National Pizza Day 2017: Grab a slice

Here's something we can all get behind in this time of political strife. Pizza.

Today is National Pizza Day, a time to celebrate the greatness of the near-perfect Italian concoction. As if you needed a reason.

Any conversation about pizza includes a debate over where you can find the best slice. Outside of Italy, Brooklyn and Chicago are popular, but the debate continues all over the country.

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Celebrate National Pizza Day With These Tasty Deals

Pizza has gotten us through a lot. Those cheesy, saucy slices, whether hot or cold, have always been there for comfort. That's why we set aside one day every year to honor this most reliable of foods. Yes, today is National Pizza Day, and there are some amazing ways to celebrate. A few of our favorite pizza chains have made it easy for us to observe the holiday with deals, discounts, and freebies.

You can get a large pizza with any three toppings from Domino's today for just $7.99. According to Consumerist, all you have to do is place an order for carryout with the coupon code 9174. If you're more of a Papa John's person, don't worry because the Papa's chain also has a deal going on. Enter the code 40PIZZA at checkout to get 40% off any regular-price pizza. This offer lasts until March 5, so you can keep the celebration going all month long.

Now through February 16, you can get 30% your entire order from Pizza Hut, if you order using Amazon Alexa, QSR Magazine reports. If you don't have Alexa, enter the code TEOMED3T6 at checkout to get a medium three-topping pizza for just $6.

The above discounts aren't actually being offered specifically in honor of the joyous pizza holiday. They just — very luckily — happen to be valid today, but there is a place that's giving out free slices solely for the sake of National Pizza Day. Use this coupon at Pilot Flying J to get a free slice anytime between now and February 12. You can print it out or just flash it from your phone screen at the register. Either way, you get a slice without paying a thing.

We also suggest doing some research on your own to see if any of your favorite local pizza joints are offering deals today. It's the least you can do to pay homage to the holiest and happiest food, pizza.

SLICE SLICE BABY When is National Pizza Day 2017 and what other foods are celebrated throughout the year? All you need to know

ATTENTION pizza lovers – today is National Pizza Day meaning you can indulge in your favourite mouth-watering slices to celebrate.

If the cheesy delights are your passion, here is everything you need to know about this important day that should be the highlight of your year.

When is National Pizza Day 2017?

The special foodie day this year falls on Thursday February 9, giving pizza lovers the perfect excuse to order their favourite slices.

Whether you crave flavoursome deep pan or delicious thin Italian crusts, there is a pizza to suit all fans.

Many of the top brands are offering deals so people can take advantage of the special day.

Where to order pizza from for National Pizza Day 2017?

Pizza Hut are offering a “Champions Bundle” which includes two large pizzas, garlic bread or wedges and a 1.5l drink for £20.

The offer is lasting up to April 23, so fear not if you already have meal plans tonight.

Papa Johns offer a number of deals, including two large pizzas and two sides for £24.99.

Iceland have one of the cheapest supermarket options with their Dr Oetker Ristorante Pizzas being half price at just £1.25.

Sainsbury’s have cut their Taste the Difference range this week so all pizzas are £4.

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