Seeking 'new energy,' Canadiens turn to Claude Julien as coach

The Montreal Canadiens fired Michel Therrien on Tuesday and named Claude Julien, the recently fired coach of the Boston Bruins, as his replacement.

The Canadiens are in first place in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference with 31-19-8 record, but they are 1-5-1 in February.

"I would like to sincerely thank Michel for his relentless work with the Montreal Canadiens over his eight seasons behind the bench, including the last five seasons when we worked together," Habs general manager Marc Bergevin said in a news release.

"The decision to remove Michel from his coaching duties was a difficult one because I have lots of respect for him. I came to the conclusion that our team needed a new energy, a new voice, a new direction.

"Claude Julien is an experienced and well respected coach with a good knowledge of the Montreal market. Claude has been very successful as an NHL coach and he won the Stanley Cup. Today we hired the best available coach, and one of the league's best. I am convinced that he has the capabilities to get our team back on the winning track."

The Canadiens are coming off a 4-0 loss to the Bruins on Sunday and don't play again until Saturday.

Julien was fired last Tuesday by the Bruins, with whom he won the Stanley Cup in 2011 and with whom he had been the longest-tenured coach in the league.

A source told ESPN's Pierre LeBrun that the Canadiens asked permission to speak to Julien on Sunday. Teams needed the OK to speak with Julien before hiring him because he was still under contract through next season with the Bruins. Montreal doesn't owe anything to Boston.

This is the second time the Canadiens have fired Therrien and replaced him with Julien. The same thing happened 46 games into the 2002-03 season. Julien ended up coaching there from 2003 to '06.

Therrien was in the fifth season of his second tour as Canadiens coach. They missed the playoffs last season after goaltender Carey Price injured his knee in November.

Owner Geoff Molson tweeted thanks to his former coach.

The Bruins are six points behind the Canadiens in the Atlantic. The teams do not play again this regular season.

According to Elias Sports Bureau, the last team to make a coaching change 58-plus games into a season while in first place in the division was the 2007-08 Ottawa Senators. Bryan Murray replaced John Paddock after 64 games.

Julien, meanwhile, is no stranger to such a move. On April 2, 2007, the New Jersey Devils fired him with three games remaining in the regular season, even though they were in first place.

Claude Julien's first stint with the Canadiens started in the 2002-03 season -- when he replaced the fired Michel Therrien. Mitchell Layton/Getty Images/NHLI

Jack Todd: Claude Julien is the right person to coach the Canadiens

If it were true that nice guys finish last, Claude Julien wouldn’t stand a chance in the cutthroat world of big-time hockey.

Mercifully, Leo Durocher’s old saw doesn’t always apply —at least not to Julien. The man is one of the most respected coaches in the National Hockey League, a hockey lifer with a Stanley Cup championship on his resumé, a winner who doesn’t have an arrogant bone in his body.

I thought that after 10 years dealing with the stress in Boston, Julien deserved a few months’ worth of beach time before he took another job. Obviously, he begged to differ. He’s ready to go to work and this old columnist, for one, couldn’t be happier.

I’ve dealt with every Canadiens coach since Pat Burns and to me, Julien and Alain Vigneault are numbers 1A and 1B when it comes to honesty, decency and character. In my world, character matters. Julien has character. He’s the real deal, salt of the earth, a standup guy, whatever you want to call him.

Julien is not a screamer and he won’t use Michel Therrien’s heavy-handed sarcasm to motivate a player. He’s honest, he lets his players know where they stand, he gets the job done.

The “Habs-can’t-win-because-they-have-to-hire-a-French-speaking-coach” brigade will no doubt start slagging Julien within a month, if they haven’t already. No matter. With their world views originating from the narrow prism of Don Cherry’s bathroom window, they’d be better off cheering for the Leafs anyway.

The need to hire a French-speaking coach was never a handicap and it is certainly not one now. Marc Bergevin wasn’t blowing smoke when he said the Canadiens got the best available coach, regardless of language spoken. Even among the coaches who weren’t available, there isn’t one who is clearly Julien’s superior. Joel Quenneville or Barry Trotz, maybe. There are at least a dozen good coaches in the league but there is no towering Scotty Bowman figure in the 21st century. The bottom line is that Julien is a terrific coach and the Canadiens are fortunate he was available.

Michel Therrien, meanwhile, is doubtless tired of the whole fired-and-replaced-by-Julien thing, because this is the second time around. He is no doubt wondering how you get fired with your team leading the Atlantic Division, or how you can lose your job after a lengthy stretch when the Canadiens kept winning with six regulars on the shelf.

But with the team getting healthier in the new year, the Canadiens played a series of spiritless road games that drew my attention more than any other factor: a 7-1 loss in Minnesota, 1-0 in Detroit, 3-1 in New Jersey, 3-1 to the Islanders, 3-1 to Philadelphia, a 4-0 loss to the wretched Avalanche in Colorado and 4-0 again to Julien’s former team in Boston Sunday night.

At no point in any of those losses did the Canadiens really battle. Game after game, they went down with a whimper. With a 1-5-1 record in February and the spectre looming of another collapse on the order of last season’s debacle, Bergevin finally decided that there was, in fact, only one man in the foxhole and he was it.

The decision to fire a close friend after all they’ve been through had to be pure hell for Bergevin, but he made the right call. There was something wrong with this team, something that went beyond the losses, beyond the fact that Carey Price hasn’t been himself for two months, beyond the hole-in-the-doughnut at centre ice, beyond the epidemic of brain cramps suffered by Alex Galchenyuk, Nathan Beaulieu and Andrew Shaw.


