Criss Angel Successfully Completes Straitjacket Stunt After Being Rushed to Hospital One Day Earlier

Just a few minutes into Criss Angel’s Las Vegas show Mindfreak Live!, the famous illusionist reportedly became unconsciousness while performing his double-straitjacket act, according to guests at the show.

The 90-minute showcase came to an abrupt halt on Friday evening at the Luxor hotel, and Angel, 49, was rushed to the ER at Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center, according to TMZ. He was discharged hours later.

In a statement to PEOPLE, Angel’s reps confirmed that he lost consciousness and was taken to a hospital. They also added that he hoped to return to the stage on Saturday after undergoing additional tests.

“Criss Angel routinely performs some of the world’s most dangerous illusions and escapes live on stage,” Angel’s rep said. “During Friday evening’s performance, while attempting his famed upside down straitjacket escape while suspended by his feet, he lost consciousness. He was lowered to the stage and rushed to the hospital where he was evaluated and released early this morning. He is undergoing additional testing today and while it is not yet certain, it is his hope to return to the stage in his hit show MINDFREAK® LIVE! at Luxor Las Vegas tonight. He is grateful for the outpouring of love and concern from his fans around the world.

“Due to Friday’s events, Criss and his son Johnny Crisstopher were unable to attend a previously scheduled appearance at a fundraiser for Make‐A‐Wish of Southern Nevada Saturday morning,” the rep continued. “In his absence, a representative of HELP, the non‐profit Criss created to find a cure for pediatric cancer, presented Make‐A‐Wish with a $100,000 donation.”

Angel did end up returning to the stage and successfully completed the straitjacket stunt in one of his early Saturday shows.

Back in 2013, Angel suffered a shoulder injury when he performed a similar stunt in New York City’s Times Square, forcing a 10-week hiatus of his show Believe. The act requires him to hang upside down while buckled into a double-straitjacketed harness.

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Illusionist Criss Angel, 49, is rushed to hospital after upside-down straight-jacket trick in Las Vegas show goes horribly wrong

Criss Angel was rushed to the hospital on Friday night.

The illusionist was performing a magic trick at his Mindfreak Live! show in Las Vegas when one of his famous stunts went terribly wrong.

According to a Saturday report from TMZ, the 49-year-old New York native was in the middle of performing an illusion where he was attempting to get out of a straightjacket while hanging upside down when he suddenly passed out in front of a horrified audience.

A rep for the magician confirmed to the site on Saturday that Angel was hospitalized, and subsequently released, after passing out during the stunt. The famed illusionist's status for his show on Saturday evening was pending results from a test he took earlier in the day, the outlet reported.

Criss was taken to Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center's emergency room which is located approximately four miles away from where he was performing.

The star, whose birth name is Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos, was let go hours later.

A source said he 'walked out of here' before 10 pm.

The star, who has dated Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson and Holly Madison, was in the process of trying to escape the jacket when he seemed to go limp.

The show took place inside the Luxor Hotel to a packed audience.

The incident happened only 10 minutes into the opening act. For two minutes he was spinning around. That is when he was 'lowered down and the curtain closed onstage.'

An eyewitness also said he 'appeared unconscious.'

Tweeters were quick to write about what happened with one saying that he thought Criss had 'died.'

Sources tells the site that the show was then quickly canceled and guests were shown the way out of the theater.
Angel had just returned from a ski holiday with a friend.

In October 2013 Angel was performing a similar straitjacket routine above Times Square in New York when he suffered a shoulder injury.

Three months later Criss had surgery to repair torn muscles in that shoulder.

That caused him to take a hiatus for 10 weeks from his show.

The longtime Sin City performer has a son Johnny with model Shaunyl Benson. The two have been taking care of their little boy after he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in October 2015.

The illusionist told UsWeekly: 'Johnny is technically in remission, thank God. I believe he will be healed.'
Last year the child was 'still undergoing intense chemotherapy treatments, blood transfusions and spinal taps in Australia.'

Angel added: 'What doctors found is you have to continue treatment to kill all the cells, as there is no guarantee.'

Criss Angel Las Vegas Show Canceled After Stunt Goes Wrong

Criss Angel's Las Vegas show came to an abrupt halt after the magician reportedly passed out during one of his acts.

The incident occurred Friday night during Angel's Mindfreak Live! show at the Luxor hotel and one concerned audience member took to Facebook to document what happened.

"What an awful experience!" Peter Sehl posted to the official Mindfreak Facebook page. "10 mins into the show, Criss Angel was doing his upside down straitjacket stunt and was almost out after spinning for 2 mins and then they let him down. He stopped moving, curtain down. Break for 15 mins. Now show cancelled. Hope he is ok!! Didn't appreciated peoples comments as they were leaving."

According to TMZ, Angel was rushed to the ER at Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center and was discharged later that night, sometime before 10 p.m.

Reps for Angel and MGM Resorts, home of the Luxor, could not be reached by THR.

The stunt requires the famous illusionist to hang upside down while buckled into a double-straitjacketed harness. He suffered a shoulder injury when performing a similar routine in New York City's Times Square in 2013, forcing a 10-week hiatus of his show Believe.

Several others at the show also took to social media. One audience member posted that Luxor was giving full refunds after Angel lost consciousness mid-air.

As of Saturday morning, tickets for the night's 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. shows were still on sale.

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