Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: March 4, 2017

Who is Hosting SNL Tonight? Octavia Spencer!
After a couple of weeks off, Saturday Night Live is back and live. Hosting this week’s episode is Academy Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer. It’s Spencer’s first time hosting and although she’s best known for her critically acclaimed dramatic roles in movies like The Help, and Hidden Figures, she isn’t a stranger to comedy. She starred in Comedy Central’s Halfway Home, and the ABC series Ugly Betty, and has had comedic guest roles in a number of television shows.

Despite having some career high moments already- Spencer has described her gig hosting SNL as one of the most exciting moments of her career, and says that America is going to be be “blown away” by what’s in store this week.

SNL has a lot of ground to cover this week. Last week’s Academy Awards Best Picture Award fiasco is likely to come up, particularly with an Oscar-winning actress hosting. There’s also Trump’s address to Congress to cover. Saturday Night Live is enjoying a ratings high this season– the highest ratings in two decades– and we’re expecting to see the show come out of the break with a bang.

SNL released a new installment today of its Creating Saturday Night Live web series, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at the show from the perspective of Leon Pendarvis, Eli Brueggemann, Lenny Pickett, and Hal Wilner of SNL music department. It’s a fascinating look at some of their favorite musical guests, what it’s like to collaborate with writers to create music for sketches and opening monologue numbers, and how the iconic SNL opening theme song has evolved along with the credits over the years.

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