Skirt. Breaking news to beat Montreal Canadians have fired their head coach they have hired who do. No don't string him along the way they set him up oil and look at expected become available answers to roar about Boston being impatient not let them. It left the guy. Hung out to dry and shepherd he's vindicated I guess what we've moved away from that you know you're pretty quick loans less than with Gerry Callahan you have this ESPN's social media story my job is to seed goes me give you employees half from the moment showed more evolved and has more reputation for being racist in media the gold standard of racism that I really could never playbook. That's who they hate right if Boston Gordon Hayward looks more like Larry Bird and other players. You know aim at bill in Boston racism was a big story Kirk minute. You've got some teammates that say they're not gonna go to the White House never overlook the political and he has to go another twelve there otherwise it becomes a huge story he's doing here trump his power for now why we just gonna treat him like he doesn't have support from the all right you get to say I've been I've been a friend somebody that makes them they start out now insane stuff. Better do it that divisive to our country that doesn't work not to me on Sports Radio telling you we. I his Turkey challenges the most listened to show in New England it is Wednesday morning. February 15 success to traffic lights. Snow tonight. I'll exciting. It's unbelievable hours reserves here I apologize for bats my goodness he's all right Paula back out there and layered Gary artists are there yet. Here off of a whore epic. Again did if you if you and that's the podcast but it. Don't you know don't dealers don't need to get a better it is so I heard about 5 o'clock yesterday after if you if you don't care it's OK I understand Miami docs appointment that's not a blatant to a quick on and get out here. Correct so they don't if you get into that that's jet that would there was error and turn it off and it was one to 25 minute see that's flat. Another hour of editing and Chuck Hagel sixteenths yeah I mean you've actually drops hawking or boring with the sounds good old Judith. I agree with you at some sank a Alec this policy of you know odd Cassel is if you wanna get about doing the broadcast you don't care about the podcast that's okay. This air it's all right OK let's and we get bought the stuff will will will will certainly pack later. The whole city is pretending to be outraged about closure being hired security at the John Brennan as well so outraged. That a guy who nobody wanted two weeks ago people got sort of a because they only because he's scheduled suppressed comes writing time men on floats in and human beings are cheering them. Now that now this was to be upset if coach Julien who was part collapsed tutors are really three years ago it ever be desperate in many ways. Leave the beat him after. He's coaching him and I'm supposed to be what upset. That a sentence. I ask you why or what do you guys are a host of when Lehigh street hockey shoes in the country. Also I am sorry I know I'll defer it can land drive time is Brian Johnson right. I want apple why would you give him permit until he arrived. Original Paribas that's what I do what I saw and why do you a lot tenure coach here right they don't want can't they don't value as a coach and they don't want a tear gas that he's a good coach three reasons they don't want any alien lands let him go to the team you would agree that they thought AP that the that is really good coach to be coaching Gordon occurs when I go to Montreal didn't want a payment your Bruins fan back to see why it's said because your team is choosing. Up finances over the product on the but they made this product on the ice to a sounds they chose Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid this is a does it. I'll it's like everybody's using now eight it's not it's not engaged at the camp one of my thinking. Activate and he had a great defense out of them in I'll put that joke against it ask you Butch Cassidy activating the deep as the brewers fans out of both yes I have to I'm. Yeah as your anger that has better. Because who got better today it's a girl. Better tell us how do you know that. Because for next year quotes on for next year as you better coach and it can visit tenure track record personal husband and blamed an outdoor like one otherwise Montreal upgrade wise you article carried several and then Canadians are an escape what does he do better any what does it matter that terrorist links they effortlessly Ivan studied attacks we have no right you don't know ads take I don't know I'm just enjoying the birthers say thank you upgrade a coaching you know enough to him what's want to close your yen. Had a ton of these kids you watch out here zero point eight shots I got it up on it after they probably know cloned glow I really got tenure track record of success here to really make up and your tenure tracked her yes they're escalation here before last year and the year before this. Sets sisters terrible listen I've ever carries an expert from many years' use out coach repeatedly in the playoffs not just he was not me fired up and get balls bullet cup this is gonna spark. The Canadians to a similar run you watch they're already ahead of the buyer I got a party and I did I write I will watch it's not yet shared this but actually not this year to about next who could forget the ten they're carrying moments in Pittsburgh after the book X-Files spoke at a Sydney really audio yet. Graham it's got great art for the French local right that's the big thing smoky in silence every year really enjoy champions look like crazy. So good good good for clothing brand New Orleans this morning. I am certainly take and they act like these next hours and activate that that's a misnomer the help the European lifestyle they smoke a lot drink a lot. It long naps right exact moment don't work in the summer is that is that they technically get. Settle it does say is that that's why Bruins fans should exit was legally I heard what can I heard I heard Richard. Michael hall yesterday I heard Michael Felger atonement for audience for backwards in time available of this you know breaking news and people were break during the time. And breaking news quote Julian. What's he's been fired Canadians include Juli is the coach it was like. Oh. Am. I was shocked last three yeah it's a better headline is this too it's not right Wayne Chara had ourselves. Cats it is not be all right guys. Now I think you know he believes the brew now goes to Montreal want to know robberies in the NL LP LA TAU laughed and why give him permission to go to your archrival again he signed through next year to reach the number one they wanna season doe number two they don't respect and beyond that they'd send out there you go if you're Bruins fan you should be pissed off the year teams making decisions based on Bill Belichick interests actually want most want to or not actually. But it's I think if he'd would you agree with the Bruins had fired Julian three weeks ago there have been no outraged none there's already was I don't you order around with a parade timing. I received even if we go where Julie was fired just oh you are always had a assailant Saturday night I have always had a portal yet and the one who now. It is so big plays in the fourth or can add them podcast yesterday making fun of the show argument anger which is actually right in superstar baseball. I'm a definite choice to go away it was a mistake but I think he's watching Steve Buckley him and I talk from puddles and the ball and what's Super Bowl yet I watched it. If you've read watchable a couple times let's go to torch