Tracy Morgan talks first real 'Fist Fight': 'She whooped my (butt)!'

It's a good thing Tracy Morgan is a lover and not a fighter.

The 48-year-old 30 Rock star, who makes his return to movies in Fist Fight on Feb. 17, admits he didn't take naturally to school brawling. Morgan's first fist fight in his tough Brooklyn neighborhood was accidental and ended up with him getting a butt-kicking from a classmate he had a crush on.

"I was a kid, I was in the third grade. It was a girl. I was young and I liked her and I didn’t know how to express it. So when you are a kid, I punched her. Because I liked her," Morgan tells USA TODAY. "And she whooped my (butt)."

Tracy Morgan stars in 'Fist Fight.' (Photo: Bob Mahoney)

Morgan admits his foe had heavyweight champion fighter credentials.

"She had Sunny Liston hands and whipped the (insides) out of me," he says. "It was bad. Everyone in the projects was there man. It took years to live that down."

Morgan had some more successful fighting ventures growing up, but insists he's learned better ways to deal with conflict.

"I am not into violence. I am not a violent person," he says.

Morgan makes his return to movies with Fist Fight after a near-fatal 2014 accident where his minibus was struck by a truck operated by Wal-mart. Returning to movie-making hit the star fully "when I showed up to the set, and seen all the trailers and the movie stuff that I am used to seeing." says Morgan. It became very real when director Richie Keen said "action" on his first day. Then it was something like riding a bicycle.

"It was like any other director in my life has ever said 'action,' I relax," says Morgan. "Most people get uptight, they get intense. But I relax. I become me."

"He was able to welcome me back into show-business," says Morgan of the director and cast. "They relaxed me and supported me. And I was able to be me. And funny."

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