Are Rosario Dawson and Eric Andre Dating? Actors Post PDA-Heavy Valentine's Day Photos

Eric Andre and Rosario Dawson looked like they were feeling the love this Valentine’s Day.

Though neither has previously publicly addressed being in a relationship, they each took to Instagram this week to share a slew of seemingly romantic declarations.

“My #mcm this week? Mr @rosariodawson,” quipped Andre, 33, alongside an edited photo of Dawson sporting a beard.

Dawson, 37, reposted the photo to her own Instagram account, quipping that being Andre’s “man crush Monday” was “#LifeGoals.”

The two also shared a series of Valentine’s-themed pictures together Tuesday that appear to have been taken at different times in various locations.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to the LOoooVE OF MY LIFE!” Andre captioned one photo.

“Happy Valentines Day my love!” Dawson captioned a photo of the two cuddling at a zoo. “#MyCuddlyValentine #Valentines.”

Fans began to speculate whether the photos were part of a Valentine’s Day prank, and Andre responded by sharing even more PDA-heavy pics.

“I think we have to touch tongues bb because people think this is a prank,” he wrote.



'Not a prank': Eric Andre says he's dating Rosario Dawson

Comedian Eric Andre is known for his outlandish pranks, from going to a McDonald's dressed like Ronald McDonald to pretending to be a Rolling Stone employee. But is he joking about dating actress Rosario Dawson?

In a series of Instagram and Twitter posts, Andre called Dawson both his "Valentine" and the "undisputed most gorgeous being on the planet," and shared heart emojis and photos of the two of them kissing.

So, not a joke? Did the couple just choose Valentine's Day as their coming-out party?

Andre insists that, yes, he's legit. "I think we have to touch tongues (because) people think this is a prank," he wrote in one caption. He even posted a photo with the hashtag "not a prank" after Chance the Rapper apparently texted Dawson asking if she was pulling one over on him.

To provide further evidence that the two are an item, Dawson retweeted Andre, calling him her "main man."

The Internet Cannot Believe Rosario Dawson And Eric Andre Are Dating

Today in This Is Happening, Non-Political Edition: It appears that Eric Andre of “The Eric Andre Show” and Rosario Dawson are actually, legitimately dating. And people are like, Uh, what? Really? That’s cool, man. That’s cool.

There had been some speculation about the two being a couple that got louder in recent months, especially after they flew together to Australia in December.

People were simultaneously confused and inspired by the couple, considering one-half is everyone’s favorite weirdo, Eric Andre, and the other is, you know, Rosario Dawson.

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