Black Rifle Coffee Company Vows to Hire Vets After Starbucks Refugee Pledge

Black Rifle Coffee Company is taking on Starbucks after they pledged to hire 10,000 refugees by hiring veterans.

“I think that it’s really important for everybody to know that if someone is going to come out in basically a press release defining themselves as progressive, there are definitive conservative options for coffee,” the company’s CEO, Evan Hafer told the FOX Business Network’s Ashley Webster.

The two-year old veteran owned and operated coffee company is not alone, gaining support from others, including Tom Davin, the former CEO of Panda Express.

“We’ve teamed up for… 24 retail locations and I’ve got a plan for another 600 retail locations over the next 6 years,” he said.
Hafer added there are 2.5 million post 9/11 veterans facing a 5% higher unemployment rate than the standard population.

“We have an opportunity to face real issues, address them head on and vote everyday with our dollar,” he said.

'Hiring Vets Is Who We Are': Black Rifle Coffee Company Hits Back at Starbucks

In response to Starbucks announcing it would hire 10,000 refugees to protest President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration, one veteran has a different plan.

Evan Hafer, an Army Special Forces veteran and CEO of Black Rifle Coffee Company, said he would fire 10,000 veterans.

"Our plan is to build 600 stores in the next six years. I'm gonna try to push this forward with the community behind me," Hafer said Tuesday as a guest on "Fox & Friends."

According to January 2017 data from the Department of Labor, there is a 6.3 percent post 9/11 veteran unemployment rate in the country.

Hafer said he would be mostly hiring from this group but would extend to Gulf War veterans as well if need be.

Black Rifle Coffee Company was founded two years ago and has a more than 50 percent hiring rate of veterans as employees.

"Hiring vets is not PR for me; it's who we are," Hafer said.

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