Sweden’s Queen Silvia says she lives in royal residence with ghosts

Sweden’s Queen Silvia Says She Shares Her Royal Residence With Friendly Ghosts

Stockholm’s UNESCO-listed Royal Palace is haunted by a host of friendly spooks.

That’s according to Queen Silvia of Sweden, who lives there with her husband King Carl XVI Gustaf, Agence France-Presse reports.

“There are small friends … ghosts. They’re all very friendly but you sometimes feel that you’re not completely alone,” Queen Silvia, 73, reportedly said in a documentary to be aired on Thursday by SVT, Sweden’s national broadcaster. “It’s really exciting. But you don’t get scared,” she adds.

Drottningholm Palace on Stockholm’s Lovon Island, which was built in the 1600s, has long been rumored to house ghosts. Its spectral inhabitants purportedly include a “gray man” and a “white lady,” according to this 2010 column in Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet (in Swedish).

Sweden’s longest serving Queen is not the only royal to report a paranormal presence.

“There is much energy in this house. It would be strange if it didn’t take the form of guises,” Princess Christina, the King’s sister reportedly says in the documentary. “There’s stories about ghosts in all old houses. They have been filled with people over the centuries. The energies remain.”

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Queen Silvia of Sweden says friendly ghosts haunt royal palace

STOCKHOLM -- One of the Swedish royal family’s palaces is haunted - but the phantoms are “pretty friendly,” says Queen Silvia.

“There are ghosts, many,” Silvia says of Drottningholm Palace in a documentary to be aired Thursday on public television channel SVT. “You feel you get a little excited” when talking about them, she adds, smilingly.

Asked whether Sweden’s longest-serving queen had experienced the ghosts herself, she replied “of course. But they are friendly.”

Located on an island in Stockholm’s archipelago, the royals’ private residence was originally built in the late 16th century. Drottningholm Palace is listed on the UNESCO world heritage list, and has been the royal family’s residence since 1981.

Silvia, born in Germany as Silvia Renate Sommerlath, is married to King Carl XVI Gustaf, Sweden’s ceremonial head of state. The pair met at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, and wed in 1976.

The royal family, whose role is ceremonial, is hugely popular in Sweden and the monarchy enjoys widespread support despite the egalitarianism that otherwise characterizes society in the Nordic country.

Sweden's Queen Silvia says palace is haunted by ghosts

Queen Silvia of Sweden believes her royal palace is haunted, according to a documentary to be aired on Swedish public television on Thursday.

She said she shares 17th-century Drottningholm Palace, with "small friends ... ghosts".

"It's really exciting. But you don't get scared," she said.

The building, near Stockholm, is the permanent residence of the queen and her husband, King Carl XVI Gustaf.

The documentary, Drottningholm Palace: A Royal Home, was made by public broadcaster SVT and airs in Sweden on Thursday.

"You sometimes feel that you're not completely alone," the queen told the filmmakers, insisting her alleged cohabitants are "all very friendly".

Princess Christina, the king's sister, backed the queen's claims when she was interviewed for the film.

"There is much energy in this house. It would be strange if it didn't take the form of guises," the princess said.
Swedish website The Local joked that "brave amateur ghost hunters" could visit the palace to put the rumours to the test.

It said: "Drottningholm Palace is open to the public year round, with the exception of the rooms in the southern wing, which are reserved for the royals. And their spooky friends, presumably."

Queen Silvia, 73, married King Carl 40 years ago and is now Sweden's longest-serving queen.

She is the daughter of a German businessman and a Brazilian woman.

In a 2015 book, The Royal Year, she told an interviewer that she had been lonely in her first year as queen and found it hard living in a palace dominated by men.

"Everybody had kind intentions. Everyone wanted to support me and was there. And the king was wonderful. [...] But it could be lonely," she said.

She was admitted to hospital just before Christmas, after experiencing dizziness, but was released two days later.

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