the RSPCA and Flipper's new owners on saving the animal's life.

3. BenBen the "world's saddest cat" was hours away from death - now he's completely transformed

Getty Images
A cat with a heartbreaking story has won the hearts of thousands after pictures of his astonishing transformation were shared online.

BenBen, a ginger tabby, was living out his days at an animal rescue shelter.

Or, rather, he was simply existing.

Staff at the shelter believed he had been attacked by a big animal, according to BoredPanda , as he had "a crushed spine, several deep lacerations and a cauliflower ear."

But his permanent sad face is his most endearing quality.

BenBen was scheduled to be euthanised and workers at the shelter said it was as if he knew - he had stopped eating, drinking or even moving.

Luckily, a kind-hearted woman decided to take BenBen in, despite the fact he was very poorly and on pain medication.

“We managed to get everything sorted out the day before his scheduled euthanization and brought him to his forever home, ” she told LoveMeow.

Within an hour, he had transformed

“He was instantly full of purrs, smiles, and ‘thank you’ cuddles, ” his owner said.

“I like to think he knew he was safe and had his forever home at that moment.”

On his Instagram account, there are photographs of BenBen settling into his new home - and he looks incredibly happy.

He slept for a few days

Suddenly, he looked much healthier

Now he loves playing with his toys

And games on the iPad

He loves to watch his humans eat

He's still got a sad face - that will never change

But he's one very happy cat

4. Deformed dog Picasso's blue period is in the past

Getty Images
He was destined for euthanasia, but a rescue group saw a work of art.

Now Picasso, a 10-month-old pit bull-corgi mix who was rescued from a high-kill animal shelter in Southern California, is an international celebrity.

Liesl Wilhardt, executive director of Luvable Dog Rescue, the organization that rescued Picasso, said the bark around Picasso started after Luvable posted videos of him on its Instagram account. Other media outlets chased the story and now Picasso's out-of-kilter but loveable face has reached the eyes of thousands of people across the world.

Picasso has a misaligned snout that makes him look a bit unreal, like a subject in a Pablo Picasso painting. That's how he got his name.

But Picasso's breeder apparently has more traditional taste in art. Picasso and his brother Pablo were surrendered at 8 months old when the breeder failed to find buyers for the pair. The two were at high risk of being killed.

They were saved from death row by Luvable, a nonprofit animal shelter in Eugene, Oregon, that often takes "hard to place" dogs with medical conditions, like Picasso.

Picasso acts like any other dog. "He is completely unselfconscious about his looks and does not judge himself or others harshly on outward appearances," Wilhardt said.

Wilhardt said people from across the globe have expressed interest in adopting Picasso and Pablo, but the two aren't ready to leave the shelter just yet.

Picasso will have dental surgery to correct a painful condition caused by his misaligned snout. Then the shelter will evaluate what's best for Picasso and Pablo, who will be put up for adoption as a pair. Wilhardt said fans of the two should watch the Luvable social media platforms for updates.

In the meantime, the organization has received almost $2,000 in donations from animal lovers inspired by Picasso's story.

"Picasso could teach others what we share in common is more important than what is different," Wilhardt said. "People are the same. No matter where people are from, or what they look like, we are the same."

5. Sandy, A Bowlegged Dog, Gets The Life-Changing Surgery He Needed

Getty Images
Who could turn away this lovable pooch?

Sandy, a severely bowlegged pup nicknamed “the wonky dog” by British press, was abandoned in Greece. After learning about the animal, however, United Kingdom charity Mutts in Distress helped raise the money to drive Sandy to the U.K. for life-changing surgery.

Pat Clark, of Mutts in Distress, said she first found out about Sandy, who also has difficulty seeing, through her contacts at an animal sanctuary in Corfu, Greece.

“I saw a picture of Sandy and knew we had to bring him here,” Clark told the BBC. “He was so [bowlegged] and wonky he was almost walking on his chest.”

Clark called for donations through the Mutts in Distress website, and animal lovers responded generously, donating hundreds of pounds for the dog’s transportation and keep. Sandy arrived in the U.K. in December and successfully underwent surgery last week to repair one of his legs.

Chaim Pilsof, a veterinary surgeon at Companion Care vets in Cambridge, England, offered to perform the surgery free of charge, Yahoo! News reports.

“So far it has gone really well,” Pilsof said, according to the outlet. “At the moment he is on cage rest because he needs to rest a lot but he is already trying to do much more than we allow him to.”

Plates were inserted in one of the dog’s deformed legs, but Sandy will need months of physiotherapy as well as a consult with an eye specialist. Still, Clark said that Sandy has been given a new lease on life.

