8 Hilariously Real Instagram and Tumblr Accounts

1. People Are Sharing Pics Of Boyfriends “Forced” To Take Perfect Pictures Of Their Girlfriends

The 'Boyfriends Of Instagram' page shares hilarious photos of boyfriends going to ridiculous lengths to capture the perfect shot of their girlfriend. From standing on the edge of a hot tub to crouching or even lying down - these boyfriends are the real masters behind all those money shots. Keep on scrolling to check out the 'behind-the-scenes' pics and don't forget to vote for your favorites!

2. ‘You Did Not Eat That’ Shames Skinny Women For Instagramming Food

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Lifestyle bloggers (and random thin celebrities) on Instagram, beware. Someone out there wants to get to the bottom of whether you really ate that plate of lemon ricotta pancakes you Instagrammed at brunch last week.

“You Did Not Eat That,” an account run by an anonymous food-consumption truther, pulls images of models, bloggers and actresses posing with food, and shames them for pretending to eat things that they supposedly would never actually put in their mouths. Because how else would they maintain their beautiful physiques? No way anyone with a thin, toned body ever eats an omelet. Or a Greek salad. Or fruit. Or has pasta in Italy. Or splits sushi with friends.

I am of the opinion that women should eat what they want, when they want to. And if they decide to share images of food they encounter or eat on Instagram, that’s fine by me. But if this particular account is to be believed, droves of thin women on Instagram are deceptively purchasing and photographing food they have no intention of eating, just to keep up a facade. Um, what?

Calling out a brand for using the same fake ice cream cone in three posts is one thing. And no one likes those lifestyle bloggers’ ridiculously chic interior design images, oh-so-carefully curated and often sponsored for commercial gain — they make us feel like lesser humans because we don’t have a living room sprinkled with Diptyque candles, peonies and cashmere throws. But what a woman is ordering at a restaurant, eating at an event, or cooking up in their own kitchen is an entirely different matter. Publicly claiming that women aren’t eating the food they’re posting because they “couldn’t” consume those things and still have “good” bodies is plain wrong.

Why is this Instagrammer hell-bent on “proving” that people are lying about what they consume? Picking on individual people for images they uploaded of meals or treats they’re about to enjoy sounds a lot like shaming. “On Tuesdays we pretend to eat Cheetos,” one caption on the account reads. “After reviewing several dozen photos of @iza_goulart in various states of undress we are going to go with #youdidnoteatthat,” says another.

In an interview with The Cut, the anonymous Instagrammer claimed that the account was “fun and done in good spirit” while explaining her need to “detect bullshit:”

If you’re a size zero, and you’re frolicking in a tiny bikini on the beach, you probably did not eat the doughnuts that you posed with the sunglasses. It’s just presenting this curated life that’s beautiful and perfect and totally unrealistic. More power to you for rocking that! You look awesome! Don’t lie about how you got there! It’s fine.

The interview implies that the only way to “get there” — to a size zero — is to eat a steady diet of kale and lettuce. And of course to then purposefully purchase sugary foods just to photograph, before throwing them away.

Many skinny women can and do eat all kinds of food, and claiming that those who share hearty meals and sugary treats are liars is a petty endeavor. There are far better ways to call out the hypocrisy of the fashion and beauty industry than shaming models for Instagramming a bagel.

3. Photographer captures images of sad dads at a One Direction concert

Getty Images
Dads will do everything in their power to make the wishes of their little princesses come true – even if that includes having to accompany them to a One Direction concert. Photographer Angelina Castillo recently went to a One Direction concert in Nashville, wherein she captured images of fathers in attendance.
Most likely dragged by their daughters to watch the show, the photos show the range of emotions, from sad to lost to downright confused, a loving dad gets when he goes to an arena filled with screaming adolescent females.

4. Ready to hit the holiday sales, gentlemen? Men bored out of their minds at the mall

Christmas has arrived and that means after-holiday sales and the rush of returns to your local mall. While some can't wait for all the deals, these guys just want the shopping to end, already.

Anyone who's ever been dragged to the mall against their will can relate to them: they're the bored guys holding purses and generally looking like they'd rather be anywhere else.

