Seth Meyers Grills Kellyanne Conway on "Concerning" Russia Reports About Trump

Seth Meyers grills Kellyanne Conway over Russia reports about Trump

Kellyanne Conway found herself in the hot seat on late-night TV on Tuesday.

Late Night's Seth Meyers interviewed Conway tonight, just after news broke that intelligence officials briefed Donald Trump and President Barack Obama about allegations that Russia has "compromising" information about the president-elect.

Conway told the host that "nobody has sourced it" yet, which was her concern, and that the FBI still is confirming the reports.

According to those reports, top intelligence officials told Trump and Obama about an unsubstantiated report claiming Russia had compromising personal and financial information about Trump. The report's most graphic allegation details how, in Moscow, Trump supposedly witnessed prostitutes perform "golden showers" for him at The Ritz-Carlton hotel, on a bed where Obama and his wife had stayed during one of their trips to Russia.

"As an American citizen," added Conway, "we should be concerned that intelligence officials leaked [this report] to the press," but Meyers reminded her that the press was reporting about Trump being briefed on the issue.

Meyers added that he understood that Trump was briefed on it.

"He has said that he is not aware of that," said Conway.

"That concerns me," joked Meyers.

When Conway told him that part wasn't true, Meyers told her, "What is not true, that I'm concerned? I assure you I am."

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Watch Kellyanne Conway, Seth Meyers Spar Over Trump-Russia Allegations

Kellyanne Conway, senior advisor to President-elect Donald Trump, appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers within hours of an unverified bombshell report via CNN. The news organization reported U.S. intelligence briefed President Obama and Trump last week that Russia allegedly had "compromising" personal and financial information about the president-elect.

"Nothing's been confirmed," Conway said about the alleged classified documents that may have come from a former British intelligence member and a Russian investigator. "It also says that Hillary Clinton and groups that wanted Hillary Clinton to win may have been behind the investigations themselves," Conway added. "And, most importantly, it says that the FBI is trying to confirm it."

Conway echoed immediate remarks made by the president-elect, who denied the report via Twitter, decrying: "FAKE NEWS — A TOTAL POLITICAL WITCH HUNT!" Trump subsequently compared the intelligence leak to "Nazi Germany."

In the lengthy interview, Meyers brought the conversation back to the president-elect's ties – real or perceived – with Russia. He cited a comment Trump made on December 24th, siding with Russia against liberal Americans whom he called "poor sports," and asked Conway whether she felt this sort of rhetoric was contradictory to his pledge to be a president for "all Americans" after election night.

Without a meaningful answer on that point, the conversation devolved into an elliptical rehash of election tactics between Trump's team versus Hillary Clinton. Both agreed that Clinton's campaign was poorly run. "I am not going to sit and argue with you that the Clinton campaign was a well-run campaign," Meyers said.

"Or that the Russians interfered in the election successfully. That they interrupted our democracy," Conway added.
"But shouldn't we care if the Russians tried to interfere?" Meyers asked. "Whether it informed the election or not. I sometimes fear that the president-elect has no curiosity as to the amount they tried."

"That is completely false," Conway said. "He has enormous curiosity. I'm there every day with him. He has a number of different meetings every day — briefings and otherwise. He was curious enough to figure out America. He knew America when many other Republicans did not."

"That’s a pivot right there, Kellyanne," Meyers said. "And by the way, no one does it better."
Trump will give his first national news conference in over 160 days from Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan at 11 a.m. Eastern time on Wednesday morning.

Seth Meyers presses Kellyanne Conway on salacious allegations on Russian ties

President-elect Donald Trump's campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, appeared on the Late Show with Seth Meyers shortly after an unsubstantiated report containing allegations that Russian operatives have compromising personal and financial information about Trump were published online Tuesday.

CNN and Buzzfeed published the unconfirmed reports after news broke that both the president-elect and President Obama had been briefed on the allegations Friday.

While discussing the unverified report with Meyers, however, Conway claimed the president-elect had not been briefed on it by the intelligence community, a denial that is untrue based on press reports, including from USA TODAY.

"We should be concerned that intelligence officials leaked to the press, and won't go and tell the president-elect or the President of the United States himself now, President Obama, what the information is," she said.

"But the press report was about them going to the president," Meyers countered, holding her to the point in an awkward exchange.

"And it says they never briefed him on it," Conway said.

"I believe it said they did brief him on it," Meyers said, before Conway responded by adding that Trump "has said he is not aware of that."

"Well, that concerns me," Meyers concluded, before cracking a late-night style joke.

The exchange grew no more comfortable for the remainder of the 13-minute segment. Meyers again tried to hold Conway to Trump's apparent lack of curiosity in the reports of Russian interference with the presidential elections before she again changed the topic.

"He was curious enough to figure out America," she said.

"That's a pivot right there Kellyanne," he laughed before giving a genuine compliment. "By the way, nobody does it better."

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