“A month ago he had no hope of ever walking properly or hope of the gift of sight,” Clark said, according to Yahoo. “No-one had heard his name or knew of his existence. “Here he is now, facing a whole new life, happy and safe, thanks to people prepared to give.”

6. Neglected Great Pyrenees puppy with deformed paw gets a second chance

Getty Images
10-week-old Casper was in a bad situation in a "backwater area of Kentucky" when PetPromise Inc. arranged to pick him up. The rescue was contacted about the Great Pyrenees puppy and was told "there was something wrong with his foot - he was missing some toes".

They arranged a transport and a foster group and soon Casper (and his sister, Rowan) were on their way to help but they immediately had to be rushed to the vet.

"One of our awesome volunteers drove down to Cincinnati to meet the transport and pick up Casper, and his sister Rowan. Upon arrival at her house she noticed they were completely infested with ticks- we're talking from head to toe, in their ears, embedded under their skin, between their toes- everywhere! She rushed them both straight to our friends at Rascal Animal Hospital where the vets immediately went to work on them. They were treated for the ticks, vaccinated, and given a full exam. Poor Rowan was so infested she had to be completely shaved down!”

The rescue added: "While there, we had them do x-rays of Casper's foot to see what the issue was. What they found was quite a shock. He was born with a deformed paw, his toes were completely deformed, and he had stress fractures in his leg from not being able to properly balance himself."

Casper’s options were to either have his leg amputated (which for a dog that will grow to around 120 pounds is not ideal) or do surgery on his foot to remove the toes and fit him with a prosthetic foot. Although prosthetics is the longer and more costly option, it gives him the best chances for a long and happy life so that option was the one selected by the rescue.

Rowan has since been adopted by one of the staff members at Rascal Animal Hospital. As for Casper?

"Casper is now tick-free and enjoying time in his foster home, PetPromise writes: "He LOVES other dogs, his foster kitty siblings, and all the people he gets to meet. Because he and his sister were born and left outdoors where they came from they were very shy initially. In the month he has been with us he has completely blossomed and come out of his shell completely! He is loving, sweet, and just a gorgeous, giant happy boy!"

7. Injured stork given second chance with 3D printed leg braces

Getty Images
3D printing has taken flight—or at least, given several beautiful birds the chance to live and soar once again. First, there was Grecia, the Costa Rican toucan fitted with a 3D printed bill, next, Gigi, a macaw in Brazil who received the world’s first titanium 3D printed beak, and who could forget Ben, the one-legged parrot? The latest case of 3D printing at the service of our feathered friends comes from Lithuania, where an injured stork can now walk again thanks to custom 3D printed leg orthoses made by Mass Portal.

The stork was initially discovered deep in the Lithuanian countryside, trapped between waste and ropes. While storks are known for their long and slender legs, this stork’s left foot was badly deformed, and its right foot was so critically injured, it could no longer stand, nevermind walk, and didn’t stand a chance at survival in the wild.

Rescuers took the bird into their care and tried several therapy solutions to relieve its pain, but none seemed to make any difference. Amputation wasn’t an option either, since the bird was unlikely to survive the stress and anesthesia of a major surgery. Instead, they had the idea of treating the bird with 3D printed orthoses. Unlike prosthetics, which are used to replace a missing body part, orthoses are designed to fit onto an existing part to increase mobility and strength—much like this 3D printed hand orthosis, which helped a young man recover from paralysis.

They thus brought the stork to Riga, Latvia-based 3D printer manufacturer Mass Portal, where co-founder Juris Klava committed to helping as best as possible. They began by measuring the bird’s legs and designing several prototype braces. In order to mimic the natural strength and flexibility of the stork’s actual legs, they chose to 3D print the orthoses using NinjaFlex flexible 3D printing filament. Choosing to 3D print them in bright orange, just like in the wild, was another thoughtful touch.

After rapidly prototyping several iterations, Mass Portal’s designers finally settled on a set of Forrest Gump-esque 3D printed braces that fit the stork perfectly. A small bit of sponge padding allows the stork to put weight on its foot without causing discomfort or pain.

Since receiving its 3D printed orthoses, the stork has been trying to walk and stand on its own, alternating from leg to leg in order to relieve pressure and slowly build up his strength. “He still depends on his caretakers for survival, but he has been given a second chance,” said Mass Portal. “We can do more today for the well-being of non-human species than we ever could before.”

8. Forced To Live In A Tiny Cage, This Dog Became Deformed But Now His Dream Has Come True

Getty Images
This dog was called Gargoyle because his body is deformed from being forced to grow up in a cage that was too small for him. But he’s now got a second chance and a new name – Landis.