on to analyze. It sound one con yes. That stock up stock down we gonna play lots at the end of that show on Monday you guarantee to bros will make the playoffs ticker remained generally keep that's sound yes. Saturday skate. As of right now that would not be deployed to correct. Now another in as a witness it with the games and hands get a chance pay attention and effort GH games he projected gains and much like letting the first place right now they played as many games the Bruins have an audience got a bunch of games still in hand to play above the acne like I'm happy I might have a couple of realtors in the neighborhood and it was a chance limited closed house in Lexington so happy for them to nice place nice house. Kids how should expect four to fifty sectoral yankees in Lexington let's go I don't know I don't act and is now that the united you don't you don't buy the biggest house on the ice and I want the small. The reason I have a big house that way. People can't stay over I see that's that's a nobody can have your mother like twenty other people correct I think over Kansas Florida and their company and exactly why did they said public as we read we can rebuild the mesa public adding another bedroom like over the garage exit action movie eat all your kids and enjoyed an ice cold correct that's for girls Khamenei guys who announced. And upstairs we have a daughter and my son is yes my son is in no way all due respect these that he is at least as an athlete class for approximately an audio out of your daughter bring in times. I got she's not registered in that she's not gonna have now and tell disguise her life as a reason you have. You have a basement with a separate entrance as ice do you I don't want it to their pleas and things of Kenya open and a lot of their locks on doors are thinking I'm on is it blocks out while Alan and Jane layers sleeping in California out there and vodka. Important. Asked Jesus god. Focus on the Coach Williams missed a day's pay attention to the great men in history includes doing. Who apps your neighbor nobody cared about two weeks ago people were big for him to be fired and counsels be outraged a guy who again preside over collapses either. So the team wasn't good enough to make a play Arafat's computers are good enough to be. Actually write the middle of with three weeks ago but that the roster failed Julian last couple weeks each of last couple years for another good coaching. He is the time had run its course for in here this team is so they just fired in the Washington. But actually this might be a spark for the most likely sneaky genius by Sweeney. Mawae because knowledge Cassidy you get casting magic and cast far. Arcs are grows rapidly off their quest host next week right Joseph Moore and in saint San Jose's only to withdraw its OK so on and so second period of that game. Of 740 to go in the second period pucks rolled around two guys go for the puck public dark and a in insure bonds say they both go for the puck. And the Bruins players who say oh my god that's right cast he's the coach now. A little faster for us have you watched the last couple games yes Justine is three. June and would have asked airhead they've had a three game streak it's in small sample size activate the I mean it isn't an Obama I I had to I and I think it's fake outrage and this is classic fake Sports Radio originally did time which I understand. I get -- for us and I appreciated somewhat Britain is that it's a great talker in no other sport does matter but in the NHL coaching changes matter this season coaching change is always matter always well if you got to look at it statistically addiction it's no different in this sport atlas. Let all of us at Akamai repeating the same playoff spot renowned their so good at whatever it is they're in first place this is one team that is. Potentially honesty in the title race plays better as a team begged for playoffs sixty points fund games. Saturday's game molecular and hi Anderson right now what are the huh. Hockey calls where hockey callers can Nicole and here's my question where are out we're not. There don't know the history. The city. He's done more fake hockey talk that much in the runner mature vote those guest and you pretend we come back ray Ferraro and join us here acquired later on its bonds and I hear excellent here we got PO another College Hockey player when I originally he's the person is Parcells jump their values and did you for a lot. It is fighters layered. Easy as but he added it's a bit of signals by video is there and the Bruins tomorrow around them he's a very important. A year in Bruins history with a great coach Julien moved with which removed flight including toxic inning game six of the 20:11 Eastern Conference finals I would alternate books of enrichment hobbies sports center or what three goals in the game ranked which is ironic because if you got to get get of contention complaints about Julian it's that he waited too long to put Tyler Sagan IR eighty Al Teller Sagan back in his system couldn't handle the up a topic not arrived under Julian some state income of as well possible that playing guys. That. He's at organism riot who have done well offensively for drivers right they thrived. Excellent so I call if you 617779. Seven actors that your Bruins fan and a Felger can play this from barking mad about the money being spent or saved or whatever amount but that's why. Again look at this man it's a bit more about him as a coach let's go somewhere else. We think he's gonna help of course it's why look at the Jacobs is history. I don't know about hockey you know that's sure they're cheap yes I do think they I do think they believe. Julian you know because in my truck that the big difference but I can't believe they saturn's that's a possibility and Timor. Originally except all the what they're not an audition all the way until Western Conference team once the team is that what not clear whether they don't think Juli is going to help the committee with actually believe that I don't think they did. I think what bulked with legal. That and I guess it doesn't now I have some say it's more about the money knowing the history of it probably it's more about the money they should've waited to see another team with interest but you out your degree there would be another team interest yet the response time you read it right out of I think they should have denied permission and waited until another team came try to get asked to find the Shaq. Every mine and Pete. Who bodily Howard to. Running away to him about may not just you try to he rips he sends me packs about trying to add a can read them if I could find them off my world market. Eight EU but Pete is like. Did two things about number one. I'm annoyed at Salma. My line. Visited the nasal my throat. I think that's I think that's Psycho smacked a figured that yes I feel the same thing at 7 o'clock and sending your intro to get airborne I just yet I just had you can get yourself executed yes trader after the show okay check out. Kerry number one is sick thing I saw you make the move before the shows which microphones because of use of my. I'll it was not a successful on a night two nights ago yes yes that's why the move with a yes micro yeah that's what and one that should be mine like I should not you it's my show. I should the best might not who was sitting there was there some I don't care if I forgive you Mike everything. OK we should go and whenever it's not my job to do that. Minute and show and get it done. Pete was. We love he can practice though was I love he's great reason I brought back awful good to go to Orlando Florida Dale Earnhardt died communicated to everybody else. I walked in yesterday here Pete of course whatever you