10 Awesome Rooms but Questionable ... ?

10 Awesome but Questionable Nursery Rooms

1. This Wonderfully 'Wild' Nursery Has Some Surprises in Store for Baby

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You know a nursery is bound to be rad when there's a print with an Andy Warhol quote involved. Baby Benjamin is a lucky little guy to have this stylish nursery to call his own. I'm drawn to the whitewashed floors and amazing light fixture. Even though it's not a large space, all the essentials are here. How do you feel about graphic animal prints on your baby's bed sheets? I mean, it's a fawn. They're so adorable, how could you go wrong?

More graphic fun, but with a pillow this time. This kid's got a head start on his own collection of wild friends! (I'm assuming the pillows are removed by the time the baby actually is in the crib, so don't fret.) That blanket looks oh-so-soft, and I do appreciate a good Swiss Cross.

It's easy to spot the Scandinavian influence in this room, but I think Benjamin's mom did a great job of mixing in a lot of personal style to warm things up.

There are a lot of grown-up elements found here which I think translate well into a nursery space, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. Is this space young enough for a baby, or too mature for your taste? Let's discuss!

2. Safari Baby Room Wall Decor

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This safari bedroom is cool, but definitely scary for a nursery.

3. The most psychedelically blissed out nursery you've ever seen

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Doesn't that just SCREAM "Hey, you, wonderful child, come live in this room! And be happy! All the time!" I think it does.

The view from the hallway is to die for! If I were a baby, I would be so pumped when my parents brought me home to live here. I mean, neon skies and deer? A funky owl perched in a tree blooming purple flowers? Yes, please.

This is the shot that sold me! Wooden rocking chair, photos of Mom & Dad, day-glo owls cuddled close together..in short, my dream bedroom wall. I would like Eve to come paint my entire apartment, please.

This may be a bold statement, but I have a feeling that bad dreams are virtually impossible when your crib is this brilliant.


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Next, you can decorate their room with simple horrible nursery bedding. By the way, it still has the same theme. Even though, it is enhanced with scream head pillow. Now, let’s back to the toddler nursery for girl. It applies white railing daybed with cool jack skellington bedding. As you know, this accessory applies red, black, and white. Further, I recommend inspiring Halloween nursery bedding. The simple style make it feel real and also noticeable.

Do you remember the fun day before Christmas? I think everybody knows it and they always celebrate it. Obvious, something scary is also pleasant for some people. They use this sense to creating closer nuance with the family member and or friends. Halloween comes before Christmas and after thanksgiving. It happens on October, 31rd and all people from kids until adult celebrate it. Nowadays, I present unforgettable nightmare before Christmas for kids and it is visualized by these beddings.

5. May the Force Be In Your Room: Star Wars Nurseries & Kids' Bedrooms

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I live with a Jedi-in-training. And I hope he never sees this post or he'll want a Star Wars bedroom quicker than you can say Grand Moff Tarkin. Decidedly, unapologetically geeky, these twenty rooms celebrate Star Wars through and through.

6. Beauty From Elle Decor

This month's Elle Decor showcases photographer Pieter Estersohn's penthouse on Gramercy Park, which he shares with his partner, Raul Baez, and their son, Elio. For us, this is the textbook definition of a perfect life.
Stand-outs include the wall cabinet in the kitchen (by Jean Prouvé and Charlotte Perriand), and the stunning terrace and pergola (designed by Ellen Honigstock). Son Elio's bedroom with a photo mural shot by daddy Estersohn while on assignment in Udaipur is both hysterical and fabulous.

This editorial piece singlehandedly renewed my faith in US Elle Decor, a magazine which for the last several months has left me uninspired and underwhelmed. (Is it just me... or is anyone else getting bored of seeing homes of the rich or famous that were tastefully put together by professional designers, yet reflect more the vision of the designer than the tastes/quirks/character of the owner? The message conveyed by those sorts of homes seems to be: "Yes, money CAN buy you taste!"--which we all know is a load of horseshit.)

This apartment completely blew me away, right down to the... yes, dare i say it?... photo mural! (Though it reads much more as "fabulous" than "hysterical" to me.) This apartment was really like a breath of fresh among the homogenous-feeling (and -looking) spaces the mag has recently been featuring... It exmplifies how I personally would like to live--in a space that feels very personal and is loaded with personality.

The accompanying text of the piece really contextualizes the design choices made, and drives home the fact that every object carries some sort of memory or posseses some sort of personal history. So, it isn't really fair to judge the place from these 4 screen grabs. (Plus the colors didn't really translate well on this posting.)

7. Christina Aguilera's Nursery

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Check out the picture of the nursery Christina Aguilera created for her newborn son Max. It's always fun to see what celebrities choose when price is no object.

We're definitely envious of the size of the room and the mural on the back wall looks great. But we're not so sure about the big, scary crescent moon. Readers, tell us what you think.

(via Babychic101)

8. Black & White

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Most parents go for colorful nurseries, but not this couple.For this police headquarters-themed bedroom, they decided to go all black and white.

9. Modern bohemian boy’s nursery by Jamie Street Photo

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Spend just a few minutes perusing Farra aka The Hostess Haven’s Instagram feed and you’ll get a pretty good feel for the beautiful and delicious life that she lives with husband, Juan of A MIHO Experience. When she knows you’re coming over for a visit she’ll make sure there are baked goods ready for you. When there’s a party that needs only the most refined tabletop wares, she knows exactly what you need and how to style it. So when it came to designing her son, JunĂ­pero Cruz’s nursery, her creativity went beyond. Jamie Street Photo really could not have picked a more perfect nursery to share with us today.

10. Jaws Rooms

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Uncle Makes Jaws-Inspired Crib For His 2-Month-Old Nephew. In a darkly humorous homage to classic cinema, Joseph Reginella, a toy and set-prop sculptor based in New York, has created an awesome crib that makes it look like the baby sleeping in it is about to be devoured by the monstrous shark from Jaws. The sculpture is a reenactment of the scene where the grizzled seaman Quint is devoured by the movie’s eponymous terror.

Reginella made the bed for his nephew, 2-month-old Mikey Melaccio. Looks like the kid might develop either an extreme fear of sharks or an affinity for them!

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