The young Pit bull was rescued by Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs after they received a plea from a shelter.

“Heartbreaking” doesn’t seem an adequate word to describe what happened to Landis. The rescue group saved him in mid-December, 2014 and wrote on their Facebook page about how they reacted upon first taking him:

“With all the horror stories we have seen and shared this year, words like “heartbreaking” don’t seem to mean much anymore. It’s really sad, as we shouldn’t have to use them so often.

“That said, there really is no better word to describe “Gargoyle” who we received a plea on from a GA shelter last night. This sweetheart of a boy is said to be 1-2 years old and as you can see, he is dwarfed. He is emaciated, his legs are basically, folded in half and his spine is curved. To look at him, you would guess he’d been forced to grow up in & live in a small cage. Well, guess what, you’d be right!! Where do these monsters come from that walk among us?!

“After feeling heartbroken, the next normal response is anger. How could anyone do this, how could this possibly have been allowed to happen?! And, it makes one feel even worse because this boy is a complete mush. You’d think he’d be angry and frustrated and difficult, but he’s not. Like most abused dogs we meet, he just wants to give and receive love.

“Sadly, we cannot spare him the pain he’s already lived, but we can get him the medical attention he urgently needs and help him have the best future possible!”

Landis will have a long recovery ahead, but he is surrounded by love and care. He visited an orthopedic specialist who noted that Landis’ legs have improved already from the time he was rescued and the doctor believes his legs will continue to improve.

The  specialist’s recommendation was to not proceed with surgery at this time because the surgery is very painful, and Landis is regaining muscle tone in his legs on his own.

“His legs will never be perfect, but Landis is happy and not in pain and that is what is most important,” wrote Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs.

Instead, Landis needs a home where he will not be forced to walk on concrete or hard surfaces, which has a backyard with lots of soft grass. And Landis has found that perfect home!

Landis has been adopted and his new home sounds ideal. Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs  let everyone know, “He is going to Mass, near Cape Cod. He is minutes from the beach (sand will be great for his legs), has a large fenced in back yard & will immediately start hydrotherapy 5 minutes from his new home! He will have 2 rescue siblings and a new mom who is home to tend to his needs.”

“I have made great progress today. I’m getting the hang of potty training in just one day and I love to sit in my Mom’s lap and chew on my toys. I’m even learning how to play ball!”

9. Rescue Dog Born Without Eyes Turns His Differences into Inspiring Anti-Bullying Lessons for Kids

Getty Images
The beginning of Noah’s story was almost the end.

The dog was found at five months old, struggling to survive in the dirt at a backyard breeder in California. Born without eyes and deformed back legs, the tiny, white Bichon poodle mix had no chance to snap up any of the kibble scraps thrown in the filthy space he shared with his two siblings. Emaciated, frightened and just two pounds — that’s how the rescue Saving K9 Lives found him.

Lisa Marie saw a picture of Noah in this condition on the Facebook page Everything Rosy, and she didn’t see a dog beyond help; she saw a dog she needed in her life.

“It was a visceral response of ‘I need that dog.’ It didn’t take but five minutes before I started an application,” the nurse and kindergarten teacher told PEOPLE.

Already the mom to one blind dog, Lisa Marie had been looking to help another visually-impaired pup for the past year, but hadn’t found success yet. Living in Wisconsin, she wasn’t expecting much when she submitted the application for California-based Noah, but just a few days after seeing the needy dog’s photo, Lisa Marie received a call that became the start of her life with this inspiring canine.

After extensively vetting Lisa Marie and helping Noah recover, Saving K9 Lives sent Noah to his new forever home in Wisconsin, equipped with a donated wheelchair and custom Muffin’s Halo to help him navigate his now-promising life ahead.

It didn’t take long for Lisa Marie to find out her new pup wasn’t just a survivor, but a special soul as well.

“I found out that Noah has a really unique personality,” she explained. “He only wants to sit on your lap with his head in your neck, so heart-to-heart, neck-to-neck. He does not want to be held any other way.”

After seeing the soothing effect this cuddle-wielding dog had on friends and family, Lisa Marie decided to share Noah’s tenderness with the world by bringing him to local nursing homes. The positive power of his presence was immediate and astounding. Residents who spent their days in resigned solitude melted under the weight of this now-12 lb. dog.

“The first time we went to a nursing home I didn’t know what to expect. This little old woman, who was in the dementia unit, hadn’t spoken for so long, and when Noah got into her lap she started to grunt. It was at that point that I knew that he had something,” Lisa Marie recalled in awe.

