Kevin Gates Thrown Back In Jail In Chicago

Kevin Gates went from being released in Florida to jailed in Illinois.

Everybody's favorite female fan kicker Kevin Gates was expecting to be released from jail Wednesday, in Florida. Turns out, the rapper was wanted in Chicago for twice failing to appear in court on a separate gun case from 2013.

Gates already had a show scheduled after his release from a Polk County jail. The Islah emcee was put behind bars for kicking a fan at a show in the Sunshine State in 2015. TMZ reports gates was not extradited to Illinois but rather turned himself in. He had less than 24 hours of freedom in between.

The rapper is currently sitting in a cell in Cook County. According to the Tampa Bay Times, on top of the gun charges he also faces an "aggravated unlawful use of a weapon" charge. Gates was scheduled to headline the Hippie Hill festival in San Francisco on April 20.


Kevin Gates went from being locked up in Florida to being jailed in Chicago with less than 24 hours of freedom in between.

The rapper is currently behind bars in Cook County after being released from Polk County in FL Wednesday around 4 PM.

As we reported ... Kevin was thrown back in the slammer last week after FL authorities found an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Chicago. He twice failed to appear in court on a separate gun case from 2013.

Kevin was just about to finish his Florida stint for kicking a female fan in the chest at a concert in 2015.

Law enforcement sources tell us he was not extradited to Cook County, but rather turned himself in. He's being held on no bond until his next court date in April.

Kevin Gates Turns Himself Over To Chicago Authorities After Leaving Florida Jail

CHICAGO, IL – Kevin Gates and his mounting legal troubles led to an interesting 24 hours for the Louisiana rapper. After being released from a Florida jail, Gates turned himself over to Chicago authorities due to an outstanding warrant on a weapons charge, according to TMZ.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Department says his next court date is scheduled for April 3 and he is being held without bond.

On March 24 in Polk County, Florida, Gates waived extradition and accepted the transfer without asking for a new hearing. He was finishing out the last of a 180-day sentence for kicking fan Miranda Dixon at a Florida show in 2015. Research into Gates’ arrest record revealed the 2013 Chicago warrant on weapons charges. Gates was released from Polk County at 4 p.m. EST on Wednesday.

Gates tried to get the kicking case dropped after claiming Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” defense, saying the fan kept grabbing at him.

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