Kendall Jenner Has New Look to Go With Her New Bob

Kendall Jenner—a creature of habit? Could it be? Indeed, the 21-year-old can pull off just about anything, and quite frequently does in a dizzying number of tricky-to-wear trends that speak to her versatility. But the supermodel also understands the power that comes with honing a signature piece, just so long as you know how to switch it up. First, there’s the naked boot. For what has been dubbed the nothing shoe, Jenner somehow manages to make it feel surprisingly fresh, whether she’s styling her PVC footwear with fishnet socks or slipping into a silver metallic–dipped pair. The same could be said for the puffer coat. It all started when Jenner stepped out in a gold Ports 1961 jacket, which she followed up with an even bigger and bolder design from Balenciaga just days later. Now it seems Jenner is reimagining the piece again in a navy duster style, as seen earlier today in New York.

Jenner is no stranger to the art of reinvention, having just debuted a chin-grazing bob on the La Perla runway less than 24 hours earlier. Considering that a new haircut can dictate an entirely new wardrobe, Jenner’s look was a step in the right direction. The down feather coat had a hip-hop-inspired vibe, particularly when slung over a Tupac Shakur T-shirt. The fringe micro miniskirt, on the other hand, was more attuned to the styles Jenner favors on nights out, as were the stacked velvet ankle booties. But it was a major pair of hoop earrings bearing an unmistakable noughties influence that truly brought the look full circle.

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Kendall Jenner Debuts a New Chin-Grazing Bob on the La Perla Runway

Kendall Jenner is skilled in the art of the sensational social media reveal—so it’s no surprise she’s putting her talents to good use in time for fashion month. The model closed the La Perla show this evening with a freshly shorn new bob, her pin straight chop parted at the center and barely brushing her shoulders; nearly simultaneously, she appeared in a video clip on the lingerie label’s Instagram account, offering her millions of fans a closer look.

Having first shed several inches of her long black hair for Vogue’s September issue last fall, she's been going progressively shorter since. And while tonight’s surprise reveal arrives during a month known for its dramatic beauty change-ups, the sight of New York Fashion Week’s first official supermodel makeover didnt fail to thrill. Is there a gamine pixie in her future? Stay tuned.

Kendall Jenner Debuted A MUCH Shorter Hairstyle — & It’s The Real Deal

Kylie Jenner’s hair color may go from platinum blonde to seafoam green to navy blue faster than you can say "new Lip Kit launch," but older sister Kendall's look is nothing if not consistent. Aside from the occasional fling with a pink wig, Kendall generally opts for one of two looks: long and brunette, or slightly shorter and brunette. Which might be why her latest look seems so dramatic — and why it’s even having her mistaken for her more adventurous sibling.

We got our first peek at Kendall’s new 'do yesterday, when she appeared in the La Perla lingerie runway show at New York Fashion Week. The chin-length cut is the shortest we’ve seen the model's hair. And while she doesn’t look completely different, it's still significant enough to trick at least one person into thinking she was someone else entirely: her sister.

Kendall said that the day after making the big chop, she went to one of her favorite restaurants to get breakfast and was photographed by a lone paparazzo walking in. "On my way out, he snapped some more pics and then said, 'Thanks Kylie!'" she wrote on her app. “I think the combination of my new super short hair and my outfit — leggings and a Champion sweater — caused the mix-up. So funny, though.” The Kardashian-Jenner family resemblance is real.

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