10 of the Craziest and Most Delicious Donuts

1. These Donuts Come With a Shot of Whiskey Inside

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We've posted a lot of crazy donuts in the past, but we've never seen them with a shot of alcohol inside. You can get a hold of these boozy, sweet treats at Denver's Habit Doughnut Dispensary and you can choose any liqour inside including rum, whiskey and vodka. Popular combinations include the Plain Jane and Blazed infused with Fireball, the new French Toast with whiskey, the Carbon (chocolate and espresso) with Kahlua, and the signature Habit Jumbleberry with vodka.

The alcohol comes in a pipette shoved in the donut so you can inject it into your mouth directly or eat a drippy, bite of booze-filled donuts. Adding a shot to your donut only costs $2, or $24 for a dozen.

2. Sushi donuts will make your Instagram feed a little more delicious in 2017

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It's a new year. And you know what they say: new year, new sushi creation.

Time to say goodbye to sushi burritos and prepare yourself for the Instagram flood of this next mashup: sushi donuts.

Unlike other new, more questionable,sushi products (sushi croissants and Kit-Kat sushi, just to name a few) this is a creation that we actually want to eat and we want it immediately.

Project Poke, located in California, is one place that serves them up and their popularity is on rise thanks to their recent feature on Insider. On their Instagram, they recently posted a fascinating video showing how the donut is made.

Project Poke is not the only place that makes sushi donuts, however.

California Sushi Donuts also dishes out a mean sushi donut, and can be found at food markets, pop-ups and expos all around Southern California. They take their donuts to the next level by giving them all the crazy colors we usually see on regular donuts.

3. Doughnut walls?! 17 wedding food trends we're loving

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Yes, this is a wall filled with doughnuts, and it's coming to a wedding near you. After seeing photos of the sweet treat display all over social media, we wondered what else is happening over in the wild and wacky world of wedding food. To get the scoop, we talked to two wedding planner pros who have seen it all: Annie Lee of Daughter of Design in New York City and Danielle Lee (no relation) of New Orleans-based My House Nola, which specializes in culinary productions. Both veterans of the biz, they agree that couples are more focused on and obsessed with the food at their weddings than ever. Here are 17 wedding food trends we're loving.

4. "Buffalo Crunch" Donut

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In 2014, Canadian donut chain Tim Hortons took a deep dive into fast-food mashup territory with this "Buffalo Crunch" donut, which was served exclusively at the New York State Fair in 2014. It consisted of a pull-apart yeast that's dunked in Buffalo sauce and crusted with crushed-up chips. It combines a staggeringly high number of junk-food influences (Buffalo sauce, tortilla chips, donuts) while still managing to make sense. The corn chip strips in the center are decorative, and the donut comes in mild and hot varieties (mild is "toned down" with Ranch dressing).

5. Doughnuts inspired by Pokemon Go? Yes, they exist

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Move aside, Game-of-Thrones-inspired cakes, sushi burgers, and rainbow-coloured treats! With the world hooked on to Pokemon Go, bakers are now on to a new trend to capture the hearts and souls of customers.

People, meet the new Pokemon Go-inspired doughnuts!

Doughnut shops from around the world are icing and decorating these sweet delights with different types of Pokemons and Pokeballs.

Doughnut Time, a cafe in Brisbane, is making Nutella-stuffed doughnuts that resemble Pokeballs. The limited-edition doughnuts went on sale last week, according to a report byBmag, but there's no knowing for how long they'll be around.

A New York-based doughnut chain, Doughnut Time, has also caught on to this trend. According to Teen Vogue, their specialty doughnuts are called Pokeseeds, and have a strawberry and peach cream stuffing inside.

The flavour and look are quite like Pecha Berries from the game itself. While Pecha Berries heal injured Pokemon in the game, the Pokeseed doughnut is taking New York by storm.

With these amazing and trendy sweet-treats capturing the minds of Pokemon Go fans, we are wondering when Indian bakers will catch on. After all, Pokemon Go has stolen the hearts of Indian gamers as well (albeit unofficially).

6. Donuts on Top of Donuts on Top of Other Donuts: Donutception

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What's better than a dozen donuts? How about a donut with a dozen donnuts on it? It's a baker's dozen donuts all in one sweet treat. The brilliant "Inception Donut” was created at The Cinnamon Snail in NYC. It's particularly fitting that it's served in New York City because that means you can get a donut on top of a donut on top of another donut before getting a pizza on top of pizza served inside some pizza.

Via That's Nerdalicious

7. Donut Bouquet

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Say it with flowers? No, if you love someone, express your passion with that eternal symbol of affection: the donut. The Doughnut Plant, a donut shop chain in New York City, offers elegant bouquets of donuts that are perfect for a tabletop display.

-via Thrillist

8. $45,000 Pumpkin Donuts

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While we're huge fans of donuts (who isn't?), we were shocked to learn that the U.S. government has spent $45,000 on marketing pumpkin donuts as a healthy food choice.

In his "Waste of the Week" speech, Senator Dan Coats (R-IN) said that the feds spent more than $290 million in taxpayer dollars over the past ten years on an agricultural grant program for business plan development and agricultural marketing. Citing one of the more egregious cases, Coats said a grant recipient received the money to market pumpkin donuts as healthy, locally produced food.

Other equally bizarre uses of the grant money include processing olives, and developing and marketing alcoholic beverages, cheese, and chicken.

9. Make Your Own Galaxy Donuts — It's Way Easier Than You'd Think

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You might recognize these colorful pastries from your social media feeds, as they've been popping up like very frequent shooting stars lately.

The most beautiful thing about them? You won't need to visit a hipster donut shop or consult a pastry chef to bring them to life in your own kitchen.

10. Get Your Cheese on With This Outrageous Mac n' Cheese Donut

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Donuts are beautiful things, but sometimes you want the satisfying, high-cholesterol goodness of cheese. For the times that you want a carb-heavy donut and cheesy deliciousness, consider a Mac n' Cheetos donut like this one from the geniuses at HellthyJunkFood.

The creation might not technically be a donut, but it sure has that classic shape we all love and it more importantly combines everything you love about macaroni and cheese with fabulously artificial Cheetos flavor.

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