10 Hilarious Dinosaurs Doing Everyday Things

1. Frightening feeding time: Watch park ranger dressed as a T-Rex dinosaur get perilously close to a fearsome 500lb movie-star alligator

A very brave park ranger dressed in a blowup T-Rex costume teases a huge alligator with a fish, in this hair-raising video.

Jason McDonald, who works at the Colorado Gators Reptile Park, disguised himself as the dinosaur to taunt the 500lb Morris with fish.

The 35-year-old even admitted he couldn't really see in the costume and joked he'd be having a 'bad day' if the predator came out of the water.

But luckily for Mr McDonald, Morris is a well-trained movie star who is used to interacting with humans.

He has appeared in many Hollywood blockbusters, including Dr. Dolittle with Eddie Murphy and Happy Gilmore starring Adam Sandler.

The park worker claims he was not actually teasing the alligator but,  making him 'work for his food' because he had gotten 'chunky'.

Mr McDonald said: 'I know it looks like we are teasing him, but he's a chunky alligator so we make him work for his food to burn some calories.

'I was feeling nervous and it's not very easy to see in the costume because it gets foggy from breathing on it.

'It's insanely hard to feed the gators in it - you can't see very well and I can't extend my arm out all the way to get more distance

'I have quick reflexes but if the gator was to come all the way out of the water and chase me I'd have a bad day.'

2. Teen Rocks T. Rex Costume, Crowned Homecoming Queen

Getty Images
She and her boyfriend were nominated for homecoming king and queen ― and won later that evening. MacDonald posted the video and an account of the day on Ellen DeGeneres’ YouTube page.

“Overall just an amazing and hilarious experience,” she wrote on EllenTube.

MacDonald’s spirited efforts follow those of a rockstar little girl who worea hot dog costume to Princess Week earlier this year.

Sometimes it takes a princess in a hot dog costume and a homecoming queen in a T. rex suit to remind you to always be yourself.

3. 'T-Rex' blows snow from North Dakota driveway

A North Dakota man managed to get some laughs out of his neighbors amid a major snowstorm by clearing his driveway while dressed as a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Samantha Walz captured video of her husband wearing his T-Rex costume while using their snowblower to clear their driveway.

The snow-blowing T-Rex had quite the task ahead of him, as about 40 inches of snow recently fell in the area of his Bismarck home.

Walz said the driveway-clearing dinosaur was a big hit with the neighborhood.

4. This Adorable First Look Video Will Brighten Your Day

Getty Images
They say every relationship needs humor in it, and if that's the case, this marriage should last a long time. All it took was a T-rex costume.
Beth and Tom Gardner were married last November at Bald Head Island, NC. Filmed by Jon Clark Weddings alongside Paul Seiler Photography, Videographer Jon Murray knew something special was brewing when the photographer came to him:

He told me the bride was thinking of doing a first look... in a T-rex costume. I knew we had to encourage this thought, and so, we did exactly that. This couple was so fun as you can tell, and it definitely was a dream wedding to shoot.

It's a great reminder that humor is always a good way to stand out from the crowd a bit. The cry of sheer glee and joy from the groom when he turned around definitely made my morning. Be sure to check out the Jon Clark Weddings site and follow them on Facebook for more!

5. Photographers Create The T-Rex Engagement Photos The World Needs Right Now

Getty Images
Move over cats, T-Rexes are taking over the internet. And while they’re currently known for their hilarious YouTube videos, we’re sure you’ll love these T-rex engagement photos just as much.

“We came up with the idea when we saw a lot of videos of the T-rexes, but no photos like ours,” photographers Greg Basel and Maria Adams told Scary Mommy. “So we decided to take advantage of this opportunity and create engagement photos.” They are amazing and, of course, are going viral.

“It was an absolute blast with these two T-rexes,” the photographers said. “They both enjoyed being the [dinosaurs], and they said they would most definitely do it again.” Just look at how much more fun this engagement shoot is than a typical one where you’re gazing awkwardly into your lover’s eyes while wondering, “wait, which side is my good side?”

Hold me, T-rex! “We wanted to bring smiles to people’s faces and laughter instead of depressing, negative news we hear daily,” they explained.

The professional photographers typically shoot weddings, families, and events, but headed to Mirabeau Park in Spokane Valley, WA for this snowy engagement shoot.

Sadly, the faces behind the dinos weren’t revealed because they’re not really engaged. Stephanie Mills and Marian Davis are just friends who wanted to help create something magical. “They were amazing that day, and they were up for anything,” the photographers told us.

Regardless, they made a perfect pair, and the pics featuring the prehistoric models have spread all over the world. The photographers and the dino models are: “overjoyed from all the positive responses we have received from people.”

“We wanted to let everyone in the world know that there is someone out there that loves you no matter who you are,” the photographers told us. “Love isn’t extinct!”

Awwww. Or should we say, rawwwr.

6. Broncos cheerleader hits it out of the (Jurassic) park with T-Rex costume

Getty Images
At some point in your life you’re probably going to go overboard on your Halloween costume, even if Halloween isn’t really your thing. I am not particularly enamored with the holiday but dressed up as “Gambler”-era Kenny Rogers one time, complete with wig and fake beard. It was hell on earth, and I’m still itching to this day.

