10 LGBT Wedding Photos

LGBT Pride: 10 Powerful Same-Sex Wedding Photos

1. Bride’s Dad Refuses To Walk Her Down The Aisle At Her Same-Sex Wedding, So Her Boss Walks Her Instead

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When Jennifer, a Taiwanese HSBC employee, decided to marry her girlfriend, her homophobic parents refused to attend the wedding and cut off contact with her. Though she feared disapproval at work, her boss responded kindly – by walking her down the aisle instead of her father.

Jennifer and her partner, Sam, have been together for 11 years. The couple has faced countless obstacles living in a conservative society, and since same-sex marriage is still not recognised in Taiwan, they’re not even able to legally register their union. Thankfully, Jennifer’s colleagues rallied around her with support, including CEO John Li, whose arm she held in place of her absent father as the brides approached the alter.

“We cried because we never thought we would make it this far,” Jennifer shares in a video produced by HSBC. Indeed, the faces of both brides can be seen streaked with tears, but also marked by the immense pride of a love triumphant against the odds.

2. The World’s First Gay Police Wedding Happened In Spain Over The Weekend

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The couple, who are being referred to as Chema and Jonathan by Spanish media, were married in Jerez de la Frontera on September 5 while dressed in their full police uniforms, in what many believe is a world first.

To mark the occasion, people all across the world have been uploading and sharing photos of the adorable couple to social media.

In an interview with a Spanish radio station, Chema said that he and his hubby have lots of gay friends and allies in the police force.

“If it helps someone who is being bullied in school for their sexual orientation to see it as something normal, then that’s great,” he said. “It’s not something that should be hidden just because you belong to a particular institution.”

The guys were married at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art and plan on road tripping from Seattle to San Diego for their honeymoon.

3. This Gay Couple Asked All Their Bridesmaids To Wear Wedding Dresses

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Everyone hopes to look their best at a wedding, bridesmaids and groomsmen included. Gay couple Deri Rogers, 28, and partner Ben Wood, 25, from Fairwater, came up with a clever solution to the problem of dressing their bridesmaids. Instead of picking a regular outfit, they decided to let all of their bridesmaids dress in wedding gowns!

“Being a gay wedding we weren’t going to have an amazing gown reveal like at other big weddings,” husband Deri told Wales Online. “I figured every wedding needs a wedding dress – so why not 10? The girls all have huge personalities and so there was terrible competition, dress disasters and fall outs but on the day they all looked fab.”

The couple met through their best “man,” Sadie, in 2013, and got engaged this January.

4. Two Cosplayers Got Married, But There Wasn’t A Costume In Sight

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Cosplayers Carina and Sørine may dress up as characters for fun, but on their wedding day, they decided to keep things real.

“Although cosplay is a very fun hobby, we only wear cosplays for conventions and photo shoots,” Carina told The Huffington Post. “When we said ‘yes’ to each other, we wanted to do it as ourselves and not a character.”

The pair tied the knot on July 2, 2016 in a gorgeous ceremony at Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen, Denmark, where they live with their two cats.

“[Sørine] makes me smile every day and I feel like I can accomplish anything with her by my side,” Carina wrote on Facebook. “I’m truly blessed to have an amazing wife like her.”

Both ladies have been cosplaying for years; Sørine began in 2005 and Carina in 2010.

“We both attended the Japanese pop culture conventions we have in Denmark and got into cosplay from there,” Carina told HuffPost. 

The couple loves to dress up as their favorite characters from comics, manga, anime and other games.

“Some of our favorite cosplays are Neon Genesis Evangelion and Drakengard 3,” Carina said. “Recently we cosplayed Super Mario’s Peach and Daisy. “

The lovebirds attended the same high school, but weren’t close at the time. Later, after Sørine had moved to a different school, they happened to run into each other at a comic book store. They struck up a conversation and exchanged phone numbers.

5. This Couple’s Disney Engagement Photoshoot Dressed As Belle & Cinderella Is A Modern Fairytale

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Yalonda And Kayla Solseng are big fans of “Once Upon A Time”, the TV series about a town in Maine where fairy tales are believed. And as you can see from these pictures, the loving couple decided to have their own real-life fairy tale when they dressed as Disney princesses for their magical engagement photoshoot.

