Xbox unveils Wireless Controller Tech Series

Microsoft announced today that the first controller in its Wireless Controller Tech Series will start shipping worldwide on April 25th. The Recon Tech Special Edition will be available for $70, which is also the standard price for special color controllers.

For the new controller series, Microsoft drew inspiration from military tech and sci-fi gear. While the other controllers in the series have yet to be announced, the Recon Tech controller features a laser-etched gray front with gold accents and insignia, while textured diamond rubberized grips are on the back. Similar military-inspired controllers can be expected as Microsoft continues to roll out the series ahead of its scheduled Project Scorpio launch around the holiday season.

Like Xbox’s other wireless controllers, the new controller will include improved wireless range and Bluetooth Tech for Windows 10 and Samsung VR gaming. Custom button mapping is also available through the Xbox Accessories App.

The controller will be compatible with the upcoming Copilot feature on Xbox One, allowing gamers to use two Xbox wireless controllers as one. The feature is intended for people playing with less-experienced gamers, or for those who need custom key configurations to play. Xbox One owners who don’t want to shell out for the fancy new controller can get the Copilot feature through a creators update later this year.

Photo by Microsoft

Microsoft Is Making A New Xbox Controller Inspired By The Military

Xbox just announced a new controller: the special edition Recon Tech wireless controller, to be released next month.

With a stylized utilitarian look Xbox says was inspired by “military technology,” combat armor and sci-fi mechanical gear,” the controller has etched textures on the front and back, apparently for grip. Like other Xbox wireless controllers, it’s bluetooth compatible. Mostly, it’s pretty.

The controller will be available April 25th for a steep $70, still less than half the cost of an Elite wireless controller.

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