Who are Daft Punk?

They’re two French producers disguised as robots who won album of the year for “Random Access Memories” at the 2014 Grammys.

Why are they here?

To perform with the Weeknd. They produced his recent hit, “Starboy.”

Songs you might recognize:

“Get Lucky” is the tune that made “Random Access Memories” such a smash, but we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you about “Too Long” from 2001’s “Discovery” album. Killer cut.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for NARAS

Watch the Weeknd, Daft Punk Perform Icy 'I Feel It Coming' at Grammys

Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk donned their famous helmets and returned to the Grammys on Sunday night, playing behind the Weeknd as he performed "I Feel It Coming," both of which appeared last year on his Starboy album.

After Daft Punk emerged from a foggy cave entrance on a stage covered with fake ice formations – with their capes, the French duo looked like Darth Vader impersonators – the Weeknd launched into the vintage disco groove of "I Feel It Coming." He kept his onstage movements to a minimum, relying mainly on hand gestures. Daft Punk stood behind synths that were lit soft purple, and the Weeknd ended the performance standing in between them, with one hand outstretched to the audience. The duo incorporated "Starboy," their other production for Weeknd, into the performance.

"I Feel It Coming" is one of two collaborations between Daft Punk and the Weeknd that appeared on Starboy. These collaborations served to bookend the record: the title track kicks off the album, while "I Feel It Coming" brings the LP to a close. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the Weeknd described Daft Punk's approach to recording as "very cinematic." "They can get technical," he said, "but it was interesting how they visualize making music."

Daft Punk have won six Grammys, most of which were won in 2014 after the release of Random Access Memories, which included the mega-hit "Get Lucky." The Weeknd also has a pair of awards from last year's ceremony.

Grammys 2017: Watch Daft Punk Perform With the Weeknd

At tonight’s Grammy Awards, Daft Punk performed “I Feel It Coming” and a tiny bit of “Starboy” with the Weeknd—their collaborative tracks from 2016’s Starboy. Paris Jackson introduced the performance (and encouraged the audience to join pipeline protests). Then, Daft Punk emerged in robes, performing with Abel Tesfaye on a set that looks like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. There were tons of lights and plenty of fog. Watch it happen below.

This marks Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo’s first live performance since their appearance at the 2014 Grammys; the duo chose not to tour behind their last album, 2013’s Grammy-dominating Random Access Memories. Starboy was released after this year’s Grammy deadline, so the Weeknd is only nominated as a contributor to Beyoncé’s Lemonade. Daft Punk are not up for any awards.

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