Bella Thorne and Chandler Parsons Were Spotted Kissing in Mexico

It looks like things are getting a little complicated in Bella Thorne’s romantic life. Bella, who was recently on vacation in Mexico, was spotted kissing basketball player Chandler Parsons. However, there's more to the story between the Disney star and the Memphis Grizzlies player.

You see, Chandler and reality star Savannah Chrisley (of the show Chrisley Knows Best) were rumored to be dating before Bella was involved. Savannah even told Access Hollywood that “We're friends, like we met, I've gone to a game. We hang out. He's a fun person to hang out with.” Savannah went on to say that Chandler was “sweet” and that “we’ll see where it goes!” Which is obviously not a confirmation of a relationship, but sounded more like Savannah and Chandler were casually dating.

But then Bella entered the picture, posting a photo of herself at a game in fishnets and Grizzlies gear with Chandler’s number painted on her face to Snapchat.

Bella also snapped a few photos at the game, including a few of Chandler. She also called him “boo,” which is a nickname you can use for anyone you're close with, not just a significant other. A few days later, the two hit a movie together.

According to E!, Savannah posted a few (now-deleted) cryptic Instagrams after all this went down, including a quote that read, “Self-absorbed people only think about what makes them feel good at the moment—they don't have any respect or regards for anyone else. Then they wonder why their relationships fail." Savannah captioned this quote with a simple “Wow!” It’s now been deleted, and while some people assume her quote was directed at Bella and Chandler, she never mentioned either specifically.

Again, we don't know if Chandler and Savannah were even dating to begin with, and Savannah hasn't said anything. Plus, we haven’t heard anything from Bella or Chandler regarding the dating rumors, so until we do, it's best to take the implications with a grain of salt.

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Are things getting serious? Bella Thorne and Chandler Parsons 'catch movie together' after sharing steamy kiss during holiday in Mexico

If their latest outings are anything to go by, Bella Thorne and Memphis Grizzlies player Chandler Parsons are getting closer day by day.  

The 19-year-old went to the movies with Chandler, 28, and another gal pal on Wednesday, according to TMZ.
Not only did the pair catch the movie Get Out together, but the two were pictured locking lips during Bella's recent vacation to Mexico last month.

The gossip website posted a photo of the two in the middle of a kiss while partying at the vacation hot spot.
However, sources have told the website that the pair are 'just friends.'

On Tuesday, Bella sat court side as she cheered Chandler on as his team took on the Phoenix Suns. 

The saucy actress wore his shirt as a dress and even painted his number on her face as she highlighted he affinity to the injury prone small forward.

The Alvin And The Chipmunks actress is obviously a big fan of the lanky star, as she shared footage of him stretching, referred to him as 'babe' and at one point even shouted as he got treatment courtside, 'what's up baby boo.'

It seems her presence was a good luck charm for the often bungling team, who have had spotty form of late, as they ended up winning the game by an impressive 18 points.

Blended beauty Bella clearly had a great time at the event, as she struck a number of suggestive poses in the FedExForum's toilets, as well as happily posing with fellow attendees.

The dynamic duo enjoyed some time together in Cancun just 10 days ago, though Bella was just one of a bevy of beauties who was travelling with the former Houston Rockets star.

Ladies man Chandler has dated a host of beauties over the years, including reality television favourite Kendall Jenner.

Other ladies to have caught his fancy include model Toni Gaarn, who is now being bedded by fellow bounder Leonardo DiCaprio, singer Christina Perri, and at one stage he was even rumoured to have been romancing Ireland Baldwin.

Quite where his friendship with Bella leaves his latest girlfriend Savannah Chrisley remains to be seen.

Her father Todd spoke out last week to say he did not approve of the 19-year-old reality star hooking up with the megarich athlete.

The Chrisley Knows Best patriarch said he had a preconceived notion about his daughter's new love interest because of his job.

He told Access Hollywood: 'He's got a great personality, but he's an NBA player, so that being said.

'I think with NBA, you know, they're ho hounds. My daughter's not going to be on that list.'

However his daughter said that he is 'sweet, we have fun, so you give it a go.'

But according to her dad, 'they have two phones. You know, side chick, main chick. Let's call it what it is and she needs to know.'

Savannah, who just recently got out of a long-term relationship, joked: 'As long as I'm the main, I'm good.'
Perhaps she will be able to come to some sort of time share agreement with Bella if it turns out they are both set on romancing the basketball player.

A source later claimed to TMZ Chandler and Savannah 'are just close friends.'

The insider added that the athlete 'values his relationship' with both Savannah and her father, but 'his focus remains on finishing the NBA season strong and gearing up for a deep run in the playoffs.'

Bella Thorne Shocks Fans By Appearing Topless On Instagram Live: Was It An Accident?

This is totally insane! Bella Thorne was seen topless while changing on her Instagram Live feed on March 3, but did the actress know that her phone was filming her actions? Fans are going crazy trying to figure it out. Check out the video here and decide for yourself!

Bella Thorne, 19, fans know they can expect some racy pics and videos from the sexy starlet, but we don’t know if they’ve seen anything like this before! The former Disney Channel star took to Instagram Live on March 3 and posted a video in which she appeared COMPLETELY topless while changing, but it isn’t clear from the video whether Bella actually intended to share her bare chest with the world.

As you can see in the video, Bella is changing with the phone on the ground and may not have known what the camera was capturing, or if it was running that whole time. And, with the nature of Instagram Live being, well, live, there isn’t a ton Bella could have done once people who were tuned in to her account had seen it. After that video was up it spread like wild fire on social media, with people who had seen it and captured it when it was happening going on to share it.

The response from fans was definitely mixed. “Bella Thorne went nude on Instagram Live,” one fan tweeted with an embarrassed emoji. “Thanks for the Instagram Live feed last night!!” tweeted another. Ya, seems like some enjoyed the show and others did not.

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