Tarek El Moussa Feels ‘Backstabbed’ By Christina Dating Former Friend Gary Anderson


The past few months haven’t been easy on Christina El Moussa, as she’s gone through a nasty divorce from her estranged husband, Tarek El Moussa.

Fortunately, throughout it all, she’s had someone to lean on — her new boyfriend, Gary Anderson. And as the two continue to get serious with their relationship, a source tells In Touch that Christina’s new relationship is the “ultimate betrayal” against her estranged husband.

“Gary’s been there for her while she’s gone through hell with Tarek. She likes that Gary is so much more mature than Tarek. It’s a safe relationship, and she’s happy with him,” the source tells In Touch, exclusively. “Christina dating Gary is the ultimate betrayal.”

The source adds that Tarek is “disgusted” because “he’s the one who introduced Christina to Gary.”

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Gary and Christina first met when he was hired as a contractor to work on their pool back in 2015. They two grew close, and Tarek became suspicious when he felt his wife was texting another man behind his back.

“Christina grew close to Gary. Tarek was suspicious that she was getting invlved with someone but had no concrete evidence,” an insider previously told In Touch. That changed in May.

“Tarek saw Christina’s phone and [believed] there was some inappropriate texting going on between Christina and Gary,” the insider explained. This when Gary witnessed the blow-up fight between Christina and Tarek, during which the father-of-two drew a gun and 911 was called.

The husband and wife released a statement denying the situation, telling In Touch, “Neither of us was involved in a romantic relationship with any third party prior to our separation, or believes the other was.”

Even so, Tarek hasn’t been shy about his feelings towards his wife’s new man; he previously revealed his true feelings for his wife’s new man by sharing a poster for the new movie, Why Him? — which can’t be a coincidence.


In the midst of her nasty divorce from Tarek El Moussa, Christina El Moussa takes her new relationship public. In Touch has exclusively obtained the first photos of the Flip or Flop star and her new man, Gary Anderson.

The couple took an hour-long stroll through the upscale neighborhood near Gary's home in Yorba Linda, CA., on Jan. 26. “They seemed so relaxed and comfortable together — totally in sync,” a witness says of the pair, who were seen at his house the night before as well. “Christina looked adoringly at him. She was beaming!”

“Gary seems enamored with Christina,” another witness says of the contractor, who picked up a bouquet of flowers at a Costco near his home on Jan. 27.

“She likes that Gary is so much more mature than Tarek. It’s a safe relationship, and she’s happy with him,” an HGTV insider says.

“Gary’s been there for her while she’s gone through hell with Tarek,” the insider adds. As In Touch previously reported, Tarek humiliated Christina by groping her breasts and butt and making her cry while filming their hit show Flip or Flop.

Christina refuses to deny that Tarek treated her like garbage. She told In Touch through her rep that she would "not be providing any comments” about Tarek’s behavior.

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Tarek El Moussa Feels ‘Backstabbed’ By Christina Dating Former Friend Gary Anderson

Poor Tarek El Moussa never saw this plot twist coming! The ‘Flip Or Flop’ hunk feels totally ‘backstabbed’ by ex Christina’s new romance with Gary Anderson, especially because he used to be good friends with the reality star. Read on for the EXCLUSIVE details!

Why do breakups have to suck SO much?! Why can’t our exes just disappear so we never have to deal with their new romances?! Our hearts go out to Tarek El Moussa, 35, who has no choice but to watch Christina, 33, fall in love with another man. The worst part of her new relationship with Gary Anderson is that he used to be friends with the Flip Or Flop stud. “Tarek is shocked and betrayed that his ex Christina is in an ongoing relationship with Gary, someone Tarek trusted,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY, adding that Gary is “backstabbing” and Tarek “no longer trusts the guy.”

You might remember that Gary watched Tarek and Christina’s marriage fall apart firsthand. The night of their huge blowout — the one where Tarek reportedly grabbed a gun and stormed off with it — Christina was left alone at home, overwhelmed with tears. Gary was the one who stepped in to comfort her as a friend, but maybe, just maybe, that was the start of their romance. Making matters even worse, Christina and Gary made their debut as an official couple on Feb. 1, just a few weeks after Tarek filed for divorce.

The new lovebirds were spotted walking arm-in-arm around Gary’s Yorba Linda neighborhood in California. We think they look extremely cute together, but her ex can’t help but assume the worse. “Tarek can’t stop wondering how long the affair has been going on for, and if Gary had been hooking up while Christina while she was still married,” the source continues. Don’t think like that, Tarek, you’re only hurting yourself! Maybe it’s better if they DON’T work together and have some distance.

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