know we got here for 39 million of you know home computer I guess it's really important Gator ever say oust gets a little too late for my taste I 48 this morning to uber whistles you you turkeys in here by yellow dog and don't know note what's. Buyouts to you can't live. I would say it is about 530 on the goal that's a that is a lot closer to 540 which by forty mes the edge of reason you want the 545. By 48. And my prep I don't real time market stuffed I know I know nothing gets by strict strict attendance. PP it's early peek at 230. Or thirty walks like coming here. A pizza at their peak definitely got the memos he's not a bother me before shows he never comes in the office anymore. Which I loved it all happened here yesterday result prepping your takes those hockey goes yesterday for the thirty seconds we screw them more hockey talk today than ever on history and she'll. So we walk in and you're in your seniority as AP what's on my game a little. Love the spot on the back. Things like. And Mike you got Q who cut him. Number one I did terrible cold two weeks ago yeah blog blog document people Houston did you should be working let me see your point. Unless your outlet with Charl while you can do is that possible get to that as well. Not out something about not can you can you get a cold Lake Baikal we get halfway from the last court. I think it's possible yes yeah different strands that in different terms I was cold. I had a cold and hot weather rate last week that's always the it is it is you get to travel I have a freaking cold. Another flight on them Florida that we can for Mars medical lecture form. By another one this year and were to lose my mind I will. Actually lose house and murdered him. Police got a sniff that out image in the polls show podcast I spent a large majority of the breaks in with those guys utter it checked out before and they talked about Pete was six years and it was every single breaks snip snip goes -- Aussie like I was like being with rich you need right here enough unity to his nose was just it's stuff coming out of left and right. He was dabbing it during the show we could. Would be sitting here in my seat and let's see now he actually sits there's only an ounce its powers. And it was it was discussed discussed. Now does that appease public go home here but it also given credit for showing up when music problem that's what you do right I mean that's I get that can have ample ways. Now most of whom he. Well you know the migrant very bad. Right because that he Baghdad you would have probably gotten in dealing not college guardian and all I pieced it produced GOP to show wants to do my health track record but he's not a criticism I was really sick to my thing my thing is if you're if you're that sick and this is the old Jerry Jones you know we don't we whoever executes of course they Y be stupid. Real bad cold like that help in the show open yourself. I he probably it's you know we get to get a lot of cracks that he wants to break back in time this regular rotation that when you're that sick if that your performance is no doubt I was locked in yesterday. Look very critical. On the straw that stirs this drink. I hope he's feeling better outings he was not humans music Valentine's dig in their plan last night the bowlers can only take this night I'll make a bet on nine point ball like the idea that for aggregate you six or sevens for Charlotte yeah it's I think he blasts and that it short of and he showed up. You're out. Number two. Pete. Again of the rips. Everybody's worst tonight and he can all do here it's every body. Alex trainee. Mutt. Bradford anybody's anybody's here peek its territory so thinks it's his seat. We saw pleasing to the job full time we could we told him like this jobs report Friday but for that we announced that. Il to tweet text on terrible Tran he's eight sir Alex and I confronted not just about you but apparently yesterday. He's like. Terms like radio nice we said needed the viral. Like I said I thought I was born this way to avoid the hospital coming off the germs yes snuck his view because of Trent says though we've trillion next week whatever four bars of gold and so what do you mean like are you guys. That would ultimate com I like solid you don't yet know what I like or emerge ready on. Part of the reason I like that they're rotating third yes I got into it in depth with Glen or Malia and our podcast which it ran about two hours which is it just too tired if you are Smart. Big show on filtered not touch a little bit yes I referred to as a disaster he agreed to fail once it was a a lot of it too good just we'd about the show all of our Comcast and that's down to the Leno show the salad did you literally not broadcasting entity exists. Terrific player. The radio on listening big show on filtered out here at 11 of the reasons I like the third one of the many reasons out of the rotating third person is the idea that you guys will hate each other occasions decent competition which their definitely is. Although we've whittled down somewhat but still this though some anger love casting doubts on casting couch crime he exemplifies that I'm looking at two men just staring at the wall here across from me. I've been very activists I've known as the behind. That's what you Alice. Yes that's all I parred I fixed treasury three. I usually you don't seem to like middle age sort of confused and scared Europe and out of your time Atticus on the club. Those guys that are in this crowd the construction this place the great pizza deployed to. 661 in the morning what could they possibly can but they only now starting to interest there at the window to figured out there. The thought I had a cattle revered in these pattern break that's underneath it and I slipped and even funny and NS and outs auction. Did you update I heard that you grew up in the past the coach rankings that for the measure the podcast with an ever attacks from Curtis and it under the about got the impression that was not something of an excellent balance in the top five I think Curtis is critical we're right acts sexy thing who was the top five can you put big no. Well or who it was more yet or it would come off that was composed very important for if hang like one was even on a tank weighs steel particularly Arnold and I heard the number one and perhaps like an emeritus. It's better as a status. Who is created more when he's here or not here as a casting couch. Member I would generated more confidence in the sentiments because I take starting to die. He's starting to become the Moro. You know talk a lot much we did before belting a dead stop coming on the show right now he's just left doing that six a club well stocked up stock down with the again aspirin alone can Christie's out handled being the case the question or they block a they had I tackle tackle cancer they tackle trump with dockers Casper last flight rate that was actually pretty good Maloney got one devoted to that later we have a lot to get you today and this apparently this media stuff because it was quite a day yesterday. For that are starting whip and we will will will be. Breaking down its show goes on for me. Jim Brady thing is interest in these paean. Ombudsman articles of public editor who is his wing and have people should be easier controls while this guy he's known you know. Exact order after sent out a right like the iron but that's not so much is still a lot of irony in there there is we'll get to that and of course AJ Perez who join us I think it eagle five scheduled to join us right. It'll (%expletive) you know what I'm on the record as bad gutsy this is a was that a guy from the post who bagged out last minute on Friday. They wanna c'mon who deed or what was that is named Mariano. I'm