The pictures were taken at Romantic Moon Events Center in Glyndon, Minnesota, the same venue in which they recently tied the knot. Kayla dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Yalonda dressed as Cinderella. The pictures were shared on LGBT Facebook page Have A Gay Day and they’ve since been liked more than 17,000 times and shared by almost 8,000 people.

“I am overwhelmed with happiness and so grateful that I found my soul mate,” wrote Yalonda on Facebook. “Our dream is to write children’s books featuring more diverse families such as foster care parents, two moms, two dads, adoptive parents etc!”

6. This happy couple was photographed by award winning photographer Clane Gessel.

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7. AZ Mountaintop Lesbian Wedding

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So to be completely honest…I have been putting this blog off until I really had time to sit and focus for an entire day. Today is that day. Sit back and enjoy this story. It’s a doozy (and this will probably be a sappy novel of a post but just stick with me).

Once upon a time I had booked a wedding in Tucson, AZ. It was scheduled for a Sunday. I posted a list of my upcoming trips on social media and Tucson was on that list. Not long after, I got an email from a couple in Phoenix saying, “Hi Steph! We noticed that one of your last trips in 2014 is AZ. Just curious if you might have time for an extra job while you’re here. Angel & I have been together for over 8 years and recently sprung with our state’s new marriage law…we’re in initial talks about it. She’s been showing me your blog for a while now and we love your work.” They mentioned that they did not expect the ban to be overturned so quickly and it caught them by surprise. Wedding discussion was heavier than ever and ideas of eloping or having a very small intimate wedding was the most appealing. “We’re not sure if we can pull something together (or decide what exactly we want) by the time you are here but would absolutely LOVE to at least meet you. If you do have time, we would be so grateful if you can squeeze in a session of us.” They sent me a few pics of them, their daughter and their pups. I immediately fell in love with all of them. It’s so rewarding to do what you love and to then have clients come into your life that confirm huge decisions you’ve made in your career.

Keep in mind I was going to be in AZ at the beginning of December. They booked me a little over a month before their wedding. A MONTH!! This blew my mind. They were planning this all in a month. I got pics of dresses, rings, flowers …at first. Location: they went from possibly wanting to be married in the courthouse to me sending them a video a couple of my friends filmed on a mountaintop just the two of them and the videographers/photographers/officiant. They sent me pictures of Mount Lemmon that they loved and quickly it started coming together. This experience was insane and I was excited to be right there in the mix of everything! I got an email saying hey, we rented this awesome getaway house in the middle of the desert. Then I got another email saying, oh hey we got our favorite 2 man band the Sugar Thieves to play at the house by the fire after. Oh and PS: we came across Max & Molly Films in San Diego, CA and are having them come to film the entire day. I was beside myself and just wanted to hug these perfect strangers that felt like friends. I couldn’t have done it without the ever so talented Margie Woods. We have the best adventures. Like her luggage getting stuck in Los Angeles for 2 days and having back-to-back weddings to shoot. Ahh! We also stayed at THEE best Airbnb..if you’re in Tucson stay HERE if you don’t you’ll kick yourself in the shin repeatedly. **UPDATE** In just 24 hours Monica & Angel’s gorgeous wedding has been featured on COSMOPOLITAN & BUSTLE. It’s a beautiful day for love to spread like wildfire.

8. Saugatuck Michigan Wedding Part 1| Orlando Same Sex Wedding Photographer

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This beautiful Saugatuck Michigan same sex wedding holds dear to my heart due to the fact these are close friends of mine.  The couple David and Ari which reside in Fort Lauderdale, FL flew up all the way from there to Michigan to celebrate with close friends and family.  They completely wanted this to be a complete secret and intimate ceremony until they posted it on social media!  Close friends and family that were invited from near and a far traveled to a small town near Saugatuck Michigan to Fennville.  Their venue would be their sister’s house that contained a beautiful garden that any couple could dream of!  I personally enjoy same sex weddings due to the fact these couples had been together for so many years and that their friends have been down their journey for nearly a lifetime!  Not to mention these celebrations are a blast!  Well without further a due here are David and Ari’s wedding photos part one!

9. Art Deco Inspired Wedding at Skirball Cultural Center

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From The Bride...I proposed to Nicole with my grandmother's art deco engagement ring. This gorgeous piece served as the inspiration for our wedding ceremony and celebration. From the get go, we felt connected to our family and this glamorous time period. The ring, along with the backdrop of the Santa Monica Mountains and the architecture of the Skirball Cultural Center, set the tone for the rest of the decor and styling.

