Steve Irwin's 13-year-old son looks just like him!

Steve Irwin had an amazing connection to wildlife, a passion for preservation and an entertaining personality that pulled it all together — and 10 years after his death, he's still a hard act to follow.

That is, for anyone other than Robert Irwin.

"The Crocodile Hunter's" son not only shares all the same interests that his dad did, at 13 years old, Robert looks just like him, too.

"This is so cool to see you like this," Jimmy Fallon told the teen when they met on "The Tonight Show" Thursday. "You're actually ... your dad!"

Well, pretty close.

"My dad was actually on 'The Tonight Show' quite a while ago, so it's really nice to be able to follow in his footsteps," the young Irwin said.

And he did just that — right down to making the host squirm in the embrace of one big snake.

Robert, like big sister Bindi and mother Terri, works with the animal's at their family's 100-acre zoo.

"That is just in my blood," he told Fallon. "I actually grew up at Australia Zoo. I think I'm the luckiest kid on planet earth!"

Robert Irwin during a "Tonight Show" interview with host Jimmy Fallon on February 16, 2017 and Steve Irwin during Nickelodeon's 15th Annual Kids Choice Awards in 2002.

Steve Irwin's son Robert makes late-night television debut on Jimmy Fallon  video

In 2003, US television host Jay Leno welcomed "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin as a guest on The Tonight Show and 14 years later, his son followed in his footsteps, appearing on Jimmy Fallon's show.

Robert Irwin made his late-night television debut on Friday, introducing the host to a range of animals, including a boa constrictor snake that got a little too cuddly for comfort.

However, the 13-year-old didn't seem fazed when "Lady" started to wrap herself around his body and continued smiling when two assistants came on stage to help.

"It's so cool to see you like this," Fallon said. "You're actually your dad."

Steve Irwin died ten years ago, when Robert was just two-years-old, after being stung by a stingray.

Proud sister Bindi shared a photo of the her brother alongside a similar photo of her father appearing with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, saying she had "tears in her eyes".

"Robert, you are more and more like Dad every day. I'm forever thankful to be your sister," she added.

Just Like Dad: Steve Irwin’s Son Shows Off Exotic Animals, Says ‘It’s Really Nice to Be Able to Follow in His Footsteps’

It’s been over a decade since the tragic death of well-loved wildlife expert Steve Irwin, but his legacy is living on through his children.

The late Australian star’s son Robert Clarence stopped by The Tonight Show Thursday to talk about his famous dad, and share his own experiences in growing up surrounded by animals.

“This is so cool — you’re actually your dad,” Jimmy Fallon tells him after Robert, now 13, enthusiastically gives some facts about an animal seen in a childhood photo of himself and Irwin. “You’re so excited.”

“My dad was actually on The Tonight Show quite a while ago,” Robert says. “So it’s really nice to be able to follow in his footsteps. It’s really great.”

Robert’s enthusiasm for the natural world around him is something that he has inherited from his family, including mom Terri and big sister Bindi.

“It’s just in my blood,” he says. “I actually grew up at Australia Zoo, so I think I’m the luckiest kid on planet Earth.”

The youngest Irwin child shares that he and his family participate in a fundraiser every year in his dad’s honor.

“It’s called the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner, and this year it’s in L.A. on May 13th,” he says. “And it’s all about celebrating everything that Dad loved, and it’s a really big fundraiser to raise money for Wildlife Warriors.”

No Irwin appearance would be complete without a few furry (or scaly) friends in the mix — and of course, Robert delivers.

Among his companions on the show? An African dwarf crocodile, a screaming armadillo and the host’s seemingly least favorite: a huge red-tailed boa constrictor named Lady.

“I think she’s maybe constricting you a little bit,” the laid-back Robert tells a terrified-looking Fallon.

“I don’t want you or me getting squeezed,” he says, proceeding to yell and eliciting laughs from the audience.

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