Noah didn’t have to go sniffing around for his next opportunity, it found him. Shortly after starting their nursing home visits, Lisa Marie and Noah received a call from a local school looking for help with a bullying problem. Lisa Marie knew Noah was the answer.

She arrived at the school with Noah in all his gear. While the schoolchildren looked at Noah — no eyes, a wheelchair strapped to his legs and a halo fixed to his head — Lisa Marie asked the kids what they thought Noah couldn’t do. Jump, run, play were many of responses.

“And I will say ‘Yes he can.’ And they just go ‘Wow! but he looks so different,’” Lisa Marie said.

And it is precisely this message that she and Noah are looking to get across: Someone who looks different from the outside, is just the same as everyone else. Differences shouldn’t exclude anyone, or making them feel less than; instead we should approach everyone from a place of acceptance and empathy.

“By the time we leave they don’t see Noah as a disabled dog. That’s how I want humans to see each other,” she added.

Noah’s message and signature heart-to-heart hugs have become so popular with schools that the pup earned a place in Murray Park Elementary School’s yearbook, as the 5th grade’s Honorary Favorite Rockstar.

This little dog’s big influence isn’t just felt locally, Lisa Marie can easily recount messages she has received from all over the country from those positively changed by Noah’s story of strength and compassion. She has received notes from a woman undergoing chemo, who brings a picture of Noah to her sessions as a reminder to be strong and others from a proud mother of a child who decided to stick up for a little girl being bullied after he found Noah on Facebook.

“It’s these stories, that you think people may not be listening or they are not taking it to heart, but then you get stories like this and it takes your breath away. Here is this dog, who shouldn’t even be here and he is saving lives,” Lisa Marie said.

Noah’s message is spreading fast, and it is about to go fully national. The pooch is currently a semi finalist for Emerging Hero Dog Award at the American Humane Associations Hero Dog Awards. Starting in an applicant pool with hundreds of other dogs, Noah’s healing work and dedication to doing good has earned him a spot in the final three for his category.

Lisa Marie decided to enter Noah (who you can vote for once a day until June 22) into the awards in memory of a special poodle named Muffin. It is because of this furry soul that Noah can travel through the world without fear. When Muffin, Silvie Bordeaux’s beloved poodle went blind, the dog lover changed the course of her life and dedicated herself to finding a way to make Muffin’s life easier.

She came up with Muffin’s Halo, a device for visually-impaired dogs that prevents them from bumping into walls, allowing them to learn new spaces and reclaim their independence. Bordeaux has provided Noah with halos throughout his life, and helps hundreds of other blind dogs through her non-profit Second Chances for Blind Dogs, which provides halos to owners of blind dogs for free, so they do not have to surrender their pet due to medical expenses.

“I am creating a movement for blind dogs around the world,” Bordeaux said. “I lost Muffin, so his legacy continues on. He has changed the world for all these blind babies.”

Noah and Lisa Marie hope to build on this legacy with a win at the Hero Dog Awards, but more than anything, the pair want to create hope and happiness for the countless people out there who feel that they are different and are bullied because of it.

“If we can stop one kid from being bullied to the point of suicide, Noah has done his job,” Lisa Marie shared.

To accomplish this, Noah plans to keep visiting schools and spreading his message of acceptance and empathy at events and online. He has even gone so far as to open his own bank account, that way any donations he receives can go directly into his paws and be used to help dogs in desperate need of help, just like he once was.

Noah has found his safe and loving forever place, now he is doing everything a pup can do to make sure others find their happy place too.

10. Millions Of People Called Her A Monster—Until A 7-Year-Old Girl Did The Unthinkable

Getty Images
They said she had no chance but then a miracle happened… She fought back!

A tiny kitten lived alone and neglected on the streets of Istanbul, sleeping in a garbage can. Istanbul has 14 million inhabitants. Out of those millions of people, not one person paid her any attention. No one stopped to help.

But then, one day, a seven-year-old girl heard the kitten’s cries among the trash and rushed over. It was written in the stars; her father is a doctor. Together, they decided to nurse the kitten back to health and give her the home she’d always dreamed of.

The kitten’s face was infested with maggots and mites. Her ears and mouth were deformed. But with love, care and patience, the young girl and her family saved this poor cat and brought her back to good health. They named her “Gülümser,” meaning “she who always smiles.”

These days, Gülümser and her human hero are inseparable. And, as you’ll see below, the kitten is recovering in the most stunning way. Her wounds are healing. Her fur is growing back. She’s transformed into an adorable, fluffy miracle with a face that tells her story of courage and hope.

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