Nicole wanted our venue to be outdoors and I wanted it to be modern, but we did not know how to make our vision a reality. The Skirball Cultural Center, like everything else our coordinator recommended, managed to represent both of our visions perfectly. Architecturally modern with an outdoor space complete with a reflection pond and the Santa Monica mountains in the background, we could not have imagined a better venue. Blossom Floral (recommended by Hustle and Bustle), also managed to find the ideal style that fit both Nicole's and my tastes. I wanted a more organic feel to the flowers, and Nicole wanted a more structural arrangement. Blossom Floral created a Chuppah that was at once free flowing and still structured. She met with us numerous times to ensure we would be happy with the design, and did not leave any detail to chance. Because of the art deco theme we were aiming for, we agreed that we wanted a cake that reflected that era. Lark Cake Shop not only had the most delicious cakes we sampled, but also created a beautiful cake for us right out of the 1920s. H&B also recommended we use Theresa Huang for our make-up and hair. We could not have been happier. Theresa Huang understood the art deco look I was going for, and had enough stylists to help Nicole, me, and our bridesmaids all get ready in time for the big day. In fact, all of our bridesmaids ended up getting their make-up and hair done, despite originally planning on only doing their hair. Finally, we worked with the lovely and talented Emily Schwartz to design our save the dates (and eventually our invitations, etc.), and she perfectly encapsulated our art deco style.

I spent hours upon hours scouring Style Me Pretty, Pinterest, and everything Gatsby for inspiration.

I had no idea my partner would be SO interested in wedding planning. At first, I was floored, and mildly frustrated, as I thought I got to run the show. It was not until half-way through, when I realized our wedding would be reflecting us both, that I was so pleased. I would recommend talking to your partner about the level of involvement you will each have at the outset, and encourage him or her to be active in the decision-making process (there are so many decisions to be made!). If you are able to be on the same page throughout and work together, the end product will reflect you as a couple.

Also, it was not until we got closer to the wedding that I realized that this was not MY day. That I was beyond fortunate that so many people I cared about were able to SHARE the day with my wife and me, and I started reaching out to include and consider our friends and family as much as possible, both throughout the ceremony and the party.

Get a wedding planner (like Hustle and Bustle). Even if you want to plan the big day yourself, there are so many little issues that you won't want to deal with on your big day that a fantastic wedding planner can take care of without you even knowing about!

Finally, make sure you have a second shooter for your photos. We did not decide on one until the very end, but we are so happy we got one.

When Rabbi Miller exclaimed, "I now pronounce you spiritually and legally wed!" Not only was that the highlight of the day, but without a doubt, the best moment of my life.

When we got engaged, I did not think the Supreme Court would be taking the Prop 8 case. Just in case, we optimistically planned our date to be after the last day a decision could come down, but we were still waiting with baited breath. On June 26, 2013, SCOTUS struck down a key part of the Defense of Marriage Act, and we exhaled. That moment, when we were finally married, felt monumental. This thing that I had never even thought could happen, had just happened...and I felt so incredibly thankful to everyone who had worked and fought to allow it to occur.

When I saw the chuppah, I was bowled over. Gorgeous. Rebecca from Blossom Floral did a stand-out job.

When I glanced over the railing before descending the staircase into the Taper Courtyard. I could see everyone looking at me, and I could see my wife, standing at the alter, waiting to marry me. All of the nerves and anxiety over seating charts and songs fell away. I was living in that moment, and all I felt was love.

Dancing with Nicole for the first time as my wife. Our good friend, Julia Faussone, offered to serenade us to the tune of "A Sunday Kind of Love." With Julia's incredible voice propelling us around the dance floor, I never wanted the moment to end.

10. These two brides had a mind-blowing Pennsylvania rainbow wedding

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Christyana and Heather wanted to be thrifty while injecting some creativity, so they created a gorgeous and low-key Pennsylvania rainbow wedding. They exchanged their vows by the water surrounded with a reception full of tear-jerking toasts, sweet parent dances, and tooons of dancing. Don't miss the rainbow cake, rainbow bouquets, and of course, the rainbow wedding party.

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