Some head straight to the sofa department for a comfortable couple of winks. Others simply plop down on the ground no matter where they happen to be.

An hilarious Instagram account sends these guys a sort of vote of support and even encourages viewers to send their own candids of the guys.

They're the Miserable Men of Instagram and they're sure to give you a Christmas chuckle.

5. “Texts From Your Ex” Is Your New Favorite Instagram Account

Getty Images
In 2014, a brilliant soul started an Instagram account featuring texts from exes, and it's the account we've been waiting for all our lives.

You can even send in your own texts via email or Instagram Direct if you ever wanna throw some shade at the jerk who won't stop harassing you.

6. Brutally Honest Instagram Reveals Everyday Parenting Problems

Mommy blogger Ilana Wiles created an Instagram account to unveil the real truth about being a parent. Titled "Average Parent Problems", it's full of hilarious pictures showing what parents go through daily. From finding a slice of pizza inside your purse to listening to tantrums over pretty much anything to - you can expect to see it all.

'I hope other parents will relate to the photos, feel like they are in good company and see the amusement in our daily struggles,' Ilana Wiles, told The Huffington Post. 'I am always aiming to make the struggles of raising children entertaining. Parents need it!'

Ilana also invites other parents to submit their own photos on Instagram with the hashtag #averageparentproblems to get featured, so keep that in mind, mommies and daddies!

7. ‘Why I love being a third wheel’

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“Everyone is a third wheel, has been a third wheel, or knows a third wheel,” repeat third wheel Peter Alden, 29, says.

The New York software salesman became a “third wheel” expert after his Instagram account (@imnotathirdwheel) shot from 600 followers to 80,000 this month.

The schtick: Alden happily photobombs a weekly photo of his brother Ben and fiancee Marissa acting like the typical Instagram couple — cuddling on vacation, romancing in the park, smooching under mistletoe — with Alden as the perpetual third wheel.

And he doesn’t mind a bit.

“A lot of people look at it like, ‘I have to tag along’; I look at it like, ‘I can’t wait to go out with my best friends,’ ” says Alden, who’s single and looking. “If anything, it’s more [about] changing your mindset about the situation.”

He first created the account to give friends and family a laugh, but it’s helped change the concept of third wheelin’ from a burden to a bonus.

Here, Alden shares his tips on how to take the awkward out of the odd number.

Pick the right activity

“I’d probably stay away from restaurants that have candles,” Alden says. He first third-wheeled with Ben and Marissa over brunch, his go-to three-person outing.

“There’s no pressure, it’s not like they’re itching to get back home.”

Outdoor activities also keep things moving and provide a chance for conversation.

Be confident the couple wants you there

It’s easy to feel like an unwanted tagalong, but couples actually profit from having a Luigi to their Mario and Princess Peach. “It can mix things up a little bit in a nice way,” Alden says.

“They know everything about each other. I live vicariously through them as a couple, and they live vicariously through me as a single guy finding his way through New York’s dating scene.”

Look to make a new friend — not an enemy

“You need to make the other person, the one that you don’t know, like you,” Alden says. “The third wheel isn’t there to judge [a friend’s relationship with a significant other], you’re there to be a part of it.”

Be playful about PDA

If the couple starts to get awkwardly affectionate, Alden recommends going a little overboard yourself. “If you look at my pictures, when they’re kissing each other I’m trying to kiss them as well,” he says. “At least [then] they understand that it’s sometimes a little much.”

8. Meet the *sshole parents of Instagram. They’re hilarious.

Parents can be such assholes.

Whether you have one or just remember being one, I think we can all agree that kids are annoying most some of the time.

They cry, they complain — they’re fucking needy too — and sometimes no matter how hard you try you just can’t make them happy.

When I was a kid I used to burst into tears each time I bit into a biscuit and it broke. I couldn’t eat it any more because it wasn’t perfect. ANNOYING.

Thankfully, for any despairing parents out there, solidarity can now be found on your smart phone. (Too late for my poor mum and dad).

Welcome to the Instagram hashtag #assholeparents. The place parents can go to share with one another just what assholes they are.

For eg. this little boy’s poor mum forgot to cut his sandwich in half. What an a-hole.

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