9 Weird Looking Hairless Animals

1. Ludwik the naked guinea pig wins thousands of hearts with adorable Instagram snaps

 Ludwik the guinea pig has gone from abandoned rescue animal to beloved pet and Instagram star in less than a year - and now poses for thousands of fans every day.

Ludwik's owner  Agata Nowacka, from Warsaw, Poland found him abandoned in a pet store, riddled with fungal infection and diseases, and took him in and nursed him back to health.

About a year ago, she set up an Instagram account for Ludwik, who is a skinny guinea pig. They are a hairless breed so Ludwik needs weekly baths and a strict moisturising regime to stay healthy.

Ludwik has now garnered more than 57,000 followers by posing in cute outfits and next to props for weekly snaps.
'I photograph him every day so it can be hard to have fresh ideas, but Ludwik inspires me a lot,' Ms Nowacka said.

'I get a very positive reaction - most people think he's really cute or funny.'

2. Mystery of the naked bears who have lost their fur coats

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Vets have been left baffled as to why female bears at a German zoo have gone bald.

A mystery condition has caused the Spectacled Bears to lose hair from their heads, legs and parts of their backs.

Normally at this time of year the bears called Dolores, Lolita and Bianca would be growing an even thicker fur coat in preparation for the winter months.

However, for the time being, the bears at Leipzig Zoo will just have to huddle together for warmth until a cure can be found.

3. Rhea the Naked Birdie Proves Bald is Beautiful

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Birds have feathers -except when they lose them for one reason or another. Sweet Rhea the Naked Birdie suffers from Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease, which leaves her completely without feathers.

But what she lacks in fluff she makes up for in attitude -and this little birdie has personality to spare.

Her daily adventures and adorable outfits have made her quite the star on Instagram and she is even becoming an icon for the disabled as she proves that there's absolutely nothing wrong with looking a little different and getting around in an unusual manner.

She's also quite a sweater model and people from across the globe have sent her custom sweaters to help keep her warm and content. Rhea may well have the largest wardrobe of any bird on Earth!

4. Silky the hairless hamster gets new sweater in time for winter

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A tiny hairless hamster has received the best gift ahead of winter - a little sweater to help it keep warm.

One-year-old Silky, who was born without fur except for short whiskers on its snout due to a genetic mutation, was taken to the Oregon Humane Society in the United States because its family was moving and could not keep caring for it.

An animal care technician at the society, Ms Selene Mejia, felt bad after seeing the hamster huddling in the corner of its cage. So she made a sweater for Silky that fits just right over its soft, sensitive skin.

Silky isn't about to let the sweater get worn out - it will be kept for special occasions, as the hamster spends most of its time in the buff in a warm, clean habitat.

"While she isn't fluffy like a normal hamster, she is just as cuddly and playful as any other hamster," another staff member at the society, Ms Diana Gabaldon, said.

She added that Silky must be kept in a heated environment, especially during winter. The hamster must also be given a higher-protein diet for warmth.

Silky was found to have an eye infection when it arrived at the society, but it's on the mend. All the better - it will be put up for adoption on Monday (Oct 24).

5. Meet Ralph the bald penguin! Arctic bird has his very own WET SUIT to keep him warm

Getty Images
Unlike most penguins, who lose their feathers gradually over a few weeks, Ralph sheds his coat all in one go.

This leaves the poor 16-year-old Humboldt vulnerable to freezing winter temperatures.

He is also particularly susceptible to sunburn because of his bizarre moulting pattern.

But surfing brand O'Neill came up with an ingenious penguin-friendly wetsuit for Ralph, complete with his name on the back.

The suit, with holes for his wings and head, allows Ralph to play with his friends at Marwell Wildlife centre, near Winchester, Hampshire.

Anna Ing, team leader for birds, said: "Ralph is a very healthy bird, but for some reason, during his annual moult, he loses his feathers quicker than other penguins.

"Every year is different for Ralph and we can never be sure when he will lose his feathers.

"As soon as he starts looking bald we put the wetsuit on him to keep him warm on colder evenings.

"Every year is different and we can never be sure when he will lose his feathers but, as soon as he starts, we put the wetsuit on him."

Despite being otherwise healthy, Ralph has baffled keepers by losing all his feathers in just one day, leaving him bald, apart from his head.

Ralph has had two wetsuits – his first one, which he was given five years ago, was made from the leg of a suit donated by a member of park staff.

The creature is clearly content with his outfit, however, since he and his partner often preen the suit as if it were made of real feathers.

But due to the penguin's active lifestyle – including swimming, climbing and preening, Ralph's current suit is getting a little tatty.