Laurie doctors named bode well do it right yet Mike Mariano they talk about near post part of the court what was terrific America the other. Mark Karr has rejected an earlier target. I did tip in a little more light usually political smarts and a work presence not gonna be I hope he's on the or at 8 o'clock you know five is scheduled to beyond. I think he's gonna back in net. Friends you know it never ends in of course it's always about radiant about the White House into trouble when you think the stories about to die and you say you know K obviously at this point it's been weathered. We can is that responsible. That's suitable. Brady misses of the week year to. King Florio reports have still not quite forward. Yeah she. I'll help you might not I have under present your okay well if if that's why if you think it's eighteen B twelve placement now apps a courtly OK I agree you sir how. You should probably say TB twelve it's important for daily or looking today and it's a particularly when all Peter King was the wanna run that's even that's also good for what are they think we're gonna go to seek you know Montana interviewed me tickets again and TB twelve it's going to be what I. I'd already embraced him to do that though I want more product placement. If you're gonna Google wall it. But I think Brady you know he said that Peter making peace came a joyous are by the way during 905 that is not appropriate value added I did you. Make due with Peter came had a Peter King agreed among those are some sort of you'll have to you may know. I call them up two days ago and I said talk about your story we liked you would join us and he said sure. OK that is really just for camp site. There was that you need actual one answer systems and I I also prevent overheating history in the interaction view of Peter King there was more per can place powerful. I did it so interesting that Brady gives Peter King so much access considering just like Chris mortenson in his report how many guys would say yes chat chat and actually I mean how happy I did then he went on yeah it right at the repeatedly has fallen source that is any is there badly if he's defended Brady left I mean he's penetrating them. Guy in the past which are right to me started. King agree with the king. He leaves you right in the right yeah 1112 he said possibly all too well right and Peter Kay came on here last Labor Day or two Liberty's toe. That was a uniter being penguins prelude to India bludgeoned and came and took it Peter always out offset the Peter army comes on on the easiest being guys but a diplomat in a problem he'll come out today. The commodity producers on the new eco model compo. Doesn't bother him. He'll do it on the air in the podcast right different he'd led twice more since it was not a now on out she's the reason. But the but the but the Brady thing just looks and smells so obvious that some before you thing. I read became famous before the game but coming here this morning. Here we are in Montana is Tom Brady gets away from at all almost exact ones. After this one of the great moments in life. And I and I and I broke through. And I think that the Brady and the mid they got shut the show at this yesterday. Sounds like what sort of being ambassador to football and pastor change in the defense companies and Orleans. I mean that's Craig myself and he's completely that bought into decide okay you can get by the ideas would be crazy not that I would have called compassionate he thinks that validate the longer he plays he thinks it validates the TB twelve brand and its and all that and that is is good and Tom Brady can be an ambassador of change and again our offensive yeah. You will be yes I'd I'd be TB twelve yes yes with a twelve pop up other top players to trust the countries to rich dads who have little quarterbacks in jars and does nothing of spending a lot of money right out of the other top basketball camps did you go to grown up can be better put a lot getter and these TB twelve will be better sell them those candles that you will be ready and get help a few quarterbacks and that's it can help them tackle but if you're quarterback offensive line we will develop some formula for each position awful how much second costs. It's gonna cost a lot of pace or how many you know if people aren't getting out of fort replace pled yet it (%expletive) that's a lot so that's a change the culture that's tells well that's helping rich I think he's talking other cultured and I felt like if you're gonna all play quarterback whenever why would you pick Brady's brain see what he's doing. What what immediate what's your breezed. I eats he's playing well to ultimately what is he just. I don't know maybe he's tad betrayed we don't mean it adequate notice and also the I will say they're Drew Brees doesn't advertises lifestyle mighty wrath of stories written about it wouldn't say maybe as important to one Brady wants to be defined by his sport right he wants to be defined by his life that's off as a wants not what sort a passionate passionate about a vote. Fitness and nutrition football you know because that's always when they guy and gets into it I screwed out outages outages best seasonal passion maybe there are NFL quarterbacks so try to change advisory that ambassador sport and he said with Florio he says it would Peter King. I take that completely as TB twelve camps TB twelve diet. All that stuff starting a youth level where you Kirk you know how much is that he's gonna happen by the ads across the country and it their kidneys. I think Brady's post football career is going to be shaky that's I think he's had self and with a guy would be really bad history which I guess Peter king's unaware of last about that. And other stuff Ellington and while I think this is something that's a good idea in theory but it's too expensive pricing out 95%. Your potential clientele 95% who held on to order our report. I gays in the South America that I am I researching and it was. But they'll be another level down of some sort of Tom Brady camps that happened Tom Brady great football nutritional plans still. These and all this stuff. To handle last football can't adamant dollars Graham where that would have vastly available camps where. They'll be chronic Tom Brady football camp in Tacoma is not a not that big deal it will be what was not raise the popular yesterday and it'll start here to win literally count I don't articles about a quarter anything try to order is cook but try to Wear his pajamas you canceled a sold out settlements are. And let's also limited number right. Sort probably that's still and its is that an handfuls that you need to may have had fifteen years. I hear precisely how already I don't why haven't portables aren't 61777979. Trees have opened some of that Brady's Sam. We'll get two AJ Perez will get through ESPN. More coach Julian I guess although nobody again and tried his best to me. You call if you want to disagree it is a story at all barely story to great headline but why until they. Because the bigger rival team hired away your coach we get you fired rectify -- good story that's a good headlines right that it it's a good headline it's only great story if they meet the post he's not play again thrust the regular season became a circle of big Saturdays at eight post season live remote for as a guy boards boards of born persons obvious and Mario's great piece of market tipper arts are what separate service have a 97 under through seven. Kirk Callahan mud isn't so he's out for. Hopefully I can beat you know so little ambassador for change in Syria are outside of playing football. But what we have loved to do to prepare for it you know and it's hard to wait and ideas that differ in the way that it's always been