10 More Bizarre Stories of Animals Getting Stuck

1. Portland woman gets python stuck in ear gauge piercing

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A Portland woman's ear and pet python are expected to recover after the snake got stuck in her gauge piercing recently.

Ashley Glawe posted photos of the mishap on her Facebook page with the ball python stuck in her ear. Glawe said in a Facebook post that she was holding the snake, named "Bart", when it saw the hole in her ear and just went for it. He didn't make it all the way through.

"I tried to get him out myself, and I knew I wasn't going to be able to without hurting him by pulling back against his scales," Glawe told CNN.

Glawe said first responders were able to get Bart out, so she went to the emergency room. Doctors were able to free Bart by stretching the ear out just a little bit more with a piece of string and pulling Bart through.

Ashley and Bart are both fine now.

2. Pug got stuck in a water pipe for six hours

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A puppy in Brazil who got stuck in an underground water pipe for six hours is miraculously unharmed.

The sixth-month-old pug—now named Donatello after the sewer dwelling Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle—was rescued this week after it fell into a pipe that was undergoing construction in Guaíra.

The pug’s owner, a veterinarian named Kawahisa Yoshioka, tried to coax the petrified animal out of the pipe for four hours.

“The pup was whining a lot as it was so frightened. In the beginning, I thought I could get him out myself by pushing my hand down the tube and pulling him out but we couldn’t persuade him to move,” she told Caters.

It was when the dog stopped squealing that Yoshioka feared the worst and called Sao Paulo Municipal Civil Guards to help her free her animal.

“We weren’t even sure exactly where he was inside called some friends to help me but we couldn’t grab him. I was terrified that he was going to die and was almost crying with panic when he stopped making any noise,” Yoshioka told Caters.

The officers dug a hole in Yoshioka’s garden and another in her hallway in search of the terrified pup.

It was when they decided to take a photograph inside the pipe that they were able to locate the animal.

“After several attempts, they discovered the animal had been washed further down and was actually in an area located outside in the garden,” Civil Guard Amarildo Aparecido dos Santos told Caters.

Officers dug up the dirt covering the PVC piping and inserted a garden hose in the pipe to push it out from behind.

“This could have been a tragic outcome. But the municipal guards were absolutely amazing and they were determined to rescue the animal alive,” Yoshioka told Caters.

Donatello—who is one of six baby pugs—is back to playing as if nothing ever happened.

3. Louisiana deputy saves cat trapped in garage door

Getty Images
A Louisiana deputy saved a cat trapped in a garage door.

Deputy Mike Scott was responding to a call for assistance of an animal being stuck in a residence.

“A cat had been stuck between a garage door of a residence and the wall,” Scott said. “Never in all of my years was I prepared to encounter what I saw upon my arrival,” he added.

The deputy said upon arrival, he saw multiple neighbors and construction workers trying to save the cat.

Thanks to 34-plus years of law enforcement, and a little help from the neighbors, they were able to remove the cat safely.

“The neighbors were very helpful as we cautiously removed the upper frame molding that allowed some space for us to remove the cat,” he said. “With a joint effort with neighbors we were able to remove the cat alive.”

The homeowner told Scott that Bella must have been sleeping on the garage door and did not notice when they left.

“I am not much of a cat person, but no one wants to see an animal suffer,” Scott said. “After losing so much from the flood, I was happy that I could save the homeowner’s cat. Thank God for miracles and good neighbors.”

4. Oklahoma City firefighters rescue cow stuck in swimming pool

Getty Images
Think it's hard for firefighters to rescue a cat in a tree? Try a cow in a swimming pool.

Firefighters in Oklahoma City were summoned Sunday morning after a homeowner reported hearing some sort of "snorting" coming from his swimming pool area. Emergency responders arrived and discovered a hole in the swimming pool's liner and a cow trapped in the water.

Oklahoma City Fire Department Battalion Chief Benny Fulkerson says firefighters used their pumps to remove about 5 feet of water from the pool so the cow wouldn't experience hypothermia. Crews then brought in a wrecker to hoist the nearly 1,500-pound animal from the pool and to safety.

Fulkerson says the cow appeared to be uninjured after its ordeal.

5. 'Brave' man rescues skunk with head stuck in Coke can

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A Canadian man risked being sprayed as he bravely attempted to rescue a skunk with a soda can on its head from a local road.

Video shared to YouTube shows the distressed skunk wandering along a road in Ontario with a Coca-Cola can stuck on its head.

