Artie Lange arrested on drug charges in Hoboken

Comedian Artie Lange was recently arrested on charges of drug possession outside his Hoboken home.

Hoboken police spokesman Sgt. Edgardo Cruz confirmed to NJ Advance Media that Lange, 49, who has a history of drug addiction and was recently featured on the new HBO series "Crashing," was arrested on Sunday after allegedly being found with drugs in the parking garage of his building at 14th Street and Shipyard Lane. Lange's arrest was first reported by the Hudson Reporter.

Police said officers found cocaine, heroin and drug paraphernalia in Lange's possession, both on him and in his car. They had been responding to a report of someone trying to enter a parked car in the garage when an officer saw what he thought was drugs inside the car. Lange allegedly told police it was his car. Police said that after searching Lange, they found several bags of what appeared to be heroin and cocaine.

The former "Howard Stern Show" sidekick was released on a summons and is due to appear in court.

"Hey guys. I was arrested," Lange tweeted Friday afternoon, after news broke of his arrest. "I'm doing great. Physically too!" He said he would be performing this weekend in St. Louis as scheduled, and went on to address his history of drug use, which he has both spoken publicly about and written about in his memoir.

In 2010, the comedian was hospitalized after a suicide attempt.

"I wish I could tell u how my story ends," said Lange, who was born in Livingston, calling himself a "flawed person."

"I swear this life is so crazy," he continued. "I wish that scared me. Pls don't be me younger ppl. I care for u deeply!" He said Friday would've been his father's 74th birthday.

"Sorry I'm tryin," he said, apparently addressing his late father. The comedian also talked about his potential future with "Crashing," a series produced by Judd Apatow and created by comedian Pete Holmes.

"To u worried fans pls know I love u," Lange continued. "Also know I've never wanted to live more! If HBO has to let me go Its my bad! Judd, Pete & u. Thx!"

Lange also thanked the Hoboken police, calling them "great people" and "professional."

In recent episodes of "Crashing," Lange, who also hosts the "Artie Quitter" podcast, plays himself opposite comedian Holmes, the creator and star of the show, who plays a comedian trying to make it in the New York stand-up scene. Lange takes on Holmes as a kind of protege, at least temporarily. One plot point in the show involves Lange asking Holmes to keep him away from drugs and alcohol when he visits Albany to perform. (Holmes does this by preventing a drug-toting fan from meeting up with Lange after his show.)

In 2009, Lange was arrested and charged with driving under the influence and careless driving after crashing his car into another car in Toms River. Lange, who pleaded guilty, said he had been taking prescription sleeping pills, and his driving privileges were revoked for seven months.

Last year, the comedian sold his Toms River home for $1.35 million.

Lange, who grew up in Union Township, is scheduled to play the Wellmont Theater in Montclair on March 24, the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank on April 8 and BergenPAC in Englewood on April 14.

In a recent interview, when asked about his "personal demons," Lange told NJ Advance Media that a young comic considered his 2008 memoir, "Too Fat to Fish," a "textbook."

"I never thought anyone would try to take advice from me -- at any level," Lange said. "I am able to tell the guys, not how to be funny -- I'm certainly not the funniest guy around -- but how to not step on land mines that I did. They're not all so obvious, 'Don't do drugs.'"

In the interview, Lange also said he had a falling out with Stern after he began touring more and became a "junkie."

I was always a drug addict, but heroin didn't come in a big way until I had done the road too much and I overextended myself. It was nothing but my fault. Howard tried to help me. I just did the road too much. The money was three times what I was making, and I got addicted to the money. And then I had to be nocturnal on the weekends and had to have paper route hours during the week. ... I became a full-blown junkie, and when you do that, after helping me and trying to help me immensely, they tell you in rehab, you might lose some relationships that you cherish, and Howard is one of them.

Lange's recent social media activity has carried a decidedly mixed tone -- the comedian had been excited over news that HBO had picked up "Crashing" (which he called "another amazing chapter" for him) for a second season, but also shared a photo of himself looking a bit forlorn, saying he had accidentally showered with his socks on twice in three weeks.

"Looks like it's me against the world again," he tweeted Wednesday. "Here's a tip. Bet on the world It's undefeated."

Artie Lange. Getty Images

Artie Lange arrested for cocaine and heroin possession

Comedian Artie Lange — a former Howard Stern sidekick who has battled drug addiction in the past — was busted for possession of heroin and cocaine near his Hoboken home, police said Friday.

The 49-year-old funnyman was arrested Sunday in the parking garage of his building at 14th Street and Shipyard Lane, according to the Hoboken Police Department.

“Hey guys. I was arrested. I’m doing great. Physically too!” Lange tweeted Friday. “I’m such a flawed person guys. Tryin!”

He added, “FYI The Hoboken Cops treated me so great. Great people. Professional. I thank them for that Now a lawyer tells me what to do!”

Police were first called to the garage after someone complained that a man was trying to break into a car, police said.

Cops searched Lange and found several bags of heroin, cocaine and drug paraphernalia on him and in his car, according to police.

Lange has spoken publicly about his drug use. In 2009, he was arrested for driving under the influence after he crashed his car into another car in Toms River. He pleaded guilty and later said he had been taking prescription pills.

A year later, he was hospitalized after an apparent suicide attempt.

He recently appeared on the Judd Apatow-directed HBO show “Crashing,” in which he plays a comedian trying to make it in the New York stand-up comedy scene.

Read Artie Lange's poignant tweet after drug arrest: 'I ain't gonna make it'

This should have been a triumphant week for Artie Lange. The Hoboken comedian's HBO comedy "Crashing," in which he plays himself as mentor (albeit a foul-mouthed, slovenly mentor with many demons) to younger comedian Pete Holmes, was renewed for a second season on Wednesday.

Lange, who had waged a long and very public battle with drug addiction that resulted in a gruesome suicide attempt and still-standing rift with his own mentor Howard Stern, appeared upbeat and healthy during his promotional swing for "Crashing," telling that he never thought he'd be in a position to give advice to anyone -- "at any level."

But Lange, it turns out, has not kicked his habit. He was arrested Sunday in the parking deck of his Hoboken apartment building after police spotted drugs in his car, seizing what they say was heroin and cocaine.

He also told fans that he planned to continue with his next set of stand-up dates, which includes a gig next week at the Wellmont Theatre in Montclair on March 24. He's also scheduled to play the BergenPAC on April 14 and the Music Box at the Borgata on June 10.

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