done this I hope I'm getting results. That no one ever has never gotten and I think that's been sucked and it's been been motivated from the people who looked certain manual plummeted this year. You know every week I'm on the other humans are humans in the middle level. Tom Cruise discussing size college team. Is that says that if the ambassador of change. Charged 200 bucks for. Spent spent toward start toward Oxford page Thomas mean to if you really really care you can do other stuff. You know we keep in basher cage that worried about what he's got to do it after his career and this whole years or intuit raced to the under arms got a great that you put those guys. On the marketing for that is artists under armour I don't I'm I don't ever buy their products again after lineup after Kevin plank said you know the president might be good for business in this country it's the worst I'm trying to copy a couple great equipment points and he's right about that you're probably that same. I'm all exactly jumping up doubts that he stated he likes from broad terms sunscreen and he said he thinks the agency pro business guy help business in the US is not. Obviously a work is that really worth like you know with us but it's an easy player like stepped Perry got some heat last year for not coming out against the North Carolina awesome and he's not real anger and Kevin plank speaking that you it will be great for guys like him not yes just apple keep or under armour stuff as well entire teams so this is this first step is you know those tax money back on the that makes up the gas is endorsement deal that could be wrong. You don't think this is the just the beginning of something bigger I I I can't lie but what is the big vision what. I think it accurately the big vision it's something that he can. Go against. Everything that we've come to accept about professional athletes in football players in terms of how long eight. Right I mean Brady out top dumbest post eight post play well but I think they all tying together the longer Brady plays for wants to play a 45 that's what he says the laundry plays the more it validates his lifestyle TB twelve. All of that so I think 88 times each. Yeah I think it definitely does but again I think it's a limited market. It is in the disease wealthy upper class market like guys like let's say my son played football. It was quarterback it was a good 11 would be like on break guys like me I see guys like this and at the Lexington in Manchester and walk into a GMC. Or vitamin world the shelves and shelves and shelves of product they have was alright guys on our Tom Brady already has his own but he got a Schilling starting has. All protein bright he is going to be. He's going to be a big name in these supplement world that's three part of the TB twelve brand to be part of these stores you see over Foxborough. Part of they can't party lifestyle these are going to be. Everything he's focused on it like hit two all right now Kirk runs very high level by post football Applebee's complete focus you'll see complete TB twelve brand of all this stuff across the committee will try to change perception you know like outlast your. I think maybe a tragedy that continue to speak out against the fast food industry stuff like that try to affect policy. In 98 might really passionate about it I mean he was with the guys last year. Yet last year thirty years whatever notes she's definitely passionate about that of this is is actually own the team. So they're running teams the TV this is where he's going to do you annoyed he's doing what I want America to everyone's money. But I do I hear people start talking and pastor for change wanna soon get a goddamn grip really mean if it did you pro football what I thought about. You know it's it's not it's not that big that's all that matters stand. Sure I get that I just happen right but I do think. That you know this we say investors to change you know you should I mean I hear that kind of freeze for things appeal all of which are. But that second at Ryanair bastard change I think people were open changed everything. I think of the guy you know of the of the lawyer in Manhattan Beach he's got accused good quarterback to Brady's going. So we go into some. If your small town Mississippi guys that know one another and now I am a college programs. You know how about I mean when he says countdown change them probably talking about the NFL pro illegal and the state Michigan last year as recently went there of course Jeter those guys who went third to push prod right okay so again as I can work. I'd totally changed what I ate. I was back at work. Guys might listen to him and I all the TB twelve products it deals with its and the Braves do is beat Schilling around the colleges and universities assessed with it all you miss it you'll get those relationships started different college in the saudis TV twelve programs on campus for teams and I had. My prediction is again he's tied with Guerrero was a history of stealing money from people he he's in business with Wright and other stuff and it's knocked in and well that's the part that I trust to be the hardest sell for him when he tries to make this thing really really -- and get out of it until people openly talks a career he king doesn't feel Florio doesn't know big about us really Boston magazine wrote that story still exist the magazine's story that is by legalization I know Chris we that's going guys written about it but he once he goes public and tries to having a full time business out of it's not just the one location in Foxborough. But as a more nationwide thing. That comes up and it becomes a harder on me out of my league mark lever for stores in New York Times Greg a 140 stores over the last three weeks you know Conroe about them all the time. I'm talking nationally forget Oakland nobody talks about matter part of our Olympics issue. That might I think his you know it's it's it's the way Brady is marketing he's made it clear decision. We're going high and this medal celebrations in master change. He's being told me obviously in bastard change people what. Exactly about interchange to Vienna LT I think he's also talking about cost and Alec and I felt like you that a pro player will will get on it. Or maybe maybe he works on a deal would delete it some sort ago. You might get health limited view Tom Brady beat Roger Goodell in the tells me some deal with India to share your daughter to do what. To partner with TB twelve albums speak to teams I'm gonna be at the end it here of nutrition this lifestyle I mean it's all whenever you get him down it's picking story you know it's all he really talks about what he's truly passionate he says that my wife is well this is his life right there for a talk about yesterday started their show and you know I think it's a good points and I'm sure this thing really works for me so I tried to put this doesn't work for everybody. That's also an app people as a way this is kind of it works for Brady again that that try to it's not working for me. Yeah Brady thinks that his idea is the only one in the best one he says fifteen to twelve years now he hopes everybody's doing eased. You know it's tough for everybody. Let's ID when he gets a four year level where he is tried a million different things to stay in shape and prepare for the draft and keep an NFL career. It'll be harder sell outs is pointing to an NFL. Sort of centric approach for Brady right. I saw it is much much lower than that again I think it's even lower than college as he keeps mentioning. Is it to the passion only football but preparing for football and there is to the I hear that and there are so many different and you'd call walking Kirk and so many different. Pitches outside of that