10 Child Annoying TV Show

10 Hilarious Kid Videobombs

1. Daddy's working! Brilliant moment a BBC expert's live interview is gatecrashed by his curious children and his VERY stressed wife


Live television always leaves room for hilarious gaffes - which is exactly what happened when a BBC debate on South Korea was interrupted by the interviewee's children.

The hilarious footage shows expert Robert Kelly, an associate professor of Political Science at Pusan National University in Busan, handling serious questions on the country's president, Park Geun-hye, being ousted from power.

But suddenly, a toddler bursts into the room in a bright yellow top and performs a comical dance behind the Cleveland, Ohio, native.

Kelly, 44, who was born and studied in the US before moving to Korea as a political science professor, focuses entirely on the camera as he attempts to blindly hand off his daughter, who is clearly curious as to who he is talking to.

And his parental problems soon double as a baby also excitedly makes his way into the room under his own power in a walker.

To complete the farce, his wife Jung-a Kim then comes skidding through the threshold.

She grabs the two youngsters and attempts to drag them out of the door, but one of them can be heard wailing and the baby's walker suddenly won't fit back through the door.

Eventually, she manages to get them both out, and the interview continues.

When the interview finishes, broadcaster James Mernendez says: 'There's a first time for everything. I think you've got some children who need you!'

And after the segment had finished, the presenter admitted on Twitter that he had struggled to keep it together.
He posted a link to the video, with the words: 'Hard to keep a straight face.'

Afterwards, he added: 'It was the desperate reach for the door at the end that nearly did it for me.'

The hilarious footage was first tweeted by BBC producer Julia MacFarlane, who promptly deleted it 20 minutes later. 

She wrote: 'When the kids interrupt you in the middle of live TV...A lovely moment and masterfully handled by our guest this morning on South Korea'.

A BBC spokesman told MailOnline: 'We're really grateful to Professor Kelly for his professionalism. This just goes to show that live broadcasting isn't always child's play.'

A highly respected expert on South Korean politics, Prof Kelly has written for outlets including Foreign Affairs, The European Journal Of International Relations and The Economist.

He earned his bachelors degree in political science from the University of Miami and completed his PhD at Ohio State.

Kelly moved to Korea in 2008, and married Jung-a Kim, a former yoga teacher who is now a stay-at-home mother to their two children, Marion, four, and James, nine-months.

2. Lions tee retriever kid video bombs NBC's Michele Tafoya


DETROIT - A young Detroit Lions fan used his chance to run on Ford Field to video bomb NBC sideline reporter Michele Tafoya.

The boy got to run on the field during Sunday night's Lions vs Packers game as the "tee retriever." He got the tee and then stopped just over Tafoya's left shoulder to do a little dance for the national TV audience.

3. Heartwarming moment a young Down syndrome woman 'video bombs' a live TV news cross - and the presenter lets her say hello to her mum and dad


A young woman with Down syndrome has stolen the limelight during a live television cross.

Georgia Knoll, from Mackay in Queensland, has taken the internet by storm after interrupting Channel Seven presenter Scott Linden's Street Talk segment.

'Is someone there?' Mr Linden asks as a giggling Georgia lurks in the background.

Mr Linden gave the excited young woman the opportunity to speak to viewers at home.

'Hey mum, hey dad - love you,' she said.

Mr Linden later posted on Facebook: 'One of the nicest "video bombs" I've had while filming Street Talk. Hi Georgia.'

'I think it was Stacie filming this one on Tuesday, and as I was wrapping up she started giggling and I knew someone was behind me ... just didn't know who until I turned around.

'Thanks to Stacey for keeping the camera rolling (because normally we stop when we get interrupted).'
Mr Linden added it was 'the most memorable Street Talk' in his ten years hosting the segment.

'Thanks for sharing this one around folks, she's a gem,' he said. 

Georgia's sister Kathryn gave a 'shout out' to her big sister.

'For anyone wondering, she's exactly the same at home. Always manages to make us laugh. Light of my life and best friend,' she said.

The video has been viewed nearly 3million times.

4. Watch kid go 'full diva' in the most fierce and fabulous videobomb you'll see today


Live TV broadcasts can be tricky.

Sometimes they throw up the worst of society's chancers, but at other times they can unexpectedly present humanity's preening and pouting finest.

And at a recent mall opening in Las Vegas, USA, all eyes were most definitely not on KLAS news anchor Patranya Bhoolsuwan.

While everyone else screams and wildly waves their arms, a young prince of sass stares down the camera and unleashes 3,000 tonnes of fabulous.

