Missouri, Georgia coaches fight before halftime

Missouri and Georgia coaches involved in fierce benches-clearing melee

When’s the last time you’ve seen opposing coaches go toe-to-toe during an on-court fracas?

Seems like it’s been a while, so here’s a scuffle that began at the end of the first half of Missouri’s matchup on Saturday with Georgia involving both players and coaches as referees attempted to break things up.

Both teams were assessed technicals at the start of the second half, with no ejections for their actions.

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Missouri, Georgia coaches fight before halftime

There weren’t a whole lot of fireworks during the first half of the Missouri-Georgia basketball game on Saturday, but that all changed as soon as the half ended.

Two men got into a fight before their teams cleared the court at halftime, leading to a scuffle the referees had to break up. According to Dawg Nation, it was Georgia director of basketball operations Kent Davison and Missouri assistant coach Steve Shields who got into it.

Both sides were assessed technical fouls for the fight, leading each team to start the second half with a foul, though no free throws were attempted to start the half.

Despite being 5-8 entering the game, Missouri held a 26-20 halftime lead over Georgia.

Missouri & Georgia Basketball Coaches Attack Each Other Before Halftime

Yikes! Emotions were running high during the Missouri vs. Georgia college basketball game on Jan. 7. The game was so tense that the teams’ coaches ended up in a physical fight, and it was all caught on tape. See the shocking brawl!

We would expect the basketball players to get physical amid the tense competition, but not the coaches! The University of Missouri Tigers took on the Bulldogs of the University of Georgia on Jan. 7, and things got really intense on and off the court. The SEC game took a turn for the worst after both team coaches, Georgia’s Kent Davison and Mizzou’s Steve Shields got into a brawl!

The incident reportedly went down just before halftime, when Missouri was leading the game by 26 to 20. In fan videos, you can see players getting pretty rowdy after some sort of disagreement. And right at the center of the controversy was Kent and Steve! As the video plays on, they appear to be charging at one another and have to be held back by other members of their coaching staff and even by some of their players! Despite all of the commotion, the two were able to get a couple of shoves in before being pulled away.

Kent and Steve were issued technical fouls for their misconduct and both teams had to start the second half with a foul. Ouch, that sucks big time! Although things quickly ended after a couple of minutes, we’re still unclear why the men resorted to physical violence! It potentially had something to do with an initial scuffle between two of the players, in which they got a little rough while handling the ball. It’s still uncertain how the coaches got involved! Nonetheless, the Georgia Bulldogs went on to beat the Tigers, ending the game at 71 to 66. Hopefully both sides have learned their lesson!

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