whether it's the nutrition whether it is the stretching whether it be lifting program that's good for kids in high school prep the can still lift a mental program mental. Yes a mental and ran the four agreements all that old grudges they get read this this is coming up a tiny twelve therapies and on all that data is vital what is alleged happens again you go to TB UV to be outside knowing them. Did I think there Woolsey and go to gonna be and you know I Houston or wherever in the expectancy Tom Brady your house career or something that's going to be you know whatever Ed therapist there or we know Nancy who's doing they did you play ability to work it's not going to be Brady but there -- enough of these companies these are just think all of you know these are all therapeutic break he sounds like that's likely talks with this I foresee I guess I don't I hear a guy that's passionate about again you can be passionate about it and still be public that Roberto. Thank you those they're not they're not entirely separate. I know I'll I hear talk that a vehicle like why are you here. I crashed into something else I hear a guy who is is can he really believes he believes that what he's doing. Or is different now everybody else nobody but that's the and it's held indefinitely at a high level at 39. Right that's what I hear. Between mr. on most cults is this works this scenario I mean Brady is doing historic things on the short porch of his teammates to write is that guys like cattlemen and others who on DC Guerrero and gone he's a well it's good result also is on the team move try to never liked Muniz you know it's it's not it's not for me brief expert but he whatever it's gonna work from all the wide eyed this idea. The BTB twelve cents a Jerry you guys think. Sprouting all over the country being the test full it will not work to failure if your Kobe area fasten our word out error Harry men handle BP TV club. Ready to go he's in Massachusetts I get that. All around the country that's the thing you give an example why would it felt if you if you wanna be a professional football players you have the resource out its why wouldn't you what do Tom Brady was a market for that in say a Mississippi. And big. With the mark really emblem which you where you only reason national celebrity I think sever for the most people people don't like Veronica that's under terrific economics is mostly factory and according to preserve our lives I'm just thinking that you wanna be a pro player and he got a big time college resource is why would you want to at least try. With Tom bradys to shore and you can see there's the appeal that he'll be that the we all over America. I do you won't really be all over and I'd take a pick their spots they beat Angola be how. For a lot like we see over Foxborough where you'd walk and you can walk in there are people that all do that the stretching that Alex talked about that I don't Tommy current deal goes varies a frequent gas down there which I have an issue with the that's okay. You can by the supplements because of the huge last supplements yet and yet you let him do you wanna do this measure in this thing weird your body but you're buying into this. I'm I'm you're right I'm projecting might want to do this yeah. I would do about I think you'll art figures you know I think you kind of believe a bridge saying look there is already bought what he's doing now how would you want a place I really Brady. And mores UMBP usable it's a bowl 39 because using method helps some polls we goodnight a couple of a symbol 51. Yeah I know I agree I put up at thirty at thirty. I think it's. He never even misses a game due to injury I never ever going to be when mr. breeze missed three Peter king of the most athletic here on Sunday night I definitely has our. Eli Manning never visited thirties amid my many snowpack could and he ended James Harrison senator engaged I sent all over America states different. Shirt you're right damn right it he plays of position more impact more contact Anne and James Harrison also isn't doing historic things at his age and I what are Brady's Iger also spending hot precinct and now some crazy number acupuncture it that's a big thing he put his agree and thousand dollars a day in the body alive 1030 ranch here on acupuncture. Acupuncture is great you should check out good like I had idea that haven't done your homework every last slacker that is pulled quickly that hurt but he did he know. It's the most relaxed that I've heard you say on the Nike does not able president does nothing I have bad the running with ten years ago into the budget sessions did com's mines here I don't to a doctor fixtures Richard welcome to actual doctor you know not some insane power. The acupuncture has dysfunction. She's just you know poll says pick up call on a couple calls or Jana John Orlando on ninety topic TB twelve lies Huckabee hopes Papa John what's the noise because I hate being preached. You know it's keeping preacher Brady's best quarterback ever. I agree I guess that's that noise is that he sent me the best football player that he's the best football player ever probably go ice holdings a good case to meet Roger it's myself who amazingly. Played to his forties and high level without you know. Without having children's books replace Jerry Rice the best receiver in the game at forty and number is working around the Oakland Raiders to outline what is your number eight Jiri at age forty got ninety balls Hillary is it Ford. I'll pull that up because I'm not Yucca I I'll believe John in Orlando on TB twelve John you're on WEEI. I want all our I ain't got operated the quarterback of the nature allow the catalyst to mom Monday big Easter regular they think that that position that he played a picker to bet that basically it's not like a linebacker not like to eat at the climate not like running back. You get hitter had contact number on any game at that seven to ten times. In a whole game. Not in it into how long did he actually. How long he actually in late or. Her. I think I'd direct job I think I think abortion stuff is like before you talk to talk to him about it. Is what he says that you know his arm doesn't hurt now. In his arm hurt earnings point five stuff like that his interest and I mean you're right that shouldn't take it's where I do believe you know 1015 years ago reminded I think of this it. A year ago he might have been hurt and so you're right in and I believe is impressive as saying linebacker playing into who's thirty to 39. But there's not a lot of quarterbacks that there's none history had this kind of run and called so thirst be set that that's why I think if he did a toll entirely different method. Might be so be performed the same mistake and it's possible this. It is we mean of course it's possible reasons doing essentially the same thing not that same level but I mean holds priest 38. I believe you last year I led the league in passing through 200 with a 5000 yard season became more in a sixteen hosting games right on you -- he may have to put sixty what you write all the time about how breezes banged up he has this Hewitt that used to read that about Brady you don't anymore over the last couple years and he told Peter King this week he feels no pain. One week I see a much are believed that but that's that he believes that's great Arctic album were called before bank Joe's since August on TV twelve I jumped. Hey guys I honestly I think Kurt just. Doesn't like Brady if Larry Bird came out as. I'd buy it I'd buy it sucks that I am yeah you're right about that you're you've got me I radio operator comes on here we guess Brady anything he wants. Brady does you know I. Joseph was offended Brady eight on the flaky and more on this truck nonsense