The man, who described the rescue as "The bravest thing I've ever done," can be heard calmly reassuring the skunk and begging it not to spray him as he carefully approached it.

He eventually managed to grab a hold of the can with one hand and helped wriggle it off the skunk's head before it scurried away.

6. Baby Alpaca Gets Stuck in Badger Hole, Doesn’t Want to Leave

Getty Images
When you find yourself tucked in a cozy badger hole, you might not want to get out—even if you’re not a badger, and even if a pal digs you out.

That seems to be the mindset of a baby alpaca in Wisconsin, anyway, by the looks of this video.

According to Govin’s Farm, the week-old baby alpaca (or cria) was missing for more than 24 hours when they found her. When farm personnel realized she was missing Saturday evening, they searched for a time and decided to break until the next morning. Then, surrounded by the entire alpaca herd, she was spotted. “It was really strange to see because she was entirely underground when I first saw her,” the Farmer John wrote on Facebook.

As to how she ended up there, the Facebook post suggests she was enjoying a nice dust bath when she slid into the hole. Despite her resistance to leave her little nook, the cria emerged, un-cushed herself, and tottered off with her mama, we assume, who supervised the entire rescue. She’s reportedly doing just fine now.

7. It took 4 firefighters and vet to save this clumsy cow after she got head stuck inside tree

Getty Images
Firefighters released a cow after she managed to get her head stuck inside the trunk of a tree.

Officers were called to a field in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, and used straps and farm machinery to try to pull her out.

A vet joined the full-scale operation to save the animal, which involved at least four firefighters.

The cow was then sedated before the crew used saws and other tools to free her.

8. Wheelie lucky kitten rescued from bin after getting head stuck through hole

Getty Images
The confined cat's head was caught in the drainage hole of a communal bin when Susan Burney heard him meowing in Walsall on Monday.

At first Ms Burney thought it was the sound of a hungry cat wanting feeding, but she soon spotted the upset animal in Glebe Street.

"I could see the kitten's head was stuck in the hole. So I had to call the fire brigade who were fantastic and eventually they got it out," Ms Burney said.

"It must have been there for at least two days and it was taken to the RSPCA. It was a beautiful little thing."

Fire crews cut either side of the drainage hole with a blade before bending the steel of the bin back to free the kitten, explained animal collection officer Cara Gibbon.

The RSPCA worker said rubbish had piled up on top of the kitten, now named Dusty, who was clearly distressed.

"I can only assume that there was some food in there which he could smell, which led to him getting trapped like this," Ms Gibbon added.

9. Men rescue 'fat' raccoon trapped head-first in hatch on U.S. Army tank

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An unlucky raccoon that became stuck upside-down in a tiny hatch atop a U.S. Army tank was pulled to freedom by two men who recorded the rescue.

A video posted to YouTube by user highvoltageev shows a man wearing protective gloves pulling on the raccoon's legs, which are protruding along with the creature's rear end from the opening atop the tank.

"What did you do, little guy?" the man filming asks.

The men consider trying to push the raccoon all the way into the tank, mentioning that the animals have previously ended up inside the vehicle and could be removed through a larger opening.

The man pulling on the raccoon eventually gets some help from a uniformed soldier, who yanks the raccoon out of the hatch and tosses it onto the grass, where it can flee without posing any danger of bites or scratches to the men.

The location of the video was unclear, but a commenter said the tank, identified by the uploader as only an "Army tank," appears to be an M41 Walker Bulldog.

10. Moose is rescued after landing in basement bedroom

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A cow moose is safe and caused minimal damage after she fell through an unlatched window into a basement bedroom in southwest Hailey early Sunday morning.

Beginning about 2:30 a.m., the moose spent about three hours in the basement of the home on Queen of the Hills Drive while Idaho Department of Fish and Game and law enforcement officers tried several times to shoo her upstairs. At about 5:30 a.m., a Fish and Game officer arrived from Twin Falls with a tranquilizer dart gun.

According to homeowner Julie Emerick, the officer darted the moose, which quickly succumbed and passed out in a corner. Eight officers rolled the approximately 600-pound animal onto a tarp.

“With a lot of grunting and groaning they got her up the stairs and out the door,

Emerick said. “Fifteen or 20 minutes later, she got up and ran off.”

Emerick said that other than a lot of moose poop and some urine, the basement bedroom suffered little damage.

“She was absolutely the most polite, gracious beast that you could have in your house,” Emerick said.

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