CNN creates Trump Valentine's Day card generator

CNN on Tuesday unveiled an interactive website that generates Valentine’s Day cards intended to sound like they were written President Trump.

“There’s no denying the president has a way with words,” the page says. "So this Valentine’s Day, why not get straight to the point and woo your Valentine with some Trump-inspired lines?”

CNN’s “Presidential Valentine’s Card Generator” provides a series of generated responses seemingly emulating the nation’s 45th president.

“All your other suitors?” one version asks. "Total lightweights. We’re classy, classy people.”
“I’ll be your bad hombre if you’ll be my nasty woman,” another says, referencing memorable campaign one-liners from Trump.

A third example twists Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan from last year, changing it to “Make Amore Great Again” instead.

The news network has had an acrimonious relationship with Trump.

Trump last month refused to take a question from CNN reporter Jim Acosta before harshly criticizing the outlet’s coverage of him.

“Your organization is terrible,” he told Acosta.

“Don’t be rude,” Trump continued when Acosta began protesting. "No, I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news.”

Trump and administration officials have since repeatedly used the “fake news” label to describe CNN and other news organizations they claim are biased against his presidency.

CNN host John King added another wrinkle to his network’s feud with the administration Monday, blasting White House aide Stephen Miller for his claims about voter fraud in the 2016 election cycle.

Miller claimed on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday that illegal voters were bused into New Hampshire to help 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton defeat Trump there last year.

“Ask Democrats, ask Republicans, ask anybody in New Hampshire,” King said. "They will tell you this is ludicrous.”

“He’s a taxpayer-paid employee standing in the White House briefing room spewing garbage,” the host of CNN’s “Inside Politics” added about Miller.

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Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Spoofs White House Valentine’s Day Cards

Love is in the air at the White House, and Kellyanne Conway’s “is as real as the Bowling Green Massacre.”

Jimmy Kimmel spoofed the Trump administration’s Valentine’s Day cards on Monday.

As well as the heartwarming “message” from President Donald Trump’s trusted adviser, Kimmel unveiled parody cards for members of his cabinet and family.

Jimmy Kimmel Trolls Trump Administration With a Biting Set of Valentine's Day Cards

Jimmy Kimmel drew inspiration from the Trump administration's total disarray for his new Valentine's Day card collection.

"Have you seen the new White House Valentine's Day cards?" Kimmel asked his audience Monday night. "These are cards like the ones kids would give out at school, but each of these features a character from the Trump administration."

There's Dr. Ben Carson: "Loving you isn't brain surgery"; Kellyanne Conway: "My love for you is as real as the Bowling Green Massacre"; Press Secretary Sean Spicer: "Help me fake my death, Valentine"; among many others.

While some of the characters featured in the spoof cards (Vladimir Putin) aren't technically part of Trump's administration, it's still a much-needed clap back at the GOP for repeatedly pushing anti-Obama V-Day cards, which also included prominent Democrats.

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