more than me. Right. And is another example of the kind of guy Brady is and he seems like a really good guy wrote a letter wrote. Unfortunately sadly. Logan Jill and show and aren't we at his mom on. Geez two months ago in December with the old studio back there passed away yesterday that you know terrible heartbreaking story and Brady was fantastic with the acted. Brady really seems like I don't know development a couple of times seems like a very nice I have no problem Brady I have a problem. When people wholly believe in things that that worries me sometimes that's all. Yeah well aren't they die and they recovered from it seemed like a more higher I'm saying but think about compare like Jordan knuckle. Head to Jordan and how he. It has brand with diffuse and everything notion that I am. Super expect that people kill each other over the issues are not the little bit. Romance what I guess it's. And by. You put that brand names on it knowledge the only. So in Chicago or the North Carolina area excel everywhere across the world Jordan shoes are ridiculous that huge massive. Yeah and obviously be twelve under armor on technical bounce of the correlation there and understand. Does she was a very high and right each double what they got a market to talk to air jordans in the eighties when he first came out notices this. There's at least thinks that the jordans people wait outside I understand it Saturday morning the had a lot of success was them it was a we elect talking with the national appeal what was in hand out when Torre a short break and it was a far more popular national figure that Brady is now given Brady's one retiring just rooted against the guy and super eight he's gonna retire as the best player in history football right now one of yup first or second that is going to have a major sway an important kind certainly is here but was at. And there's only one that kind of this hideous inside six what's happened. 7797937. Lots more to get to your returns at some point will certainly get back this same coach who situation with. Totally nuts not to leave a man who got fired took another job mind blowing. And we have to tackle doping these stories one and two what you guys pick. Which we're gonna start a keeper as we join us in the clock or Jim Brady who you know basically they had like should have been. Nicklaus to geno takes the freedom fall for race between equals that he has it. Like you're gonna love this won't be Montreal Canadians. Have fired their head coach. John Terry and yeah they have hired blown. I'll watch. But yeah yeah yeah. Two okay. Well. Yeah. Pretended outrage. That isn't it's a big headlines you don't recognize that make that clear that seven times your first fifty minutes it's a big hit I understand that's any outs about the topic. On my point you have no second nobody does. Piper study and the money Alex tiger Gloria thanks that's exactly what else. If you don't do anything if you are bros executive and if you don't yet scandal and it didn't sleep well lucky through this very series. Of angry about this topic. The Wednesday morning skate. Off the Canadians ask you permission to interview coach you just fired paying good money to the next year in and out the pain in my game. OK you can add money you're an executive you know dealer okay the owner can what's the Smart hockey move what would how much do you value Julien is coach. All law. All ought to talk to Michelle snow had just fired his message quit having effects here he's not a great okay Canadians I guess is my guess is and only guests. They said we don't really care about the scam just fired him and go coach somewhere else goodbye. I almost takes guts. Really say OK good competition fund care of lock. And they're just gonna happen to pick up your salary to buy we're on the areas as I said that's part of the core content business against other teams would have wanted Claude Julien coached them I mean are so why not denied permission to Montreal in wait until team in the western policy as they just buried for a PR standpoint last Tuesday write the story comes out. That they block Claude Julien potentially going back to close much real cool so float. That would have been a another PR for the Bruins they care about that seven dumb. But they can't tell you know many heard Bruce Banner and yard average since they blocked the sky from coach Gaines and on a talk from the B quote friendly media that is defended him now how we now help is on what does it right back to I don't again saying why won't they let you all the said that coach and you think yeah anyway I mean different happenings and talking about it. I I just said I'm talking about recently easily. Ohio I removed. And the intern go get recent airborne yes as a box that's fine. But it is all the whole movie it was like us Americans in your head clear bored at work and as a work of the cure for the cold. But got sick you think you're sick and you make yourself so yes I'd I'd buy allegedly pulling an Aussie yesterday and again they're coming out I should not be getting. What they haven't as he is like Pete. Between these guys who say you know you feel all right guys like. Thank god if polyps. Just I just can't pay half now half toll fight is saying it. You keep accused Ponzi is is there's mucus on his part thanks thick licking an opposite not till five weird toll pass the worst parts older. Oh it is OK great you can do the show from metres of division ballot yesterday. So I doubt this is again Pete gets he gets credit for coming in and the day after gets paired departments up very well and yes I completely believe that the airborne will make me nuts and it was gonna is it official now as you think do you think this is the best use of an injured I'm. Get some filling guy some third stringers and airborne it was pretend cold doesn't come light on not third stringer full time some way so congrats to me for now and it's going to take ten minutes he gets worse and don't. The CBS a marked you don't see an article I say I backed by. BJ's jackets and sent a Marty he's ardea. Great students of the month company's solid work yet to the other cars and why did I ever asked is he should show up at six on the year to go get airborne anything. You have ever been knocked out because I made it can grab my I mean it's all. No you just you expect a colossal beg for chocolate was a Monday morning did you o'clock am this morning. I do it again I'm not kidding when I say I don't want to do you have any idol about OK I don't care I don't you do not do it progress that we got them get yourself driving him yourself. Go right a couple of farms and work that's why I want to bring you one but you have to you have to bring you want ice when you made the edict on the air yesterday although Beebe didn't greet the day I've seen yesterday but I thought wheelchair is now. I'd offers Yorkers Carey Price tag at the very what do you think they fired Julian and and they had a team hired him out of it now and I stopped on idol Michael did you think that's a they get rid of Flynn looks like he is conspire their actions not. I agree that's what a story when it makes for better or it makes for better talker today. Enjoy her as of August sees that he fat now he's skinny thighs like Bibi used to be that news on fox. Now he's getting boring I'm boring now I I was on fox with them the fast and little else turns grace if I like 6177797937. Here comes. Stories one and stories to the common sense approach to social media. By Jim Brady was typical students. And AJ Perez of USA today. To me it's sort of leader in the club posts one tackles our first. But yes eight pres USA today joins us liar liar pants on fire a cat he joins us edit.

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