At some point in your life you’re probably going to go overboard on your Halloween costume, even if Halloween isn’t really your thing. I am not particularly enamored with the holiday but dressed up as “Gambler”-era Kenny Rogers one time, complete with wig and fake beard. It was hell on earth, and I’m still itching to this day.

At some point in your life you’re probably going to go overboard on your Halloween costume, even if Halloween isn’t really your thing. I am not particularly enamored with the holiday but dressed up as “Gambler”-era Kenny Rogers one time, complete with wig and fake beard. It was hell on earth, and I’m still itching to this day.

7. This T-Rex Rodeo Video Delivers What It Promises

Getty Images
This Tyrannosaurus rex is particularly good at riding a horse, an unusual grouping of words that I never considered might go together in that order. After a tense opening, where you see said T-Rex waiting intently to get out of the rodeo pen (?), you realize the dinosaur is actually about to ride a bucking steed, much to the delight of onlookers. Classic T-Rex costume behavior.

The clip, from a Halloween rodeo event in Wyoming on Friday, might just distract you—if only for a moment—from the near-constant hope for Giant Meteor '16. The original T-Rex's got one, and I don't see them complaining.

8. Dinosaurs romp on Florida beach ahead of Hurricane Matthew

Most Florida residents, especially those near the coast, are either evacuating or hunkering down to protect themselves from the onslaught of Hurricane Matthew, a deadly storm system that already wreaked havoc in the Caribbean. NBC New York caught sight of some unusual activity on a Florida beach on Friday, tweeting a video of two dinosaurs frolicking in the high winds.

The costumed characters are wearing inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex outfits. The goofy suits feed into an internet phenomenon that features videos of people wearing the costumes while engaged in everyday activities like ice skating, dancing or having tea parties. T-Rex Tuesdays, a popular Facebook page, may be the most famous purveyor of dino-costumed silliness.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Matthew is weakening slightly, but will continue to pound the US coast through Sunday. Facebook has activated its Safety Check feature that lets people check in with friends and loved ones on the social media site.

The NBC New York footage includes the caption "Forecast: Stormy with a chance of dinosaurs?" The pair of T.rex appear to be dancing and romping as the wind whips their inflatable heads backward. Here's hoping they get to shelter and avoid extinction.

9. Climate activists protested Rex Tillerson’s nomination in T. Rex costumes

Getty Images
With a name like Rex, such a stunt was inevitable.

On Wednesday, environmental activists marched around Washington, D.C., in Tyrannosaurus rex suits to show their disdain for Rex Tillerson, the former CEO of ExxonMobil and Donald Trump's nominee for secretary of state.

The protest coincides with Tillerson's confirmation hearing held by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

"We won’t allow our climate diplomacy to be in the hands of a dinosaur like Rex Tillerson," May Boeve, executive director of 350.org, the grassroots environmental group leading Wednesday's march, said in a statement. "By tapping Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, Donald Trump is essentially declaring war on our planet and betting against a livable future."

Climate advocates argue that tapping the long-time leader of a major fossil fuel company to be the nation's top diplomat would undermine U.S. efforts to drive global reductions of greenhouse gases and curb the world's use of oil, coal and natural gas.

Tillerson's critics also abhor the idea of appointing the former CEO of a company that's been accused of deliberately misleading investors and the public about the connections between climate change and burning fossil fuels.

Exxon is currently under investigation by the attorneys general of Massachusetts, New York and the U.S. Virgin Islands for researching climate change in the 1970s and then spending millions of dollars to spread misinformation through think tanks and friendly politicians.

The movement surrounding the activism and investigations is known by the hashtag #ExxonKnew.

Tillerson joined Exxon Company USA in 1975 as a production engineer and spent the next 41 years climbing up Exxon's corporate ladder. Following his nomination as secretary of state, he retired from his positions as CEO and chairman three months earlier than planned, on Dec. 31, 2016.

The company has denied climate advocates' accusations. Exxon has said that it accepts the mainstream scientific consensus that humans are causing global warming, and that "the risk warrants action," according to Exxon's website.

Sierra Club, another environmental group involved in Wednesday's demonstrations, said Tillerson's long track record in the oil and gas business should should tarnish his reputation, not bolster it.

"At a time when the climate crisis is deepening, both the United States and the world deserve much better than having a fossil fuel tycoon run U.S. foreign policy," Michael Brune, Sierra Club's executive director, said in a statement.

10. City Helping Oak Creek Mom in Search for Wayward T-Rex

Getty Images
The City of Oak Creek has issued a community-wide notice looking for ... a T-Rex.

According to city officials, an Oak Creek resident is looking for a child who wore a T-rex costume during the citywide Trick or Treat on Monday, October 31, 2016, in the area of Drexel Avenue and 13th Street.

According to the city, her child, wearing the same costume, was recorded having a play "fight" with another T-rex, and that video has caught the attention of America's Funniest Home Videos. Before AFV will air the video, however, they need to get consent from the other T-Rex!

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