The legging-clad star became an internet sensation over the weekend - not only for his dance moves, but also for the perfectly timed stank face he delivers to those who do not know how to act in the presence of a true diva. Fierce.

The young gent, who according to Twitter goes by the name of Brendan Jordan, even won over presenter Bhoolsuwan, who later tweeted a picture of the pair together.

5. There's slightly more wind than expected! Kid interrupts a weatherman's forecast and farts live on-air after running onto the set


A little boy saw a weatherman deal with slightly more wind than forecast after he ran onto the set and farted.

It happened on Saturday evening as WLBT Weatherman Patrick Ellis was trying to explain to viewers about the weekend weather in Mississippi.

From out of nowhere, an excited child ran in front of his green screen waving his arms frantically.

Mr Ellis was a good sport about the whole interruption and greeted the youngster with open arms.

'We've got a little bit of, uh, interesting things going on right now,' he said as the child appears to direct a fart at the meteorologist's knees.

'I don't know whats going on!' shouted the little boy who is called Houston.

Mr Ellis couldn't help but laugh, and still managed to continue to present the facts and figures for the day's weather.

After being asked if he wanted to help present the weather, Houston turned around and created some wind of his own.

The entire encounter had Mr Ellis in near hysterics yet he still managed to keep it together.

'There are toots and farts everywhere,' the boy said out loud just as he was pulled off camera by his dad who ran after him onto the set.

Houston happened to be in the studio because his dad was a guest who was due to appear on a later segment of the broadcast and had brought him along for the ride.

The television station say they have been surprised about all of the attention they have received, but have invited the youngster back to present the weather for real.

6. WATCH: Little Brother Hilariously Videobombs Big Sister Covering Robin Thicke



In a funny video floating around the internet, a girl is in her bathroom covering Robin Thicke's "Lost Without U" -- and doing a pretty amazing job might we add (the bathroom obviously has great acoustics). Little did she know, her younger brother was behind her in the shower stall HILARIOUSLY dancing along to his sister's singing, making for one GLORIOUS videobomb.

7. Kid videobombs news report with epic dance moves: Internet melts


While southern parts of the United States are currently contending with the implications of recent floods, it looks like the carefree attitude of one young boy in Baton Rouge has done much to raise the spirits of countless residents.

Appearing behind a news correspondent reporting on the issue, the youngster can be seen throwing some serious shapes, and social media users have really taken him to their hearts.

In a move not often seen during live broadcasts, neither the correspondent nor the cameraman requested that the child remove himself from the shot, but instead treated viewers to almost two minutes of some pretty slick moves.

8. A videobombing little brother becomes a viral YouTube star


In this classic viral video from 2011, a teen thinks she's alone dancing to Akon, but what she doesn't know is that her shirtless little brother (who was about seven at the time) is making magic in the background. With over 20 million views, this brother and sister duo are now YouTube legends!



In the words of the late, great Whitney Houston, children are the future and, if we teach them well, we can let them lead the way.

This kid, however, doesn't need any teaching. He's just got it.

Alyce Brent and Taylor Morris were doing what every girl does when left alone with her bestie and basically breaking it down to some sick tunes when, unbeknownst to them, Alyce's nephew completely gatecrashes their twerk-out.

Dressed only his nappy, old mate out-dances both of his elders, pulling off a difficult arm-bum-tummy combo with, quite possibly, the best facial expression we have ever, ever seen.

At one point he even tries to show off his own twerking skills, before deciding that, nah, he can do it better.
You can see the whole clip below but, be warned, you're going to fall madly, deeply in love with this little guy.

10. Adorable kid interrupts interview to shake Charlie Strong and Rece Davis’ hands


Boy it seems like a long time since Charlie Strong was under pressure and Texas was turning into a college football also-ran. The Longhorns turned back the clock and shot back to national relevance on Sunday night as they beat #10 Notre Dame 50-47 in a Week 1 double-overtime classic.

Just how popular was Strong and his victory over the Fighting Irish? His players threw him in the air in celebration for starters. And he also had a postgame interview with Rece Davis interrupted by an adoring young fan who just felt the need to come over and shake his hand.

That’s not the videobomb that you expect to see at any college sporting event.  But that might not even be the best part of the video, which is that Rece Davis also gets a handshake for just being an all-around decent guy and good broadcaster I guess.  Or maybe the kid just wanted to recognize all the years Davis had to sit next to Mark May and Lou Holtz and thank him for his service.

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