Staff at the park are hoping to get him a new one soon.

Ms Ing added: "Ralph does need a new suit as he's a very active penguin.

"Not only that, he and his partner carol love preening it just like they would his real feathers."

6. Featherless Chicken

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Behold the featherless chicken, created by Scientists at the genetics faculty at the Rehovot Agronomy Institute near Tel Aviv, Israel.The idea behind the development of this naked bird is that it will create a more ‘convenient’ and energy efficient chicken which can live in warm countries where feathered chickens don’t do well and cooling systems are too expensive to be commonly affordable. Not growing feathers saves energy that can be used to grow meat.

Critics say the feather-free chickens will suffer more than normal birds. Males might be unable to mate, because they cannot flap their wings, and “naked” chickens of both sexes are more susceptible to parasites, mosquito attacks and sunburn.

The chicken is “disgusting”, says Joyce D’Silva of Compassion in World Farming. “It’s a prime example of sick science and the suggestion that it would be an improvement for developing countries is obscene.”

“Factory farming is such an inappropriate technology for developing countries because it uses scarce resources like water, electricity and grain that could be used for human consumption, to produce meat that only the middle classes can afford.”

7. Ashes, the Hairless Monkey

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Ashes is a 13 year old chimpanzee that has literally no hair on its body. When he was born, Ashes had a beautiful fur, but by the time he turned one, he was completely bald. Looking at his arms I can understand why a chimp could easily rip a human’s arms off if it wanted to, he’s just a huge pile of muscles.

8. Peruvian Inca Orchid

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The Peruvian Inca Orchid, or Peruvian Hairless Dog, is one of the rarest and weirdest looking dog breeds in the world. Dating back to pre-Incan times, the Peruvian Inca Orchid is a dog that is rooted deep in Peruvian culture and is also the country’s national dog.

Peruvian Inca Orchids come in three sizes – small, medium and large. They are characterized – as their name indicates – by their stark, hairless appearance. However, some Peruvian Inca Orchids do occasionally give birth to pups with hair. Most hairless specimens too often have tufts of hair on their tails, feet and head. The hairless varieties are often black, brown or elephant gray in color. Certain specimens also have large, pink freckles that blend into the skin tone as the dog ages. These sight hounds were bred as hunters and messengers and have lithe, powerfully muscled bodies.

Peruvian Inca Orchids are lively, alert and extremely loyal towards their owners. However, they do require owners with a certain degree of experience with dog behavior and psychology. There are only around 1000 specimens registered the world over.

The Peruvian Inca Orchid, or Peruvian Hairless Dog, is one of the rarest and weirdest looking dog breeds in the world.

Peruvian Inca Orchids were given their names by the Spanish invaders that came across the breed in the homes of Inca nobility. Being such an ancient breed, it is impossible to know how these dogs first made it to Peru, but they have been a part of Peruvian culture for thousands of years. In fact, the breed is depicted in ancient Moche pottery dating back to 750 AD.

First used in pre-Inca times as a hunter and messenger, it is believed that the Incan royalty of old prized these dogs as pets and bed-warmers. Although their body temperatures are no higher than that of any other dog, the Peruvian Inca Orchid’s hairless skin radiates more heat than that of a regular dog and acts almost like a hot water bottle.

9. Woman Shocked After Realizing Her $700 Hairless Sphynx Cat Is Actually A Regular Cat That Was Shaved

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Someone in Alberta is scamming buyers by selling them shaved kittens as if it were of the hairlesss and expensive Sphynx breed. Although at first the shaved kittens looked similar to Sphynx, their hair grew back in a few weeks, leaving the owners in shock. It turned out that the hairlessness was not a product of breeding, but of abuse. The cruel scammers pluck out the whiskers and use razor or hair removal creams on baby cats. “I thought he was crying for his mom, but he probably was in pain”, JoAnne Dyck, one of the people who paid $700 for a fake Sphynx, told CBC news.

The baby cat named Vlad was dropped off at Dyck’s Red Deer, Alberta, home. “It looked like a Sphynx because he was very, very skinny and his face was really angular.”

Dyck’s soon noticed that the cat behaved very different and didn’t get along with her other Sphynx cats, so she sold Vlad to some other woman. “Me and her talked back and forth the next couple of days about him, because he wasn’t seeming to really calm down. And she took him into the vet and the vet said the cuts on his skin were most likely caused by razor burn or Nair or something like that,” says Dyck.

It also turned out that the cuts on the tail were so infected, it could have led to an amputation. Fortunately, Vlad is safe and sound now, still living with a woman who purchased him from Dyck.

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